OpenVPN Server: The Best Server & How to Set It Up

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This article answers OpenVPN server most frequently-asked questions.

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OpenVPN Server: Explained in Simple Terms

The Internet is expanding as we speak. The need for establishing secure protocols for Internet usage is rising daily.  This is due to the increase in cyber-attacks and harmful computer programs like viruses, malware, and spyware. Furthermore, several companies like Google and Amazon are constantly making deliberate attempts to secure the use of Internet for the average person.

OpenVPN server encryption protects your home

Before using OpenVPN server: Third parties, your ISP, and authorities can view your data

What’s the Best Way to Protect My Data?

The big tech giants are performing their part.  But do you know the best ways to safeguard the data on your computer?  One of the safest ways to connect to the Internet is simply by using the Internet via a reliable source, such as your home WiFi network.  However, this is not always possible since you might need to use the Internet on-the-go.  Or – your cellular data service provider might not offer you a high-speed Internet connection at the particular location. So, what do you do to access the Internet securely? You must use a VPN service.

The diagram below shows a typical OpenVPN server setup:

OpenVPN server diagram

This is a typical OpenVPN server setup to encrypt and make all your data private

Why is OpenVPN better than L2TP or PPTP?

Open VPN isn’t the only VPN protocol that enables sustained, fast, encrypted data transfer – but it’s the best.  There’s also a secure VPN protocol called L2TP, and one called PPTP.  Although personally, out of these long-lasting, reliable VPN protocols that allow you to create a secure remote connection, I prefer OpenVPN server technology (see how to set it up below).  OpenVPN seems to be the most reliable type of encrypted VPN connection.  By “most reliable”, I mean the connection quality is strong (the connection doesn’t drop hardly ever).  This is in contrast to the connection quality of PPTP or L2TP, which can be unreliable.  Fortunately, IPVanish offers all three – and focuses on OpenVPN.

OpenVPN server encryption Hides your IP address!

AFTER you connect your devices to an OpenVPN server, your Internet data is seen as coming from another location (instead of your home!)

What is an OpenVPN Server?

OpenVPN Server is one of the most popular open source software applications that allows you to create your VPN server. It was established over 16 years ago in 2001.  OpenVPN technology has been the first choice for developers and data security officers in the creation of a VPN network. The popularity of OpenVPN server relies on three essential characteristics Encryption, Authentication, and Security.


OpenVPN server is famous for using the OpenSSL library to create a comprehensive platform for the creation of a VPN network. The OpenSSL library is undoubtedly the most secure place to create your VPN network. The OpenSSL package consists of several ciphers that can be used to mask the IP address; hence, carry out the primary function of a VPN network.

How Do I Hide My IP Address?

To hide your IP address is to mask your identity while using the Internet.  Hiding your IP address is simple – just install IPVanish on all your devices.

OpenSSL software library also consists of an additional layer of security by the integration of a Firewall in its architecture. OpenVPN server harvests these qualities and also uses hardware acceleration techniques to optimize the performance of the VPN network.


When you use your VPN server to connect to other computing devices, you must also include a username & password combination for the other device to communicate with your server. Only then will your server become safe for use and hidden from the eyes of a potential hacker.

The “OpenSSL” software library allows the OpenVPN platform to use the advanced forms of password authentication to create a stable and secure network. Since the first launch of OpenVPN platform, it has seen several updates. After the big 2.0 update on the platform, OpenVPN connections can be established without the use of certificates. You are alllowed to connect multiple devices at optimum performance without the need of downloading certificates individually for every device.


The primary function of a VPN service is to offer a secure stream for data transfer to its users. The OpenVPN platform has several internal as well as external features that help you achieve the necessary security levels of data transmission. The primary security feature embedded into the source code of OpenVPN server is its 256-bit encryption using the OpenSSL software library.

With these security measures in place, you can now increase the performance of your Internet-based application by several folds. The custom security protocols in the platform allow you to add your levels of security without hampering the source code for efficient VPN services.

What is the best OpenVPN server?

IPVanish is one of the most popular VPN services currently available for use. The IPVanish VPN service helps you access unreliable networks with peace of mind. It also helps you connect multiple computing devices over a private network for data sharing. IPVanish also helps you cut down investment on data transfer cables because you can transfer the data over a wireless network securely with it. There are several VPN services available for use. However, only a few of them are reliable.

The top features of the IPVanish services include (but are not limited to)..

Secure Internet Connection

IPVanish not only helps you create a safe VPN network but also helps you secure the connection to Internet. With a secure Internet connection, your computer systems are no longer at the risk of spyware by a third party. A safe internet connection also helps you speed up the downloads and make use of Internet-based applications efficiently.

Traceless Web Surfing Facility

With IPVanish, you can browse the Internet without leaving an IP trace over the websites that you visit. This helps you keep your identity anonymous over various Internet sources. You can now visit your favorite websites without the risk of identity theft over the Internet.

Break Censorship Filters

Several data network providers filter your Internet usage experience using censorship filters. Often, you can see that you cannot access a website because “The website is not accessible in your region.” Using IPVanish, you can easily hide your IP; hence, enjoy the unfiltered version of Internet without regional restrictions.

Support for Multiple Devices

IPVanish is one of the most popular services since it has support for several devices. You can use the IPVanish application over a range of mobile and PC devices. After subscribing to the IPVanish services, you can access the Internet anonymously over five devices simultaneously. It also offers you unlimited bandwidth for Internet usage.

AES Encryption

The IPVanish service uses the state-of-the-art 256-bit AES encryption method.  This encryption method allows you to protect your data and identity over the Internet. You can now use your torrent files over the Internet without the risk of getting inspected by third parties!

How do I set up OpenVPN on all my devices?

You can set up OpenVPN on multiple devices at one time. It is easy to set up OpenVPN using our VPN tutorials or IPVanish’s step-by-step guides. You can also set up OpenVPN directly on your routers to secure your Internet connectivity. To do this, you can simply download the VPN server list from IPVanish after you sign up.

After this, you must upload the server list to your router’s “config” area (The admin panel of your router, which is usually accessed by typing into your browser) to access the VPN network.

Use my free YouTube tutorial video on How to Set up the $20 GLi Mini Router with OpenVPN:

Windows OpenVPN App

If you are uncomfortable in setting up VPN using these methods, you can also use client applications on Windows as well as Linux that carry out the same procedure automatically. After connecting to the VPN, you can now browse the Internet with peace of mind.

Where Do I Get OpenVPN Server?

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