The Best Software for Office TVs

In most parts of the world digital signage and screens are becoming increasingly important tools. We are all very familiar with them in retail settings, where they are used to tempt us into stores and to make us aware of special offers. They are also used similarly by gyms, clinics, and other face-to-face service industries. Bars, restaurants, and cafes also use them to share promos. Many of those types of establishments also put screens to use as digital menus.

Digital Screens Are No Longer Just for Retailers

So, it is safe to say that most retail or face-to-face service businesses now use digital signage, and it is something we are all familiar with. But did you realize that these screens are also increasingly being used by offices, warehouses, factories, and other types of businesses? Well, they are.

Digital screens are a highly effective way to share important information with staff. Many businesses are also now using them to inspire their teams and change company culture for the better.

Adapting Existing Digital Screen Packages for Use in an Office

This has become increasingly easy to do. Mostly because some of the biggest providers of digital advertising screens have actively adapted their products to better suit the needs of offices, factories, and other non-retail businesses.

Take for example Mandoe Media. Since 2010, they have been providing digital signage solutions for every type of retail outlet you can think of. Doing so across the world. Now, they have adapted what they offer and have reached the point where many of Mandoe Media’s digital signage features can easily be adapted for use in offices and other business environments.

If an office manager wants to display a meme to catch the attention of staff and inspire them, they can simply edit one of the built-in image templates. All they need to do is to upload an appropriate photo, change the text and send that image to the screen. With practice, it can take as little as 20 mins to create an eye-catching visual that the whole office can see and understand.

In many cases, the suite of software that is built into the screen or comes as part of the package is more than adequate. But some business users will want to do more with their screens. For this, all they need is the right software and a few pieces of inexpensive hardware. Here is an overview of some of the most popular addons businesses are investing in to enable them to get more out of their digital signage.

Use a Firestick to Easily Stream Your Content

In the past, it was necessary to plug a hard drive or computer into the screen via an HDMI cable. That was extremely expensive and unwieldy. If you wanted to change the images in a slide show, the wording of a safety sign you were displaying, or the short inspirational video you were showing it had to be done manually. Someone had to get up on a step ladder, take the hard drive or computer off the shelf, and do what was necessary.

Now, the content can be streamed to the screen. The Kodi Firestick is a great tool for this. You just need to set it up with the right type of cloud OS and follow the instructions they or Firestick provides. This 2-minute video shows you just how easy this is to do.

Software to Stop Screen Burn

Screen burn is less of a problem than it used to be, but even plasma screens that are left showing the same image 24/7 can end up with a hazy rendition of that image still being visible even after the screen has been turned off. Meaning that any new screen that is displayed will be slightly obscured by the screen burn. Most digital signage screens have anti-screen burn pixel shifting built-in. But if you are using a TV screen or an old school screen you will want to use a screensaver. Set it to come on every 30 mins or so to be on the safe side.

Apps to Help You to Create Content

The last item on our list is software that will help you to make compelling content. Most digital signage companies provide built-in functionality which enables you to easily create excellent still images. Then, set up slide shows of them, should you want to do so.

But if you want to create short videos or share performance data that is updated in real-time you will likely need other software. To find out about the best free video creation software, read this article.

If you want to share live-time performance data, you can stream an image of the relevant screen directly from the tracking program you are using. But that is not the only option. You can read about other approaches here.

The use of digital TVs in offices is still not widespread. As it is used more, better software and apps are sure to be developed.


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