Here’s at least one working NoobsAndNerds Repo Mirror link.  Use this to install NoobsAndNerds Repo while NoobsAndNerds Repo is currently down.  This tutorial works equally well for both Kodi beginners and Kodi experts.

First, we give you the NoobsAndNerds Repo Mirror Link URL (directly below).  Then we show you exactly how to install it, how to use it, and what TVAddons you can install with NoobsAndNerds Repo.

If you’re not familiar with installing Kodi repos, then scroll down to the step-by-step tutorial below to install the NoobsAndNerds Repo mirror.

If you’re an advanced Kodi user (familiar with installing Kodi repositories), then use the mirror link below and the notes below it to setup Noobs and Nerds Repo.




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Here’s the NoobsAndNerds Repo Mirror link (this is what you add as a new Kodi source):

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After you’ve added the link above as a new Kodi source, browse to this folder: / v7/ addons/ repository.noobsandnerds/ (right after the “Install From Zip File” part of the tutorial below) and then select this file:

The address above will add the NoobsAndNerds Repo mirror link to Kodi (use the steps below).

NoobsAndNerds Repo Mirror (How to Install)

  1. From the Kodi home screen, go to System (the Gear icon in the top left corner in Kodi 17 Krypton).
  2. Then go to System Settings
  3. Now select “Add-Ons” from the left side of System Settings
  4. Then press “Unknown Sources” from the right side of the System Settings window.  This will turn on Unknown Sources, which allows us to install Noobsandnerds Repo Mirror in Kodi.  Kodi will ask if you want to continue (Yes or No) – press “Yes“.
  5. Now go back to the System menu (the Gear icon in the top left corner of the Kodi homescreen).
  6. Then select File Manager
  7. Now choose “Add Source
  8. Then select the box that says “None
  9. Enter the address
  10. Press “OK” to finish adding the address
  11. Now select the box that says “Enter a name for this media source
  12. Then enter the name “.noobs
  13. Press “OK” to finish adding the name
  14. Now select OK once more to finish adding the NoobsAndNerds Repo mirror Source.  You’re almost done!
  15. Go back to the Kodi home screen
  16. Select Add-Ons
  17. Then select the Package Installer icon.  The package installer icon looks like an open box in the top left corner (next to the System icon)
  18. Select “Install From Zip File
  19. Now choose the new source you added, “.noobs
  20. Select the “” folder
  21. Then select the “v7” folder.
  22. Now select the “addons” folder (not the “repositories!” folder – to install NoobsAndNerds repo mirror, select “addons“).
  23. Select the “repository.noobsandnerds” folder.
  24. Now choose the latest NoobsAndNerds zip file, which as of Monday August 08, 2022 is (released June 11th, 2017).
  25. Just wait and don’t press anything!  Kodi will display “noobsandnerds repository” Add-on enabled notification.
  26. At this point, you’re done installing the Noobsandnerds Repo mirror, but we’re not done using noobsandnerds to install TVaddons (which is the whole point!).  To install TVAddons with noobsandnerds, do these last few steps:
  27. Select “Install From Repository“.
  28. Choose “noobsandnerds Repository” from the list of Repositories.
  29. Then select “Video addons
  30. Finally, select “Elysium“, “Bob”, or any other great TVaddon!
  31. Install the Firestick VPN app if you’re on a Firestick to hide your IP address while streaming


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