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The number of streaming media devices on the market continues to grow as customers increasingly consume media content and turn to the use of virtual services.  One of the advantageous solutions is the Fire TV Stick with which you can stream a huge amount of content directly on your TV.  In this article, we will consider the key features of the Fire TV Stick, that provide maximum opportunities for entertainment.

Access to YouTube Video Hosting

YouTube is an amazing media portal, and its appearance on Fire TV Stick makes many users happy. YouTube is one of the most in-demand information resources where content creators make huge financial investments to run targeted ads, buy YouTube subscribers and other activity metrics,  create collaborations with bloggers, etc.

There’s a huge concentration of narrowly focused experts from different niches from whom you can get concentrated, expert content. And it’s easy to access it from your TV by installing apps just like disney plus firestick. There are different variations of YouTube applications with unique features.

YouTube ATV is the basic program on which all others are based. The application is universal and has classic settings: the sections that the application offers are not customized, there is built-in music, a safe mode for viewing by children. It is not possible to read the comments, but it is possible to watch videos with subtitles. You can subscribe to a Premium subscription to watch YouTube without ads.

SmartTubeNext is another application that occupies a leading position among the users’ choices. The app allows you to sign in to your personal YouTube account. There is a built-in auto-frame rate that will ensure smooth playback and continuity of the picture. This is a good solution to enjoy the content in impeccable quality and without ads.

The next popular application is YouTube Vanced. Its main advantage is that you can write comments.

You should also pay attention to NewPipe app, which can be used without linking to a Google account. It has parental control in the form of disabling videos under 18 and potentially dangerous videos.

TV as a Free Movie Theater

With Fire TV Stick, you can easily navigate through huge catalogs of movies, TV shows and watch free video content. The following applications give you access to a wide range of content, most of which is free.

The king of online streaming today remains Netflix. The app works flawlessly on Fire TV Stick, showcasing a simple interface and smooth, fast video streams.

Cinema APK is an extremely popular movie app that has become mainstream. The content library is regularly updated with new releases. The app itself receives regular software updates, making it better over time.

CatMouse is one of the best free movie apps. It collects high-quality streams from the most popular sources on the internet.

CyberFlix TV offers a solid collection of movies and shows. Here you can sort content by genre, year, and mark videos as favorites for quick access.

BBC iPlayer is one of the most popular streaming services that allows you to stream almost all BBC content including movies, shows, documentaries, news, and more. The BBC itself is an incredibly popular television network with an exciting lineup of high-quality content.

Kodi is an app that has a simple, elegant user interface. With a variety of options for personal entertainment, you can choose what you like, from music to watching a variety of TV shows.

Full-Screen Video Calling Using Zoom

The new reality dictates new rules, people spend less time communicating live and more often organize their professional activities in the digital space: they promote their brand in social networks, create social proof to promote their services and buy real YouTube subscribers, conduct live broadcasts, and webinars. When people move a business to a remote format of work, they make other regulations for communicating with employees and use other services for communication.

One of the most popular and in-demand tools right now is Zoom.  The service is popular because of its ease of use and lack of unnecessary features. In Zoom, you can schedule meetings and share access to one screen, which makes it indispensable in today’s environment. It is possible to record a video conference and pause it at the right moments. Then the video can be sent to colleagues who were late for a video meeting or could not attend.

Fire TV provides videoconferencing capabilities and customers love the ability to communicate via video on the big screen. To enable Zoom on your TV, you need to set up your webcam and download the app. Once you log into your account, you will have access to all your contacts and all upcoming appointments.

Convenient Management With Alexa

The biggest innovation in Fire TV Stick is the Alexa integration. Alexa is a virtual assistant that responds to voice commands and performs user tasks. Alexa has occupied a niche as one of the best voice assistants with a wide range of features and has brought huge benefits to smart device control.

You can easily access the powerful voice assistant, Alexa, directly from your Fire TV device. It not only allows you to search for TV series, movies, games, pause, rewind content with one voice, but also provides additional functions: you can find out about the weather,  playback of music of a certain genre, add products to the shopping list, check the news, and much more.

On the Fire TV Stick, you can install any app easily thanks to Alexa. You can spend your time clicking through the interface and manually typing on the on-screen keyboard, but you don’t have to. Instead, just talk to Alexa. Alexa can respond to a voice command not only by voice but also visually. That is, the weather forecast is not only spoken but also displayed on the screen.

It can also perform more complex queries. For example, you can manage appointments in Google calendar or manage smart home devices. Alexa can help the user around the house like a little butler. Having such a device in a smart home, you can turn on the light, turn on the heating or open the garage door with just voice commands.

Alexa can work with you to make parenting easier. It can read them bedtime stories, play games, help with their homework using online resources.

Amazon fans can automate their shopping experience by letting Alexa know to place an order, sending delivery notifications, and even reordering their favorite items.

To sum up,  Fire TV Stick is the perfect way to get the most out of your media streaming device on your TV. Inexpensive price, small size, and access to a huge number of different services make it an excellent choice for most users.


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