NSA Admits to Illegally Collecting Citizens’ Private Data

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As the war for Internet privacy wages on, the NSA admits to illegally collecting citizens’ private data.

Recently, privacy for internet users and their data protection has been a serious debate in the United States. While these breaches have been going on for a long time, the public only became aware of it quite recently.

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They realized that the violations ranged from the government agencies to the internet service providers and they all keep tabs on their private conversations. This has led several privacy advocates to put in everything they have in order to make sure that every American gets back their internet freedom.


The case the federal court will hear soon is the NSA’s surveillance program which is about their collection of data unconstitutionally mostly from Americans communications on the internet.

The privacy and data protections will be restored fully for citizens who regularly go online if the case gets to be resolved.

This is because the National Security Agency blatantly ignored the all the various laws in place for data protection and have continued to collect and pile up data from the citizen’s internet usage.


This is a program called ‘Personal Record Information System Methodology’ The spy program makes use of this software to put together various identifiable personal information including names, addresses, it does this with the data it collects from private sources like text messages, phone communications and Emails.

The CIA and the FBI are not exempt in these violations as they also use this program that goes through every citizen’s private information without any warrant to back up their intrusion.


The software PRISM was first revealed by a concerned citizen termed whistle blower, Edward Snowden back in 2013. That was when the program was associated with few companies like Facebook, Google, Apple and Skype. These days it is most likely to include much more companies than it ever did before.


Although the government keeps insisting that it never uses PRISM to get citizens data, and only uses it to target international communication with the foreigners, but the hard truth remains that the software is mainly used as sort of a backdoor through which the government siphons people’s information and data into their archive.

This movement stands as a direct infringement of the United States government’s own Fourth Amendment.

We cannot give the accurate number of people who are affected by this violation because the government has flatly refused to make any comments on it.

It is common knowledge that the government never admits to spying on people with no warrant and because it has always been secretive so it allowed PRISM to escape the PUBLIC JUDICIAL REVIEW.

However, this is not news because the government is already known for not revealing information about their surveillance methods even when they use such methods to close a case or charge a person for a crime.

All of these have made the court hearing very important especially when the government admitted to spying on the people.


The case that brought all these to public light involved an Agron Hasbajrami, he is from Brooklyn and accused of giving material support to terrorists located in Pakistan. He pleaded guilty to one charge and this caused the government to reluctantly admit to having searched and read through his emails with no warrant issued.

The accused is supported by the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the American Civil Liberties Union who stand as friends-of-the-court. They support him because they feel that the spying was unconstitutional and while there is a thin line here, what the agent James Clapper did was immoral and completely against the law. No one should have the right to use security apparatus as a weapon mainly for political reasons. When this happens it is frightening.

When the court comes back in session, they will explain to the three-judge committee about the need for the government to obtain a warrant first before looking through citizens private data.


The 9/11 terrorist attack caused the spread of digital surveillance in the United States under the Bush administration; it was when the wire tapping without warrants began. The surveillance was governed by the (FISA) Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, found under the law termed Section 702.

The law allowed the government to intercept and tap into billions of communications internationally between other countries and Americans. They use the data gotten for other reasons not concerned with national security.

The “spyware” PRISM gives the government way too much power as it allows them to conduct back door searches to investigate the people. It remains the most controversial element of the spying program.

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