How to Install Nexus Player XBMC Guide (+Kodi)

To install Kodi on Nexus Player is less than ideal, however it can be done!  The Nexus Player doesn’t allow sideloading of apps, so the Nexus Player XBMC install process basically forces us to install SPMC (Kodi’s cousin) from the Google Play Store in order to use Kodi (or “XBMC”) on our Google Nexus.  The Nexus Player doesn’t support hardware acceleration with XBMC / Kodi / SPMC, so we need to disable hardware acceleration for videos to play in XBMC without crashing.

How to Install Nexus Player XBMC

  • Open Google Play Store in the Apps area of Google Nexus Player.  Agree to the terms & conditions, then go back to the home screen.
  • Using a computer, open your browser and go to the Google Play store.
  • Make sure you’re signed in (in the web browser) as the same user you used to set up your Google Nexus Player
  • Find “SPMC” in the apps area of the Google Play Store (still in your computer’s browser)
  • On the SPMC app page, click Install next to the listing for the Nexus Player
  • Wait about 15 minutes for the Install to take place
  • Open SPMC by going to the right-hand most part of the Apps menu on your Nexus Player
  • Note:  It may take a minute or two for SPMC / XBMC to load up for the first time
  • After Kodi (aka XBMC, aka SPMC) launches, go to SETTINGS just below the SYSTEM menu.
  • Choose the “Video” tab
  • In the bottom left corner, modify the “Settings” level to be “Advanced“.
  • Select the “Acceleration” tab
  • Un-tick the “Allow hardware acceleration (MediaCodec)” choice.
  • Go back to the SPMC / XBMC home screen (aka “Kodi dashboard”).
  • Finally, use our easy step-by-step video guides to Install TV Addons so you can stream TV and Movies!  Take a quick look at to see What’s on Kodi & Netflix.

Nexus Player XBMC Installer

Nexus Player XBMC / Kodi Hardware Acceleration

Hardware acceleration doesn’t work in Kodi on the Nexus Player, so you must disable it using the steps above.  Otherwise, SPMC will crash every time you go to play a video.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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