This complete tutorial shows you the Raspberry Pi 3 Kodi setup process step-by-step with written instructions and a full video tutorial.

Quick Download:  Download NOOBS here (from Github) to install LibreELEC Kodi on Raspberry Pi quickly.

There are at least two ways to install Kodi on Raspberry Pi 3:

  • LibreELEC is the most popular way to install Kodi on RPi3, because it’s easy to install and reliable.  It also supports the R Pi’s onboard WiFi chip!
  • OSMC is the secondary way to install Raspberry Pi 3 Kodi app.

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Quick & Dirty Explanation of how to install Kodi on Raspberry Pi:

You can easily install LibreELEC on your Raspberry Pi by simply copying the contents of the free “NOOBS” zip file to a blank Micro SD card.

Here is the detailed tutorial on how to setup Kodi on Raspberry Pi 3 using NOOBS:

Raspberry Pi 3 Kodi Install (using NOOBS):

  1. Make sure your Raspberry Pi 3 is powered off.  Then format a Micro SD card that’s at least 4GB.
  2. Download NOOBS from Github for free
  3. Now extract the contents of the NOOBS zip file to the formated Micro SD card
  4. Then, safely eject the Micro SD card
  5. Take the Micro SD card out of your PC and put it into your Raspberry Pi 3’s Micro SD card slot
  6. Plug the power cable (Micro USB) into your Raspberry Pi.  Wait for the multi-colored splash screen.
  7. After the splash screen, you’ll see the NOOBS “initialization screen”, which loads NOOBS so you can install Kodi (LibreELEC).
  8. NOOBS should display a notice that says “Your WiFi is not connected”.  Click OK to dismiss the notification.
  9. Then select your WiFi network and enter your WiFi password.
  10. Then click Continue.
  11. NOOBS will refresh the list of operating systems and now display LibreELEC, as well as several other operating systems.
  12. Check the checkbox next to LibreELEC.  Then click Install in the top left corner of NOOBS.
  13. Wait for NOOBS to download and install LibreELEC.  Don’t unplug or touch your Raspberry Pi 3 during this process!
  14. After NOOBS displays the “Download complete” notification, click “OK”.
  15. NOOBS will attempt to reboot into the Raspberry Pi 3 Kodi program.  If the self-reboot doesn’t work, then manually reboot by unplugging the power cable and plugging it back in.
  16. Once Raspberry Pi 3 reboots, let it boot up into LibreELEC (aka “Kodi for Raspberry Pi (3)”)
  17. After Raspberry Pi boots up into Kodi, install TV Addons and protect + unblock your Kodi streams with a Kodi VPN.

How to Install TV Addons in Kodi for Raspberry Pi 3

  1.  Enable Apps from Unknown Sources in Kodi
  2. Press Yes to confirm the setting
  3. Go to SYSTEM (gear icon)
  4. Then go to File Manager
  5. Select Add Source
  6. Select the box that says

How to Protect & Unblock Kodi Streams with a Kodi VPN

  1. Sign up for Kodi VPN service and make sure to use my coupon code (use it with a 1 year VPN subscription to get 60% off).
  2. Get a $23 VPN-enabled router from Amazon and set it up with my VPN-router set video
  3. Connect your Kodi device to your newly-created VPN-Secure WiFi network and enjoy safe streaming that’s unblocked and private!

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