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Install Kodi on Fire Stick 2017 How to Guide

This guide shows how to install Kodi on Fire Stick 2017 or onto the Fire TV. It will be kept up-to-date with the most recent Kodi installation information. At this time, Kodi 17.4 Krypton is the latest version for general use. For that reason, Kodi 17.4 is the version...

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Ares Repo Down? NO!

Is the Ares Repo Down? The Ares Project had their western repository location, which was located at http://repo.ares-project.com/magic/, taken down recently. This has broken many of the links found in install tutorials for the many add-ons available in the Ares...

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College Football Streams Live NCAA on Kodi

With the 2017-2018 college football season having now begun, optimizing your Firestick or other device with Kodi installed for live college football streams is important. Ideally, you would like to catch every single play live and without the expense of a cable bill....

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Ares Magic & Illusion Kodi Video Addon Install Tutorial

The Ares Magic Kodi add-on is the best way to enjoy magic shows and the art of illusion at anytime you want. Ares Magic & Illusion includes magic shows from all of your favorite magicians. Criss Angel, David Blaine, Mat Franco, Penn & Teller, and even Harry Houdini are all in attendance. Ares Magic even has tutorials to teach you how to perform magic tricks of your own.

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Ares Cookbook Kodi Addon Installation Tutorial

Ares Cookbook is a wonderful Kodi addon for watching cooking shows and tutorials. All kinds of food preparation is represented in the Ares Cookbook. You should be able to find lessons from chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Gordon Ramsay along with many more. If you are addicted to watching cooking shows, the Ares Cookbook Kodi add-on will give you a fix whenever you feel the need.

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Liggys British Zone Kodi Addon Installation

The Liggys British Zone addon for Kodi is a collection of all that is Britania. It is full of movies, tv shows, documentaries, sports and more. It is even purported to have some live content coming soon! If you like the UK, Liggys British Zone is likely your spoonful of sugar.

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Drama Nice Kodi Video Addon Install Guide

Drama Nice is one of the best sources of Asian dramatic movies anywhere. This Kodi add-on features Asian movies in high quality. A wonderful thing about the Drama Nice Kodi video addon is that English subtitles are available for all of the videos and movies for your...

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Ares Relaxation Kodi Addon Installation

The Ares Relaxation Kodi addon is full of relaxing videos and music. There are meditation, yoga, tai chi, and Pilates videos to help with your practices. Ares Relaxation also includes children’s songs, soothing music and much more to promote stress relief and wellness.

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Ares Kung-Fu Kodi Addon Installation

The Ares Kung-Fu Kodi addon is simply a giant collection of martial arts movies. They span every decade and are from all over the world. This wonderful Kodi addon is certain to release your inner grasshopper.

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Ares Comedy Kodi Video Add-on Installation

Ares Comedy is one of the most popular add-ons from the Ares Project. It is full to bursting with side stitches and snorts galore. You will not find more comedy anywhere than on your Kodi set-up once you have Ares Comedy installed. You can easily search for your favorite comedians, or just enjoy your favorite shows from Comedy Central or Laugh Factory, or just check out the Old School section to relive yesterday’s laughs. There are even feature comedy movies available in the Ares Comedy plugin.

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Wrestling On Demand Kodi Addon Install Tutorial

Wrestling on Demand is a great Kodi video addon for your Firestick if you love to watch wrestling. There is wrestling content galore for you to watch along with a brand new Latest Shows category featuring the most recent RAW, Superstars and NXT shows. The Wrestling on...

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Ares Kids Tube Video Add-on Install

Ares Kids Tube is a fantastic Kodi add-on to install from the Ares Project which is a curated collection of children’s content from YouTube. Put it on your Firestick and watch the kids light up. The immensity of this collection is mind boggling. Ares Kids Tube has...

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Planet MMA Kodi Addon Installation Guide

Planet MMA gives you streaming access to tons of UFC events, TV shows, and documentaries, both past and present (live)! Watch mixed martial arts on your Firestick or Fire TV with Kodi installed 24/7 if you like. The developers re-branded the UFC Finest add-on, which...

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