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Top Best Android TV Box Explained

Most of us want to cut the cable and still enjoy HD streaming video on our TV screen. The price of cable television has gotten way out of hand, and an Android TV box can cost less than a month subscription. Local commercial television, though now having great HD...

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Fire TV vs Fire Stick (Fire TV Stick or Firestick)

This comparative article is a head-to-head showdown of the Amazon Fire TV vs Fire Stick; their similarities and differences. Learn about the outstanding features and functions of each and decide which will fit your needs. Of course, you may just fall in love with them...

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No Stream Available Fix Kodi TV Addons (+Covenant Module)

Having trouble lately with the Covenant Kodi TV addon giving you a "No Stream Available" error, then getting no indication why? Then, you'll rejoice at recent news and the easy fix involved. Fix No Stream Available in Covenant Covenant Module Update 1.0.22 November 6,...

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How to Install Alternate Amazon Fire TV Media Player

The Amazon Fire TV comes with its own set of apps preloaded for entertainment. The Play Store also makes numerous apps available for download. Viewers find the large variety of content available for streaming is fantastic, though many of the apps work uniquely. They...

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Fire TV Stick Processor Specifications Detailed Look

Amazon released a miniaturized version of its Fire TV box in November of 2014. This new device replicated many features of the Fire TV, though proved even more highly portable. Amazon dubbed the new device Fire TV Stick, then watched as its popularity immediately...

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Top Firestick and Fire TV Remote Apps

The Amazon Fire TV remote makes life wonderful when you want to watch your favorite show, the latest movie, or your favorite team take on their rivals. Lightweight, simple to use, and loaded with awesome features like voice control, losing your Firestick remote in the couch cushions can resemble a minor catastrophe.

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How to Install Elysium Kodi TV Addon (Zen!) Guide

An updated and rebranded version of the popular Zen, the Elysium Kodi TV addon puts smiles on movie and TV show lovers. The wildly popular Noobs and Nerds have picked up Zen and rebranded it as the Elysium Kodi TV addon. With trakt.tv support, Elysium lets you keep...

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How To Install Death Streams Kodi TV Addon SALTS Guide

A promising new fork of the beloved and sorely missed SALTS from TV Addons, Death Streams appears worth a look. Much like Kodi community favorites Covenant, Elysium, and Bennu, Death Streams scrapes over 80 sources online for movies and TV shows. It also does this in...

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How To Enable Unknown Sources For Kodi TV Addons Install

Kodi calls file sources not officially sanctioned by the XBMC / Kodi Foundation Unknown sources. If you wish to install any third party (aka unofficial) Kodi TV addons, then you must first tell Kodi 17 Krypton to allow the use of these unknown sources. This setting...

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Red Pill Kodi How to Install Documentary TV Add-on

If you like documentaries, you will love having The Red Pill Kodi TV Addon installed on your Kodi Firestick. With documentaries about everything from Art to War, The Red Pill will open your mind to the great big world around you. Red Pill Kodi TVAddon Install The Red...

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Adult Swim How to Install Kodi TV Addon Cartoons

As an unabashed cartoon loving adult, you probably need no introduction to the Cartoon Network’s late night schedule—AKA [adult swim]. The ability to stream your favorite shows via the Kodi Firestick should come as no surprise.

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How to Install BoB UnleasheD Kodi Add-on Visual Tutorial

BoB UnleasheD replaced BoB UnrestricteD, which took the place of BoB on Kodi Firesticks all over the world. What about BoB? Midraal has a winner with BoB UnleasheD, the latest in the line of beloved BoBs. This all-in-one Kodi add-on will please everyone wanting to use their Kodi Firestick or FireTV for visual or musical entertainment.

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