Optimize Fire Stick and Fire TV to Minimize Lag, Buffering, and No Stream Available Errors

Use this video tutorial to Optimize Fire Stick & Fire TV so it runs smoothly and with minimal lag.

How to Optimize Fire Stick

  1. Remove extra apps from your Fire Stick by going to Apps in the FireStick’s main menu.  Then select an app you don’t need and press Uninstall
  2. Install Clean Master for TV on your Fire Stick and use it to boost your Fire Stick’s available memory (“RAM”) by closing apps and processes that use resources in the background without any benefit to the user
  3. Make sure your FireStick isn’t overheating!  This is extremely common for FireStick, so place a small running fan next to your Fire Stick to keep it cool.
  4. Make more distance from your TV to the Fire Stick.  Why?  Because electromagnetic interference can cause the Fire Stick’s WiFi to get confused.  So get a $5 HDMI cable that’s about 6 feet long (2 meters for English folks) and use it to keep your Fire Stick away from your TV to prevent EM interference.

Optimize Fire Stick: Explained

The Amazon Fire Stick is basically an inexpensive Android tablet that has no screen and runs a custom version of Android OS, known as Fire OS.  So the Fire Stick has some physical limitations regarding how much memory it has available to put toward streaming movies & TV shows.  Therefore it’s a good idea to go through your Fire Stick / Fire TV box on a regular basis and clean that sucker out – optimize it.  Just like your phone, the Fire Stick gets bogged down with little “temporary” files that never get deleted by the system, so we must delete them ourselves using the steps in this YouTube video tutorial.

Effects of Optimizing FireStick & Fire TV

  • You’ll see reduced Kodi buffering after you Optimize your FireStick
  • In addition you will see a greater ability for Kodi and Netflix to connect to Streams / stream sources when you choose a stream in a TV Addon such as Exodus or Phoenix.
  • The menu lag is usually significantly reduced after optimizing FireStick

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Wrap Up

Have suggestions for others to Optimize Fire Stick or Fire TV?  Let us know on the KFire YouTube Channel.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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