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Nuclear App is a great pre-release app for desktops that acquires free music from SoundCloud, Bandcamp, and YouTube.

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Download Nuclear Streaming Music App

Download Nuclear for MacOS

  • After you click the link above, click on the file that ends in .dmg

or Download Nuclear for Windows

  • After clicking the link above, click on the file that ends in .exe


  • Great for music search and playing of music from YouTube( as well as combination with playlsts), soundcloud, and bandcamp (containing albums)
  • Best for searching of related songs on YouTube
  • YouTube Downloads
  • Albums searching (Powered by and musicbrainz), review of album, automatic song lookup according to the name of track and artist.
  • Great for song queue, which can be moved as a playlist
  • Loading saved playlists saved in json files
  • Scrobbling to (by the side of updating the “now playing” status)
  • New releases with reviews- albums and tracks
  • Check by genre

Based on its status as a pre-release, there will be a presence of bugs but what will be available is great, and serve as a free option to the desktop, Spotify App.

As soon as it is installed, you can decide to search for artists/albums/songs making use of the built-in search function or you can use the Genres section. Currently, the charts section is not working but the developer is currently working on the features and this could be a famous section for several users.

Defaut Music Source: YouTube

YouTube is the default music source but can be changed under the plugins section.

Addition of songs to your queue is quite easy when you have located the songs you are searching. All you need is to click on the preferred song and choose “add to queue” or you can choose “play now” if you want to listen to the song. Integration

Integration to enables you to login through the application and scrobble songs to your account. The Pre-release is excellent, and when the developer has concluded adding all the additional features, it would be an incredible desktop application for music enthusiasts.

I noticed an irritating bug, and this is searching of an album and clicking the Play button. The application seems frozen when you do this. The best way to avoid this is to add songs from the album by clicking and adding to the music queue. You can download the Nuclear App from GitHub with the use of this link (.exe for Windows, .dmg for MacOS)

Follow the developer on Twitter here.

The developer is also searching for means to highlight bugs, and you report issues on Github with the help of this link


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