How to Create a Perfect Ambiance for a Home Movie Theater?

We already talked about the installation of a cinema streaming app, but what about the place where you will watch movies?

How to Set Up a Home Theater?

Sometimes you want to go back in time and see the end of The Lord of the Rings or The Matrix on the big screen again. But, alas, old films are rarely shown in cinemas. There is a solution: to equip a cinema hall right in the house. We will tell you how to choose the right room and what kind of home theater to buy in order to feel like a real movie session.

Watching movies on the big screen has some special features. For example, image reflections on glossy surfaces and light tones will distract from watching a movie. Therefore, it is better to equip a room for a home theater in an apartment in dark colors and matte textures. Acoustics is also important: in rooms with minimal textile design, it creates an echo that not only bothers you but also the neighbors will hear all the noise.

Experts recommend thinking about the design of a home theater already at the stage of repair – this way you will have the opportunity to correctly choose a room and take care of its sound insulation. Here are some tips:

• To equip a home theater at home, it is better to choose a room that is far from the nursery and the bedroom as seen in most apartments near Lansing.

• It is advisable to choose a room without windows – for example, a former dressing room or pantry. If there are no such rooms in the house, you can purchase blackout curtains.

• When repairing the walls of a home theater, they should be sheathed with soundproof boards, a floating floor is equipped. If a major transformation is not included in the plans, textiles will help save the neighbors from the spread of sound and vibration of the subwoofer – you can replace the flooring with carpet, and drape the walls with fabric.

• Combining design with function in a home theater is not easy. You will have to completely abandon the glossy surfaces, glass, and metal elements in the room.

• Pay special attention to the selection of furniture. A sofa, armchairs, and poufs arranged in a row, a bed – choose what will help the whole family to stay comfortably. Online furniture outlet can be a good solution for this kind of issue.

• Movie theaters are usually dark. But if you plan to watch movies often and several in a row, then it is better to provide a minimum backlight to reduce eye strain.

A small apartment is not an obstacle for arranging a home theater. But in this case, you have to combine the two functions of the room in one. You can install a movie projector for your home in the living room or bedroom, for which the presence of upholstered furniture is an attribute, and the design in dark colors is one of the possible options.

Home Theater Screen or TV: Which Is Better?

There are two types of home theater models – with a soundbar and a complete set of speakers and a subwoofer. The first option is attractive due to its compactness. The soundbar is located directly below the screen and distributes the sound quite well in a small room. But to achieve the same effect as in a real cinema, it will not work.

Another solution is a full-fledged speaker system with a receiver. For rooms, up to 12 m², a 5:1 or 7:1 system is usually sufficient. In this case, two front speakers are placed next to the screen, two rear speakers are behind the seats, the rest are distributed on the walls. The receiver provides the distribution of sound effects between them and amplifies the sound, converts the digital signal to analog, guarantees the realism of the transmission necessary for immersion in the plot. These sets often come with a Blu-ray or DVD player. If watching movies on discs is no longer relevant for you, it is more practical and cheaper to buy speaker systems without a media player.

Thinking about how to make a home theater in rooms with an area of ​​​​more than 12 m², pay attention to acoustics. It may be necessary to supplement the system with another subwoofer and a set of speakers. But the more of them and the better they are distributed around the room, the more impressions you will get from viewing.


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