Nvidia Shield Emulator APK: How to Install in 2 Minutes

Looking for a good Nvidia Shield emulator APK?  We have it right here.  Below are the best emulators for Nvidia Shield with a download link for each one.

I personally prefer HappyChick emulator because it lets you download games temporarily to play on-the-fly.  Use the steps below to install HappyChick or ClassicBoy on Nvidia Shield TV.

Nvidia Shield Emulator APK Setup Guide

The sections below show you the 2 things you need to start playing games on your Nvidia Shield by using emulators:

How to Install Nvidia Shield Emulator APK

The steps below show you how to setup an emulator on Nvidia Shield.

Alternatively, you can download HappyChick emulator directly from their website.

  1. Install Puffin Browser from Google Play Store

    Puffin for downloading Nvidia Shield Emulator APK

    Use Puffin Browser to download and install Nvidia Shield emulators

  2. Use Puffin Browser to search for “classic boy apk pure“, go to APKPure, and download the APK file
  3. Press “back” on the remote or press the “B” button on the controller to display the Puffin Browser menu.  Then press “Start Page
  4. From the Start Page of Puffin Browser, go to Downloads
  5. Then select the “apk” file you downloaded
  6. Press Install
  7. Press Done
  8. Go back tot he Nvidia Shield home screen
  9. Under Apps, select “+” to add an app to the home screen
  10. Scroll down to “Classic Boy” and select it to add it to the Nvidia Shield home screen
  11. Select Classic Boy from the Nvidia shield home screen
  12. If the app asks to “Allow or Deny”, select “Allow” so that Classic Boy can download apps to your Nvidia shield.

How to Download Games for Nvidia Shield Emulators

  1. Go back to the Puffin Browser
  2. In Puffin Browser, search for “romsmania
  3. Go to Romsmania in the search results
  4. Search for a ROM

    Search Romsmania.cc for ROMS

  5. Download the ROM by pressing the green “Download” button
  6. Now launch ES File Explorer

    ES File Explorer Installs Kodi on Firestick

    Simply use ES File Explorer to manage your APKs and ROMs

  7. Go to “Download” in ES File Explorer under “Local”
  8. Select the ROM file you downloaded
  9. Press “Cut
  10. Now go to “Home” in ES File Explorer (the “Home” that DOES NOT have the icon of the House)
  11. Then go into the “classicboy” folder
  12. Now go into the Folder of the System you want to emulate
  13. Then select “roms
  14. Then “Paste” to drop the ROM you downloaded into the ROMs folder

You’re done!  Now just launch whatever game you downloaded.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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