This guide shows you how to eliminate Raspberry Pi overheating.

We show you these RPi cooling techniques with the multi-step process below, starting with the most impactful heat-fix first:

Raspberry Pi Overheating Thermal Scan Image

Check this out!  This is a Thermal Scan of a Raspberry Pi 3 Overheating – see how the CPU and GPU are hottest?

How to Fix Raspberry Pi Overheating

  1. Install a fan in or on your Raspberry Pi’s case.  These can be bought for $5 to $10 online (click here to see it on Amazon).  Then simply plug the connectors hanging off of the fan onto your Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins (it’s easy!).

    Raspberry Pi 3 Overheating? Fix it with this fan.

    Install a case fan to fix Raspberry Pi 3 Overheating

  2. Or, if you don’t want to mess with installing a fan onto your Raspberry Pi’s case, then just get a $10 USB-powered fan from Amazon (link) and set it next to your RPi and plug it in.  Make sure it’s pointed directly at your RaspberryPi.  This accomplishes the same effect as #1 above.

    Fix Raspberry Pi Overheating with this USB fan

    USB fan (external) to cool down Raspberry Pi

  3. Also, add heatsinks to your Raspberry Pi for around $5 (here).  Heatsinks reduce heat a little bit, but not nearly as much as active cooling does (which is the technical term for a mechanical fan, in #1 above)

    Raspberry Pi 3 Heatsinks

    Get these Raspberry Pi Heatsinks to cool down your RPi!

+2 Bonus Tips to Reduce RPi Over Heating

  1. Don’t overclock your Raspberry Pi.  If you’re overclocking your RPi and it’s overheating, then the overclocking is a significant factor.  So consider how hard the CPU and GPU processor are working on your Raspberry Pi 3.  It may be working harder than it needs to work!

    Overclocking causes Raspberry Pi overheat problems

    Don’t overclock your Raspberry Pi 3 if you don’t want it to overheat more!

  2. Make sure you put your Raspberry Pi in a case that allows for lots and lots of airflow.  If your case doesn’t have several small holes or a few big holes to allow proper airflow, then drill some holes in the case yourself.  Get a nice case from Amazon for around $12 (link).

    Get max air flow with an open case to cool Raspberry Pi 3 Overheating

    Raspberry Pi 3 Wood Case with plenty of airflow

Raspberry Pi Overclocking

You can overclock your Raspberry Pi from within certain operating systems like Recalbox.

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Here’s how to overclock Raspberry Pi 3:

  • In RecalBox emulator system, open the Menu.
  • Then go to System, then Overclock your Raspberry Pi 3 to 1600MHz.

How to Install Kodi and other OSes on Raspberry Pi 3

Use our handy-dandy Raspberry Pi Kodi install video tutorial or written guide to install Kodi on Raspberry Pi.

Or install RetroPie in Raspberry Pi 3 to play classic games

RecalBox for Raspberry Pi 3 is the alternative to RetroPie, but it’s just as good for Emulators and ROMs.

How to Install RetroPie or RecalBox on Raspberry Pi

You can install both RetroPie and RecalBox using PINN for RasPi.  Download PINN directly from Github for free by clicking here.  Simply extract the contents of the PINN zip file to a clean FAT32-formatted Micro SD card.  Then insert the Micro SD card into your Rpi, then the power cord.

After NOOBS or PINN boots up, click OK to get rid of the Network notification.  Then select your WiFi network and enter your WiFi password.

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