Planet MMA Kodi Addon for FireStick – Installation Guide

Planet MMA gives you streaming access to tons of UFC events, TV shows, and documentaries, both past, and present (live)! Watch mixed martial arts on your Firestick or Fire TV with Kodi installed 24/7 if you like. The developers re-branded the UFC Finest add-on, which many of you have grown to love over the past few years, as the Planet MMA Kodi add-on. It fills your Kodi Firestick or other devices to overflowing with UFC content! In addition to recordings of past events, series episodes, and feature documentaries, you can view the live content sections which stream events as they are being fought! Planet MMA includes a UFC calendar and news sections to keep you abreast of up-and-coming fights along with results and standings.

Kodi Add-on Installation: Planet MMA

Before you use any Kodi 3rd party addon, I cannot stress enough the importance of signing up with a high-quality VPN service to preserve your anonymity. People using Kodi receive copyright infringement notices all the time for streaming movies, sports events, and TV shows through various 3rd party addons. If you would like to keep your streaming habits private and preserve your anonymity, I strongly suggest using IPVanish – the best privacy solution I’ve found for Kodi users. Also, the links I’ve provided here will net you 60% off of this truly unequaled VPN! Do yourself, your family, and your Fire TV Stick a favor.

What is Planet MMA Kodi Addon?

Planet MMA is one of the best MMA apps for Kodi. It was formerly known as UFC Finest and changed its name to Planet MMA recently. This Kodi addon boasts an exceptional variety of new and old MMA & UFC content to stream and download. With Planet MMA Kodi, you can watch UFC fight on Kodi right away!

On top of all the UFC and MMA goodness, the Planet MMA addon also gives unrestricted access to plenty of the latest TV series, live events, documentaries, and docuseries. In recent months, the Planet MMA repository has moved into the Looking Glass repo to give users a much better streaming experience.

The UFC finest addon has been around for a while. It’s been a fan favorite due to amazing streamable content. Among a host of other advantages, the biggest draw of Planet MMA is UFC Calendar. It’s a very helpful feature that lets you keep track of all the upcoming and latest MMA & UFC events. There’s even a collection of all the fighters from around the world (and where are they now) for mixed martial arts enthusiasts.

Repo Locations for Advanced Users

If you’ve installed Kodi third-party applications or plugins before, you still need the repository address for the Ares Project. Located in the Old World, the Ares Project’s main repo is at Please be certain you’re utilizing a high-quality VPN service for your own privacy and protection before accessing this content.

Installing the Planet MMA Kodi Addon

If your Kodi installation is fresh and clean, you will need to allow addon installation from unknown sources whether using a firestick or not.

  1. Go into the Settings (gear icon) at the top of the main menu

    Planet MMA Kodi

    Select the Settings icon (“gear” icon)

  2. Select System Settings
  3. Then, choose Add-ons
  4. Now, toggle Unknown Sources to the on position

Please note: a popup will appear warning you of security risks involved in installing unofficial add-ons onto your system.

Install the Ares Wizard

Ian recorded this YouTube tutorial video for you on installing the Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.1 recently. We’ll be making an updated tutorial with plenty of new tips and tricks in the very near future, so be sure to remain on the lookout for it right here at KFire TV.

If you already have the Ares Wizard installed, you can skip ahead to the Planet MMA install procedure.

Repository Setup

  1. Open Settings (gear icon – top of the main menu)

    Planet MMA Kodi Addon

    Select the SETTINGS icon (“gear” icon)

  2. Then select the File Manager

    Planet MMA Kodi Add-on

    Select File Manager

  3. Next, do the same to Add Source

    Install Planet MMA Kodi Addon

    Choose “Add Source”

  4. At this point, select None (enabling you to add a media source manually)
  5. Enter the repository’s URL (, then say OK

    Planet MMA Kodi installation

    Enter the URL for the repo

  6. Name this Ares Repo (or any name you like) then hit OK again

    Planet MMA Kodi

    Type in a unique name

  7. Double-check the information you’ve input is correct then choose OK one last time

Ares Wizard Installation

  1. Go back to the Main Menu in Kodi and then the Add-ons section

    Planet MMA Addon

    Select “Add-Ons” from the Kodi 17.1 homescreen

  2. Choose the Package Installer (open box icon) at the top of the menu
  3. Select Install from zip file

    Planet MMA Kodi Addon

    Choose “Install From Zip File”

