Nvidia Shield Emulators: How to Play Retro Games on Shield TV

There is no gamer in the world who hasn’t tried playing the game on the go! Yes, Nvidia Shield is a device that lets you play your favorite retro game when you are on the move! For all the first time users of Nvidia Shield, we explain in detail the Nvidia Shield device and how to install and play Nividia Shield emulators and games on it, in this article.

In this guide:

Enjoy Your Favorite Games on Nvidia Shield – use this article to install Happy Chick emulator on Nvidia Shield, see how to Download games and even play games!  You can also use an app called APKTime to install HappyChick and RetroArch on Nvidia Shield TV.

Nvidia Shield is a portable gaming console. Nvidia released its first gaming console in 2013. Since then, we have a family of Nvidia Shield in the portable gaming console market. Now, not only games, we can even enjoy our favorite shows on this portable device.

History of Nvidia Shield

Nvidia Shield Portable

Nvidia Shield Portable

This is Nvidia Shield Portable

The first member of the Nvidia Shield family was called Shield Portable. This is where it all started!

The device was released in July of 2013 with a 5-inch screen for display that was attached to a gaming controller. It had the latest processor of that time – Tegra 4. It was powered by Android and focused mainly on Android games. It wasn’t much, but they decided to launch games meant for the device – Portal and Half-Life 2. Following the immense success, they started adding many games and eventually, Nvidia Shield could support most of the games available today.

They went ahead of this and added GeForce Now and NVIDIA Gamestream to the device. This has enabled the gamers to play the games they have on the Nvidia-powered PC.

The device has a very interesting feature called Console Mode. This will allow you to plug the device to a TV or a Bluetooth controller. Using this, you can play the game on the big screen. Now you can even stream apps like Netflix and watch your favorite show on the go! Shield has proven to be a unique device. It is not a phone nor a tablet, but in itself, it is a unique device.

Nvidia Shield Tablet

Nvidia Shield Tablet

This is Nvidia Shield tablet

After a year of glory for Shield Portable, Nvidia Shield Tablet hit the market with many more unique features.

First of all, the screen was larger with a full 8-inch screen meant for the enjoyment of gamers. Alongside this machine, Nvidia released a controller that was designed to go with the Tablet. So, whenever you want you can simply turn the device into a complete gaming machine or just a tablet. Another improvement was that the device could be connected using Wi-Fi Direct but not Bluetooth. This improved the gaming experience immensely alongside the powerful processor that went into the device – Tegra K1.

Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV

This is Nvidia Shield TV

This is totally different from a portable gaming device and tablet. You can say this is a set-top box that can be fitted in your living room. This is the most powerful device you can find in the Shield series that Nvidia has launched so far. Starting with the powerful processor Tegra X1, it has RAM of 3GB, you can choose between 500GB or a mere 16GB storage capacity, and many wireless options. Whether you want to play 4K Netflix series, YouTube Channels, or simply play a powerful game, Shield TV will not let you down.

In 2017, the latest version of the Shield TV was released with few tweaks. The SD card slot and the micro USB port were replaced with two 3.0 USB ports that could be used for storage expansion. You can also see a redesigned game and remote controllers.

All in all, we can safely assume that Shield TV is the best among all the Android-powered TV boxes available in the market today. So, look no further than Shield TV when you are buying an Android TV for your home.

How to Install and Play Nvidia Shield Emulators

Did you ever wish, in addition to watching movies and your favorite series, you could play your favorite PlayStation or Nintendo games on your Nvidia Shield? Well, your dream has come true! Now you can find a number of Nvidia Shield emulators that can be downloaded onto your Shield device and play all your favorite games to your heart’s content. In addition, you can play those retro games and relive your childhood’s fond memories.

What Are Emulators?

This is an example of an emulator, which allows us to play retro games on Nvidia Shield, PC, and other operating systems.

An emulator imitates a classic control. The emulator (see emulator on Wikipedia) is a mean you can use to play those classic games on your Nvidia Shield device. It translates the controls along with handling the audio and video outputs. You can even save the progress you have made in the game using the emulator. Emulators are fully legal so, you don’t have to worry about the copyrights. If you are worried about getting caught under the legal ray, you can download or buy games from the Google Play store.

The best emulator we can find on the internet is Happy Chick. It has games from over 18 consoles like Nintendo, PlayStation, PSP games, CrossFire, Sega, Super Nintendo, PS1 and so on. It gives a seamless gaming experience on your Nvidia shield.

We have noted down the steps that have to be followed while you install Happy Chick onto your Nvidia Shield device. The steps we have jotted down here is more or less applicable to all other emulators available.

