A computer the size of a credit card? It is not just a possibility, it is something that is already out there, and it is called Raspberry Pi!

Raspberry Pi History

This unique device has a rather long history: it was initially inspired by a project from as early as 1981, dubbed “BBC Micro”.

The creator, Eveb Upton, had a vision to create a device that would help people improve their programming skill, and that would be available at a low rate. In a few words, this was supposed to be a device that was not only smart in its size and budget, but also in its uses.

Raspberry Pi Kodi Install Tutorial Video:

Best Places to Buy RaspberryPi

  1. Canakit.com:  CanaKit is one of the oldest and best RPi distributors.  They’re based out of Canada, and shipping to Arizona, USA took only a week.  For 1 week and $15 you can get a Raspberry Pi W from CanaKit.  We highly recommend these distributors!
  2. eBay:  Many people sell RPi units on eBay.
  3. Amazon:  Some Amazon stores also re-sell all kinds of RPi kits and individual units.

Raspberry Pi Cost: $5 to $35

The RaspberryPi cost is around $20 to $30 for most models.




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But the Raspberry Pi 0was released last year, which costs only $5.  Then the Raspberry Pi Zero W (for WiFi, or Wireless edition) came out; that costs $10.  The most expensive RPi, the RPi 3, costs $35.

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Raspberry Pi Zero Review YouTube VIDEO

Raspberry Pi Zero: $5

So you can expect to pay somewhere between $5 to $35 + shipping.  After shipping, you’re looking at $15 for a RaspberryPi Zero W – or $45 for a Raspberry Pi 3 (which is powerful enough to run N64 emulators).

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 3: $35

RPi Uses

The uses for a RaspberryPi are limitless.  But the Top 10 most common uses for RaspberryPi are:

Raspberry Pi Intended Audience

Originally, the makers of RPi built R Pi for schoolkids to have a cheap, easy way to learn about electronics.  But over the years, the “tinkerers”, makers, hackers, and do-it-yourselfers have embraced the RaspberryPi whole-heartedly.

RPi runs Kodi, Emulator systems, various version of Linux (which are actually very useable!), and other operating systems.

How to Install Kodi on Raspberry Pi

We have a full step-by-step “Kodi Pi” install guide.  The basic steps are below, but we recommend you check out the full Kodi RPi install tutorial after that:

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

  1. Download the free “PINN” software here (from Github)
  2. Extract the zip file to a clean, formatted SD card
  3. Insert the SD card into your R Pi before the power is plugged in
  4. Plug the power in to the RPi and wait for the PINN screen to launch
  5. After the PINN screen starts, select “OpenELEC” from the list of operating systems (or LibreELEC; both run Kodi!).  If PINN gives you a warning message about having no network access, then attach a WiFi dongle ($10) to your RaspberryPi’s USB port to give it Internet access.  Then re-start these steps from Step 3.

    Install Pinn Raspberry Pi Operating Systems

    Install Kodi TV app on Raspberry Pi

  6. Press “Install” in the PINN screen
  7. OpenELEC will now install, which gives you full Kodi access on your Raspberry Pi Zero, 1, 2, or 3.
  8. After Kodi launches, make sure to protect your streaming data so your ISP doesn’t sell it.
  9. Also, install TV Addons!

Needless to say, the RPi became popular with anyone who is a fan of learning more of what is happening behind the scenes, and in spite of its slower performances (when compared to modern-day laptopos or even desktop computers), it spread throughout the world of tech enthusiasts like wildfire.

Raspberry Pi Hardware Overview

The R Pi is also partially open hardware, with the exception of its primary chip. Running a Raspberry Pi is simple: the credit-card sized hardware can be connected to a memory card (essentially the same one which is popular in digital cameras) and it can easily be connected to any monitor and keyboard, much like you would with any computer. There are many amazing things that you can do with an RPi, from a cheap approach to media streaming, up to its intendend purpose: learning how to code!

RaspberryPi Line-Up

There are also many different Raspberry Pi units available, including the Zero, 1, 2 and 3 and each of these unit is below 100 dollars!, ranging to 35 to up around 60 dollars for fuller kits that include additional gadgets and accessory.

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