In this quick video tutorial we do a PS VR Headset Review.  See our PS VR Headset Overview video (above) on YouTube to see the PS VR headset.  Also check out our other video, PS VR Gameplay (Zombies mode), for some full 1080P HD live PS VR Zombie action!

PS VR Headset Review

  • In the video, you’ll see that the PS VR headset is comfortable to wear, due to generous padding on the forehead and back-of-the-head areas around the headband.
  • PS VR uses a 1080P screen to project both images to the headset, resulting in 540P resolution for each eye.
  • Adjusting the headset is easy: grab the forehead area with one hand and press then button on the back of the headband while pulling the back of the headband.  Then put the headset on your head, or use this same process to remove the headset from your dome.
  • Two cables are hard-wired into the Playstation VR headset.  One of the cables is a standard HDMI cable, which connects to the PS VR processor unit’s adapter that attaches to the front face of the PS VR’s processing unit.

PS VR Headset Price

The PS VR headset costs $399 at launch, which was October 15th, 2016.  The price will continue through the holidays, and then is expected to drop.  To play PS VR, you need a PS4 console ($299 for the Black Ops 3 Bundle).  You’ll see in the PS VR Headset Overview video (and in our PS VR Gameplay videos) that the comfort of the headset is well worth the price tag.  For a camera, you’ll need a Playstation camera only if you plan to play the actual made-for-VR titles that utilize head-tracking as part of the virtual reality game experience.  We recommend investing the $60 or so in a PS VR camera so you don’t miss out on a great new game that requires the camera.




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To wrap up the PS VR total cost estimate, here is the breakdown of the system we tested in the PS VR Headset Review video (above):

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If you already have a PS4, take $299 off of the total above, which would bring the total cost to around $460.

PS VR Controller

From this review we did, we found that the PS DualShock controller worked just fine for PS VR games.  The button layout was familiar and the grip was comfortable.  The light on the front of the DualShock controller is also a “beacon” which the PS Camera can “see” and therefore utilize as a tracking mechanize for VR games.

Most games at this point are fully playable with the normal PS4 DualShock controller.  The playstation Move controllers can be useful for “certain” games that utilize more hand control movement, like Batman Arkham VR.  But games like Eve: Valkyrie, Black Ops 3 (not a VR game, but sure played damn well in this PS VR Headset Review). and other great titles run just fine on the PS VR with only the Dual Shock controller.

PS VR Headset Headband Comfort

We found that the PS VR was very comfortable to wear.  The headset is surprisingly lightweight and simple in design.   So there’s not a whole lot to get in your way or weight you down.

The main headband-width control adjustment is crucial, as it allows the headset to accommodate small, medium, large, and gargantuan head sizes.  I was able to wear the headset comfortably with a beanie on and wearing glasses (see video).

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

PS VR Headset Lenses & Eye Comfort

It took myself a little while (around a day or two) or playing a few 30-minute sessions for my eyes to get used to the VR experience.  So there’s a slight learning / training curve to get your eyes & body used to being “tricked” by virtual reality systems like the PS VR headset.

All in all, the headset is comfy to wear and the display can be watched for at least an hour without significant discomfort.  That being said, it would be wise to take a break every 30 to 60 minutes to let your eyes and mind adjust back to reality.  We don’t want a Lawnmower Man event happening.

PS VR Headset Size Adjustment

The main headset size adjustment is a push-button on the back of the headband, which releases the “sliding rails” on the headset to slide back and forth for smaller or larger dome sizes.

  • Use this push-button size adjustment to put on or take off the PS VR headset
  • After the headset is on, you can use the secondary adjustment button on the bottom right underside of the headset’s display unit.  Press the button and you can slide the viewport back and forward to situate the viewport snugly around your eyes, and move the viewport away if necessary for glasses

The only downside so far I’ve seen in our extensive PS VR Headset Review is the potential for breakage in the sliding rails on the main headset size adjustment.  These are plastic, and after several times of adjusting them for my large skull size, my brother’s gargantuan skull size, and my nephew’s small skull sizes – I could see the headset adjustment “teeth” on the rail eventually grinding down.

PS VR Headset Glasses?

Yes, you can definitely wear glasses with the PS VR.  The PS VR unit was built with glasses-wearers in mind, so you can keep your glasses on and still have the full playstation virtual reality experience.

I also tried the PS VR without my glasses just to see if I’d still be able to play the game – but no.  I need to wear my glasses to play VR apparently, so it’s great that the unit accommodates for that!

PS VR Bundle

The PS VR Bundle contains the PS VR headset ($399), two PS Move controllers ($99), and the PS Camera ($60).  So the value of the PS VR bundle is $558.  Yet the PS VR bundle retails for $499.  So you basically get the PS Camera for free.

So, in contrast, to buy the components individually would cost $60 more.

Many people will be happy with just the headset and the camera, which puts you at around $460!  That’s a much more reachable price for many people.

PS VR Amazon

The PS VR headset can be bought on Amazon for $399 (headset only) or $499 for the bundle.  If you buy the components of the bundle individually, it’ll run you around $560 (see details in section above).  Other retailers carry the Playstation VR unit, such as Wal-Mart.

PS4 Black Ops 3 Bundle

In the testing and the PS VR headset review we did, we found that the Black Ops 3 game was the most fun we had on the VR headset.  Event though the game wasn’t designed for VR, it has amazing gameplay and is pretty scary to boot.

This is why we highly, highly recommend the Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4 bundle ($299) as our holiday top gift pick.

PS VR Headset Overview

We were absolutely amazed by the PS VR headset.  You can tell from the view review that it was totally intense pretty much the entire time, even for non-VR games.  It’s a completely different kind of gaming experience than we’re all used to.  It immerses you completely in the game.  No more outside distractions — you’re put right into the world of the game.

The smoothness of the display and gameplay really makes Playstation’s Virtual Reality headset a winner.  And this is only the first version.  So keep an eye out for more games and better games hitting the PS VR.  Until then, we have quite a great selection of games available, and as we said before – so many awesome non-VR PS4 games to play in Cinematic Mode on your PS VR!


We give PS VR ten fireballs out of ten and can’t wait to see what additional awesome games come out for this system!  If you have questions about this PS VR Headset Review, ask on our YouTube channel or suggest some videos you’d like to see.  Stay tuned and Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest PS VR news updates, gameplay videos, and tips.