  4. Click or tap on the Ares Repo (or whatever you named it) in the dialog that opens
  5. Then find and select it

    Planet MMA Kodi Add-on Install

    Now choose the zip file

  6. Wait a moment. There will be a popup in the top right stating Add-on Installed
  7. Choose Install from Repository at this point
  8. Use the Ares Project repo you just setup
  9. Then select Program add-ons followed by Ares Wizard
  10. Now hit the Install button at the bottom right
  11. Back at Kodi’s main menu, go to Add-ons and choose Ares Wizard
  12. Then the actual extraction and installation of the Ares Wizard now takes place

Planet MMA Installation

  1. Head back to the Add-on Browser and select the Install from repository option
  2. A list of installed repositories is shown – Choose the Ares Project
  3. Next, click or tap on the Video Add-ons item and then on Planet MMA to access the installer
  4. Hit Install with a gleam in your eye and watch as Planet MMA installs

Once the install is done, find Planet MMA under Kodi >> Add-ons >> Video add-ons.

Alternatives To Planet MMA For UFC On Kodi

If for one reason or another, Planet MMA addon isn’t working on Kodi, then there are some decent alternatives available. Of course, they won’t offer you the same experience as Planet MMA, but these add-ons are good in their own way. Have a look!

1. SportsDevil

SportsDevil has shot to popularity in recent years, and it’s a very capable Planet MMA replacement. With SportsDevil, you can access unlimited links to different sports streams. You can also take a look at the “schedule” to see what’s trending at the moment. If you are anticipating an MMA or UFC event, it will likely be up there. Also, do check the Live Sports and Sports TV sections on the main menu of SportsDevil if you cannot find an event in the “Schedule.”

Installing SportsDevil on Kodi is simple. Just like any other addon. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Kodi’s “System” option by clicking the gear icon.
  2. Now, go to File Manager > Add Source > none.
  3. Enter and hit OK
  4. Name it SportsDevil
  5. Next, go to Kodi Add-ons > Add-ons browser > Install from Zip File, SportsDevil >
  6. Now proceed to “install from repository.”
  7. Select SportsDevil4root Repository > Video add-ons, SportsDevil, and hit that Install button. That’s all.

2. Made In Canada IPTV

Though primarily an IPTV service, Made in Canada IPTV add-on lets you watch some of the UFC content. However, you have to be ready to put in some work and do some digging. Plus, this addon also lets you watch some of the UFC and MMA IPTV events. The reason why we really love this addon is that it offers quality streams. And not just quality. The loading speed is pretty fast. Of course, it depends on your internet connection too. But so far, we have had no trouble with streams on this add-on. Unfortunately, there’s no schedule option in this add-on to let you know of the upcoming events. Therefore, you have to be mindful of the timetable.

You can get this Kodi UFC app from the following link and then follow the same instructions as above to install this add-on.

Made in Canada IPTV:

3. Magic Dragon

Magic Dragon is another magical Planet MMA replacement. It’s an upgrade of the widely popular The Dog Bollocks addon and lets you watch UFC on Kodi. Besides UFC, you can also watch other high-quality entertainment content. For instance, there are countless movies, tv programs, music shows, documentaries, etc., to watch on the platform. And not just the video content, it has some utility categories as well, such as Movie Search, Real Debrid authorization, and a Pair with Services option. So you can integrate other video services with this app, such as Openload. Great, right? Both of these services are among the most popular content resources in the Kodi community.

This add-on is also available through the Diamond Wizard Repo. You can get this add-on from the following link and then follow the same instructions as above to install this Kodi UFC app.

Magic Dragon:

Ready to Rumble?

I’m serious about the necessity of using a VPN while using this add-on. Without it, you are sharing your viewing habits and other info with your ISP, government agencies, and every site you access (including anybody sniffing the traffic of those sites). You are also nearly guaranteed to be receiving “cease and desist” orders from your service provider if you aren’t keeping your access private. IPVanish even has a new free app just for your Firestick or Fire TV to access their VPN with. I’ve seen this same VPN being offered around the web for 20% to 33% off, but here at KFire TV, get a 60% discount on the world’s leading VPN.

You have set up the Planet MMA addon successfully? Are you protected? Great! Go enjoy that smackdown and try not to break anything!





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