Things you need while you are downloading Happy Chick emulator on Nvidia Shield:

  1. Nvidia Shield
  2. Sideload launcher
  3. Google Chrome browser
  4. A good internet connection

Steps to Install Nvidia Shield Emulators

  1. Install and launch the Sideload Launcher from your Nvidia Shield device.
  2. From the menu, click on the Google Chrome browser.
  3. In the Search box, type Happy Chick APK to search for an app to download.
  4. On the search results, you will find the official website of Happy Chick – www.happychick.hk.
  5. Click on the above-mentioned link to open the official website.
  6. On the website, you will see two buttons – Android Download and iOS Download.
    – Nvidia Shield plays Android app files (not iOS ones). So, you will have to click on Android Download Button.
  7. Now you will be prompted to select the app you want to download it with. Select the downloader that you want and click ‘Just Once’.
  8. After downloading is complete, a dialogue box appears asking you to Open Folder or Open File. click on Open File.
  9. You will get another dialogue box showing the properties of the apk. Click on Install.
  10. Next, you will see the apk asking you permission to access various things on your Nvidia Shield. Click on Next and then on Install.
  11. After the installation, click on Open.
  12. You will be taken to a Disclaimer page. Click on Agree.
  13. Congratulations. Happy Chick is successfully installed.

After the installation, you will be taken to the Happy Chick emulator homescreen. Here you can see all the games that you have access to under the option Games. These games are from various genres and of various gaming consoles.

Then you have the option Fight, where you can check out the Network Battle games that might interest you.

Next up, the option Play will have all the games that you will be downloading, ready to play.

The Manage option is where you will be able to sign up, manage your account, download and upload games, share games, etc. The most important thing about manage is, you can change the settings of the emulator. Here, you can even change the path where your games will be saved after downloading them. The best tip on saving a game is to save on the external memory. This way, you will save a lot of room on your internal memory. You can click on the Handle Button Scheme to change the gamepad settings for your easy gaming experience.

You can click on Category to browse through games that are categorically divided based on the gaming console. You can find the number of games that are available in each category by looking at the number displayed next to each one of the gaming console name.

How to download a game on Nvidia Shield device from Happy Chick emulator.

  1. From the home screen of Happy Chick, click on the search box.
  2. Type the name of the game that you want to install. Click on Search button available on the side.
    –  To improve your experience with Nvidia Shield, get a keyboard or mouse.
  3. You will get a lot of search results. Click on the green Download button available on the right side of the game you have searched for.
  4. Another dialogue box appears where you have to click on the download button again.
  5. Once the downloading process is completed, click on the Start button that appears in the place of the Download button.
  6. Play the game and enjoy!

If you want to change the controls of your gamepad that you use for gaming, you can do it inside the game as well. You can see a square button with four dots, in the bottom – middle of the screen. Clicking on that will take you to the settings page where you can find many options you can fiddle with.

How to Set Up Controllers in Happy Chick Emulator

N64 USB controller

Controller for retro games on Nvidia Shield emulators

You can change controller settings in Happy Chick settings as well. Let’s take a look at the steps that can help you to improve your gaming experience.

  1. Click on Manage option from the home page.
  2. Select Settings and click on it.
  3. Scroll down till you see the Handle Button Scheme option. Click on it.
  4. Hit the Check Handle Button Scheme option.  You can sometimes find that the settings are already preinstalled for you. But you can always change it to your likings in the main menu of Handle Button. We will show you how to set up the game controls on Nintendo 64 Gamepad.
    – First, connect your Nintendo controller to the Nvidia Shield device using the cable provided.
    – You can check if the controller is connected by going to the Settings option of your Nvidia Shield. Then, scroll down to the Remote and Accessories option to see the list of connected devices.
  5. Once you make sure your gaming controller is connected to the device, go back to Handle Button Scheme option in Happy Chick.
  6. Since we want to set up the Nintendo 64 Gamepad, click on N64.
  7. Now, you have to press each button displayed on the screen one by one, simultaneously tapping on the button you want to control it with on your Nintendo gamepad.
    – For example, select the L1 button on the screen, and then click on the same on your Nintendo gamepad.
  8. Continue until all the buttons are set as per your convenience of use and then go back to the home screen of Happy Chick to play a game!

How to Download a Retro Game?

ROMs for Nvidia Shield


First, you need a retro game emulator. And we know just the best one – RetroArch. This is easily available in the Google Play store from where you can download.

Pro Tip:  Get ROM files from https://romsmania.cc/.  We do not endorse or support playing copyrighted games!  Only download demos and public domain games.

Also, RetroArch uses a game controller. So, you need to connect and use a game controller.

  1. Move the ROM files (software version of the game) to the internal storage.
  2. Then open your RetroArch app. It will ask your permission to access and read the ROM files; grant the permission.
  3. ‘Next, download a Core (a plug-in) to use with RetroArch. This is available within the emulator under Load Core option. Click on Download Core to download it. Select the Core according to the system you want to use it with.
  4. After you have your Core downloaded, you need to have the RetroArch scan your ROM files.
  5. After the scan, come back to the home page and on the right, you will see all the icons of the scanned files.
  6. Move back to the left side of the home page to select input. And then, click on Menu Toggle Gamepad Combo. This is used to save all the game progress. You can use this option to change gamepad controls. In addition, you can change the graphics and video settings.
  7. When you are done with tweaking the settings to your desire and convenience, get back to the home page, move to the right over the scanned files, and click on the game that you want to play. Click on Run and then choose the Core you want the game to be played with. And hit Run again!
  8. Enjoy the retro game to your heart’s content and relive your childhood memories!

With Nvidia TV, you can play new games, enjoy your favorite TV shows, and relive those vintage gaming memories!


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