This tutorial shows you exactly how to install Plutonium Build Kodi for a wide variety of streaming options.   Plutonium Build gives you Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Sports, and much more!

How to Install Plutonium Build in Kodi

To install Kodi Plutonium Build, we must first make sure that Unknown Sources are allowed in Kodi.  Here’s how to enable Unknown Sources in Kodi:

  1. First, open Kodi
  2. Then go to Settings (this is the “gear” icon in the Kodi home screen)
  3. Now select System Settings
  4. Then select Add-Ons
  5. Turn on “Unknown Sources
  6. When you see a question on your screen asking if you want to “Proceed?” or not.  Select YES when you see this prompt.
  7. Now that Unknown Sources are enabled in Kodi, we proceed to install Plutonium Build in Kodi

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Here’s how to begin the actual Kodi Plutonium Build install process:

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Then select “Settings” (this is the “gear” icon in the top left corner of the screen)
  3. Choose File Manager
  4. Then select Add Source
  5. Now select “None
  6. Then enter this address (exactly as it appears here):
  7. Now, just highlight the field just below “Enter a name..” and enter “kfiremini” or any name that’s easy for you to recognize.
  8. Then choose OK
  9. Now, return to the Kodi homescreen and then select “Add-Ons” from the big menu on the left side of the screen
  10. At this point, choose “Package Installer” (this is the icon in the top left that looks like a box)
  11. Select “Install From Zip File
  12. Then choose “mini
  13. Now select “
  14. Wait a minute for the notification to appear which says “Add-on enabled”
  15. Now choose “Install from repository
  16. Then select “M.E.T.V. Repository
  17. Choose “Program add-ons
  18. Now select “Ezzermans Wizard
  19. Then select “Install
  20. When a popup appears, select the “Dismiss” button
  21. At this point, Ezzermans Wizard displays a list of options (aka “settings”).  Choose the options that fit your desired outcome (if you’re not sure what to select, just leave the default options selected).  Then select the “Continue” button.
  22. You’re almost done!  Now, you see a popup message which says “There is no build installed”.  When you see this popup, press the “Build Menu” button
  23. Now scroll down a little bit and then select [17.6] Plutonium Build (V x.y) (see screenshot below)
    Plutonium Build Kodi "Select Build" Screen

    When you see this screen, select [17.6] Plutonium Build

  24. Then select (Ez Wizard) Fresh Install
  25. Now you see a popup window that displays some default options.  Choose “Continue
  26. IMPORTANT:  Wait for the build to Download & Install itself in Kodi!
  27. After the build is finished installing, you see a popup that gives two buttons: “Reload Profile” or “Force Close”.  When you see this, choose “Force Close“.  Then re-launch Kodi to use Kodi Plutonium Build!  After you restart Kodi, give Kodi a good 5 minutes or so to let Kodi update itself automatically.

See the Tips, Tricks & Screenshots below!




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Plutonium Build Kodi Screenshots

Plutonium Build Kodi Install (Home screen)

Kodi Plutonium Build Screenshot #1

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Plutonium Build Kodi Screenshot (Sports)

This is a screenshot of the Sports section in Kodi Plutonium Build!

How to Use Kodi Plutonium Build?

To use Plutonium Build Kodi, simply navigate around its menus using your mouse, keyboard, and/or Firestick remote (if you’re using Amazon Firestick / Fire TV).

  • After you see a category you like in Plutonium Build for Kodi, select that category.
  • Then choose a title (such as a movie, IPTV channel or TV Show)
  • Enjoy your streaming TV experience with Plutonium Build!

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Plutonium Build Tips & Tricks

  • Make sure to let Kodi Plutonium Build update itself after you install Plutonium  Build!
  • If you’re using Kodi Plutonium Build on Amazon Firestick or Fire TV, make sure your device has at least 1GB of free space for Plutonium to function properly.
  • Just a few of the Categories that Plutonium Build gives us are:  “Hilarious”, Movies, TV Shows, Sports, “Nitro”, True Grit, Atriox, Helen Waite, and Deck Chair.  (Note:  Some of the items in the list just mentioned are actual Kodi Add-Ons, not categories!)

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