Cutting the cord has become a popular trend in recent years and with good reason. Traditional cable TV can be expensive and often includes channels you never watch. That’s where streaming services come in. Take the example of the Philo streaming app. It’s a live and on-demand TV streaming service that offers over 70 entertainment channels for just $25 a month.

The catch? There are no sports channels. If you’re looking for an affordable streaming service and don’t care for sports, Philo may just be for you. Let’s take an in-depth look at what this affordable service brings to the table.

What is Philo Streaming App? 

Philo is a live TV streaming app that provides an affordable, focused channel lineup. Philo was initially created to provide streaming services to universities, but after receiving investments from various media companies, it revamped its services to become a live TV streaming service with a twist. 

Instead of trying to replicate the traditional cable experience, Philo chose to cater to a specific audience tired of paying for sports channels they never watch or getting local TV channels via a TV antenna. As a result, Philo offers a low-cost TV service focused on entertainment, educational, and lifestyle networks. 




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Here’s a list of notable features of the Philo streaming service: 

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  • 70+ Channels
  • Unlimited cloud DVR storage
  • Simultaneous streams on up to 3 devices
  • Access to 33 TV Everywhere Apps
  • Variety of on-demand content
  • 72 hours rewind feature for shows you couldn’t catch

Compatible Devices

Below is a complete list of all Philo-compatible devices:

  • Amazon Fire Cube, Stick, TV
  • Android phones, tablets, Android TV
  • iPhone, iPad, Apple TV (4th gen.) & Apple TV 4K
  • Chromecast, Chromecast with Google TV
  • Roku Ultra, Express, Premiere, Stick, TV
  • PC, Mac web browsers


Philo Streaming App: Pros & Cons

Luckily, Philo’s biggest cons are also its biggest selling points. Such as: 


  • Low cost per channel 
  • Popular channel lineups like AMC, History, MTV, Discovery, etc
  • HD quality (720p @30fps) streams
  • Unlimited Cloud DVR Storage
  • Three simultaneous streams 


  • No local broadcast channels like ABC, CBS, or FOX
  • No sports networks like ESPN
  • Limited add-ons and library
  • No parental controls

Philo Streaming App Vs. The Competition

Philo is an affordable option with a monthly fee of $25.00, offering 70+ channels, three simultaneous streams, and unlimited cloud DVR storage for one year. But how does it stack up against the streaming competition?

Well, compared to other popular streaming services, Philo has a lower number of channels and fewer simultaneous streams available. For instance, Youtube TV offers 100+ channels with three concurrent streams, and FuboTV offers 140+ channels with ten simultaneous streams. 

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On the other hand, it offers unlimited cloud DVR storage, a bonus. No other competitive streaming service except YouTube TV offers unlimited DVR. But its unlimited cloud DVR storage is only for nine months and has a much higher price tag of $72.99/mo. 

Hulu + Live TV and FuboTV offer more channels and multiple simultaneous streams, but their prices are much higher than Philo. Likewise, Sling TV and DIRECTV STREAM have higher prices, and they offer similar channel lineups but feature limited cloud DVR storage. 

Philo Streaming App’s Channel Offerings

Below are all Philo’s channel offerings: 

    Live & On-demand Shows/Movies

Philo offers a lineup of 70+ cable channels catering mainly to lifestyle-oriented content. It’s primarily focused on entertainment, with some news options like BBC World News and Cheddar News. The selection also includes popular channels such as AMC and Comedy Central and more specialized ones like Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and Cooking Channel. 

Then there’s the family-friendly section of the channels. You can watch Teen Nick and Nickelodeon, among other options. 

Philo offers channels for cooking, home improvement, traveling, animals, and crime shows, including Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, and Investigation Discovery. Additionally, all of TLC’s addictive shows are part of Philo’s channel lineup.

Get a complete list of Philo channels lineup here


While Philo does not provide sports channels, they have a couple of shows like pro wrestling on AXS TV and Guy’s Grocery Games on Food Network.

