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Top iPad Movie Apps for Free Streaming

If you love media, iTunes is a great place to find content music or content to watch. Apple makes things easy in that regard, but difficult in other areas. One would be finding free iPad movie apps in the vein of Showbox or Terrarium TV.

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Firestick Sports Addons and How to Get Them

Despite a rise in media streamers in recent years, the Amazon Firestick and it’s 4K sibling are still going strong. That’s due in part to Kodi although Firestick sports addons are becoming hard to find, despite the popularity of the recent Joshua vs Parker match.

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How to make a VPN Vanish your IP Address

There are plenty of programs that claim to hide your internet connection online with a form of technological trickery. Making a VPN vanish is more difficult than it seems, however, which is why you need a top tier VPN service if you want to keep your identity a secret.

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Firestick Factory Reset without Remote and other Tricks

The Firestick is one of our favorite streaming devices, and millions of others feel the same way. Like any other piece of tech, occasionally you may experience a glitch. Today we’re going to teach you how to do a Firestick Factory Reset without Remote, something that may be easier than you think.

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Best Free VPN Android App for Smartphones and Slates

When it comes to free VPN Android apps, the choices are plentiful. In fact, one might assume they would never need to purchase a VPN at all by the sheer number of options available. That’s not the case unfortunately as you get what you pay for with any VPN provider.

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Stremio on Firestick Installation Guide

The Amazon Firestick is a handy little streamer and a great way to get content to your big screen. While it’s perfect for Kodi, we are going to focus on a newer program this time around. Our Stremio on Firestick guide will help you install the hub and show you how to access some interesting add-ons as well.

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The Best Roku Games (Delightful, Addicting, & Fun!)

Sometimes there's just nothing to watch. Not in a literal sense because there are more movies and TV shows than you could watch in your lifetime. But we all have days where everything sounds dumb, or you only have 10 minutes to kill. Roku's solution to not feeling...

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Roku Jailbreak – How to Run Kodi on a Roku

You’ve heard of jailbreaking your phone, your Firestick, your Chromecast, but can you jailbreak your Roku? Doing a Roku jailbreak is not really a jailbreak at all. But don’t worry, you can still use Kodi through your Roku and do all sorts of neat Roku hacks. Why You...

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How to Install the Kodi App for Android

One of our favorite things about Kodi is you can install it on almost anything. The Kodi app for Android allows you more physical freedom than installing it on nearly any other device. Watch on the go or cast it to your TV. Difference Between Installing the Kodi App...

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Free VPN for Kodi: The Best VPN Reviews

Unless you are brand new to the world of streaming media or the internet in general, there is a strong chance you’ve heard of a VPN. Ads for the services are everywhere these days including free VPN for Kodi offers.

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Best Kodi Skin to Liven up your Streamer

A program like Kodi tends to get used daily, especially if you are a media crazed consumer. If you are getting tired of the same old interface, today is your lucky day The best Kodi skin for your device is only a few clicks away once you know where to start looking.

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Amazon Kodi Box: The Best 4K Set-Top Boxes

As the price of 4K TV sets dropped, the number of streamers looking for 4K content has risen. The number of platforms you can access that content on has grown as well. Amazon Kodi boxes are a popular option, and what we’re going to touch on with this streaming box shootout.

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Kodi Free Movies: Access and Safety Concerns

Streaming TV and other forms of media is a popular pastime these days. That’s thanks to Netflix and open source streaming solutions like Kodi. If you are looking for Kodi free movies and TV shows, the latter has become a great way to dig into content you normally couldn’t access.

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Android Box Kodi Deals: The Top 10 Streamers

If you want to use Kodi, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can use a Fire TV stick, your smartphone, laptop or even the consoles. Set-top boxes are popular as well, which lead us to search for the best Android box Kodi deals.

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Best VPN for Kodi: March 2018

If you enjoy using apps like Kodi or Terrarium TV, you may have heard a lot about VPN’s. We talk about them frequently, and it’s a great way to keep a level of anonymity online. Streamers looking for the best VPN for Kodi have hundreds of options to choose from although the top options tend to change frequently.

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A Quick Firestick Xbox One Setup Tutorial

Step-by-step Firestick Xbox One Setup Guide: To stream movies, TV shows, and more through your game console, just pop a Firestick into your Xbox One’s HDMI port. If you download Kodi first, your results will be even better. Either way, the Firestick-Xbox One combination is quite the entertainment powerhouse.

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Kodi VPN

Streaming movies & TV shows without a VPN is a no-no.  Make sure you protect your Internet data with a secure VPN connection.

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Sideloader for Fire TV

Easily transfer any apps from your Android smartphone or tablet to your Fire TV or Firestick.  Use the Sideloader for Fire TV app (Free)!

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