Nvidia Shield No Sound? 8 SOLUTIONS to Fix it now!

Nvidia Shield

Are you having Nvidia Shield No Sound issues with your Nvidia Shield?

If “Yes” is your answer, then keep reading this. We’ll show you how to fix it without you sweating it out for solutions.

While some users of Nvidia Shield faced sound issues after pressing the power down option in the about section, others say they are unable to hear any sound when they start the system.

In many cases, rebooting also failed to solve the audio problem. So, we’ve come up with various solutions for unique situations. Check them out.

Nvidia Shield No Sound Problem: Fixing Process

Solution 1

  • Unplug everything and plug it all back in.  Plug it in, plug it in.

Solution 2

  • Disconnect your soundbar, if you are using one.

Solution 3

  • Check your TV. Sometimes, your TV sound may have died. So, hard reset your TV. It should work.

Solution 4

  • Check if you have connected your old Minix Remote control with Nvidia Shield. Connecting the two could somehow interrupt the sound on Nvidia Shield.

Some users say that the remote worked fine, but they didn’t have any sound. So, remove it, and everything should be fine. If the sound is not yet fixed at this juncture, open developer options in the settings and disable USB sound.

Solution 5

There is another way of checking if your system is using the correct settings. For this follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Display & Sound > Advanced > Surround sound. Toggle it to “Never” if it’s in auto. If it’s in “never already” toggle it from “never” to “auto back” to “never.”

Solution 6

If you are experiencing the audio issue immediately after you turned off the power of the Shield and then turn it on again, try this:

  • Disconnect HDMI cable from the Shield and plug in the HDMI back. Sound will come again.

Solution 7

Some users also reported issues while charging a controller via the USB port.

  • So, check out if you are charging the controller via the USB port. If that’s the case, I unplugged the USB, and the sound came back.

Solution 8: Mostly for Samsung TV owners.

  • If you are using Samsung TV and experiencing the sound issue, unplug and replug your media connectors at the media connector end. After that, restart your TV. This will fix the sound problem.

We hope one of these solutions fixed the audio problem for you. If not, please share with us your experience, and we’ll try to find a solution for your Nvidia Shield no sound issues.



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