    On-Demand Content

Philo also offers on-demand content, and you can easily check the “Playable” (on-demand) or “Upcoming” (available to record upon the next showing) status of a show in their menu. You can also add Discovery+ to access more reality TV for a monthly fee of $4.99-$6.99.

    Channel Addons

Philo currently offers two premium addon packages: 

  1. Starz for $9.00 per month
  2. MGM+ for $6.00 per month

If you’re a movie buff, you can also go for the Movies & Multi-channel package for $3.00 per month. It offers access to Sony’s Movies, MGM, HDNet, Cinemoi, and REEL. Such an inexpensive addon package is exclusively Philo’s thing! 


Philo Streaming App’s User Interface

Philo’s interface is designed to be user-friendly and easy to navigate. The headers at the top of the screen allow you to access everything you need, including a search feature that pulls up results quickly. The guide is also easy to use, and the playback feature allows you to choose between watching a program live or from the beginning. The platform loads quickly, but your internet connection and device can affect speed.

However, Philo lacks parental control settings, which can be problematic for parents who want to restrict the content their children can watch. Additionally, the home section’s recommendations are more generic than personalized, which may offer little value for some viewers. 

Overall, Philo’s interface is crisp and convenient, but parental supervision is necessary.


Subscription Plans and Pricing

Philo offers a single subscription plan that costs $25 per month for access to 70+ channels. Thanks to a 7-day free trial, you can also access it for free. Its main selling point is its affordability compared to other live TV streaming services that charge more for similar or fewer features. However, Philo lacks offline downloads and ad-free viewing.

Moreover, Philo offers a lower price point than competitors like YouTube TV, Hulu + Live TV, FuboTV, and Sling TV. For example, YouTube TV offers 100+ channels for $72.99 per month, Hulu + Live TV offers 85+ channels for $69.99-$82.99 per month, fuboTV offers 140-215+ channels for $74.99-$94.99 per month, Sling TV has 30-50+ channels for $40.00-$55.00 per month, and DIRECTV STREAM comes with 75-150+ channels for $64.99-$154.99 per month.

However, some competitors offer more features than Philo, such as a better channel lineup or more simultaneous streams. Nonetheless, for those seeking a more affordable option with a decent channel selection, Philo may be a suitable choice.

Final Verdict

All said and done, Philo streaming app is a fantastic option for viewers looking for an affordable way to watch entertainment and lifestyle channels. With a lineup of 70+ channels, Philo provides great value for money at only $25 per month. Although it lacks sports and local channels, it more than makes up for it with popular shows like The Walking Dead and The Daily Show, and its unlimited cloud DVR is a massive plus for people who love to store their favorite content. While Philo may not be suitable for everyone’s TV needs, it can be paired with a TV antenna to provide the most basic cable channels at a very reasonable price. As its competitors continue to raise prices, Philo’s budget-friendly option makes it all the more attractive for those looking to cut costs while still enjoying cable TV.


Does Philo Offer Local Channels?

Unfortunately not. Philo doesn’t carry any local channels. But you can easily pair it with an over-the-air antenna for free access to your local broadcast channels. 

How Much Does Philo Cost Monthly?

The basic Philo plan costs $25 a month for 70+ channels and unlimited DVR. However, you can add premium channels via its STARZ or MGM addons for additional channels. 

Can I Try Philo Before I Sign Up?

Yes, Philo offers a 7-day free trial for new subscribers.

What Channels Are Included With Philo?

Philo offers 63 channels, including AMC, Comedy Central, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, Nickelodeon, and more. However, it doesn’t include major networks like CNN, ESPN, or Disney.

Can I Watch Philo On Multiple Devices At The Same Time?

Yes, Philo offers three simultaneous streams per account, so you can watch on multiple devices at the same time.

Can I Record Shows On Philo?

Yes, Philo offers unlimited cloud DVR storage, so you can record as much content as you want and watch it later.

Is Philo Available In My Area?

Philo is available nationwide in the United States so you can access it anywhere with an internet connection.

Is There A Contract Or Long-Term Commitment With Philo?

Not at all, Philo is a month-to-month service, so that you can cancel anytime without a long-term commitment or penalty.