National Waffle Day USA. History Of The Holiday, Interesting Facts

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Lovers of flour and sweets celebrate American Waffle Day. It turns out that this simple, but beloved by millions of people around the world is dedicated to as many as two holidays: in addition to the American, there is also the International Waffle Day, celebrated on March 25.

The difference between the American version of this beloved dessert is that they are not the crispy plates that we are used to, but the checkered cookies, which are cooked in a special double pan. When is National Waffle Day: International Waffle Day in the US, is celebrated on August 24th.

The main differences are exactly the American waffles:

–       The dough is made with milk and baking soda (unlike yeast dough for European waffles);

–       Waffles are puffy and soft to the touch, do not crisp, and look like puffins;

–       Square, small in size;

–       Have a characteristic honeycomb lattice pattern;

–       Baked in a special double-wafer pan – “double pan”;

–       Served with cream, syrups, ice cream, berries, and jam.

National Waffle Iron Day

American waffles also differ from their foreign “sisters” in appearance: they are thin and square in shape. Exactly to the shape of waffles (or rather, to the square device for making them) and associated with the date of the holiday.

On August 24, 1869, Cornelius Swarthout, a resident of Troy, New York, received the nation’s first patent for a special waffle pan. It consisted of two parts (bottom and lid). The pan had to be turned so that the waffles would bake evenly.

With the appearance of this device, the popularity of waffles grew and they began to be actively cooked not only at home, but also in public catering facilities. In America, there is even a chain of restaurants called “Waffle House”, whose menu is based on waffles, of course.

Their waffles even encourage sports brands. Adidas has teamed up with a famous restaurant to release waffle-inspired sneakers.

The first electric waffle maker appeared in 1911. And in 1971 one of the founders of Nike, Bill Bowerman, used his wife’s waffle iron to experiment with rubber soles for running shoes.

As a result, Nike patented comfortable, cellular-soled running shoes. So, waffles are not only a tasty treat but also an engine of progress.

Belgian Waffles In The 1960s

In Belgium, waffles are popular street food. We cannot say that there is an exact and only recipe for Belgian waffles, there are many variations.

In Belgium, different ingredients are used to make waffles, which significantly affect the taste of the finished product, one thing in common is that they are always thick, as they are cooked with a leavening agent, or with yeast. This version is closer to the classic version.

The incredible popularity of wafers is associated with their unforgettable taste, ease of preparation, and uncomplicated recipe. Waffles spread all over the world, covering all continents, and fell in love even in countries where culinary traditions and habits are strong.

For example, one of the most successful Belgian Waffle Co. companies was created in India and has been operating and developing since 2015. Products are in incredible demand and have successfully conquered the international arena.

Belgian soft waffles are usually served with a sweet addition, it can be maple or other syrup from jam, powdered sugar, honey, jam, hot chocolate, whipped cream or sour cream, condensed milk, or ice cream scoop. It is usually garnished with a berry and a mint leaf.

But it is quite a self-sufficient dessert, which will be delicious in its pure form. The dish can be made on a Belgian waffle iron.

Features Of Belgian Waffle Makers

Belgian waffle irons are designed for baking waffles in the traditional American style. They are thin, mostly rounded. Ice cream lovers will especially like them because they roll up into cones.

A cone-shaped product is often added to the set for this purpose. You can also wrap them in tubes and fill them with any filling. This can be fresh fruit, sweet cream, flavored jam, or homemade jam.

Nowadays, it is very easy to make waffles at home for breakfast. And to simplify the work and make cooking quick and enjoyable, you can use modern kitchen gadgets.

One of these is Alexa, which reminds you to buy products for waffles, tells you the recipe, and helps you convert the unit of measure. And voice control will allow you not to be distracted while cooking.

A few minutes after cooking, baked goods noticeably harden, so you need to have time to give them the desired shape at once. The cells in these models, respectively, are small, although all kinds of patterns and drawings are also performed on the surface.

The dough is baked evenly and quickly, forming a crust on both sides. Also, waffle makers are necessarily endowed with non-stick coating, thanks to which a thin layer is easily separated from the surface.

Waffle Thickness

Given the variety of waffles listed above, be sure to pay attention to the height of the walls. The container will need to be completely filled with dough, so it is easy to orient, what will turn out the cakes, just by looking at the device.

Some are as flat as possible; others are puffy on the contrary – choose the ones that will be to your and your family’s liking. If you haven’t found your perfect waffle recipe yet, check out the Ares Cookbook.

You will appreciate thousands of recipes and lessons from world-famous chefs, and your culinary skills will definitely improve.

Different Waffle Shapes

In addition to the usual round and square waffles, there are more original specialized options that allow you to make baked goods in unusual shapes.

A dessert made with them will be a spectacular addition to the table and will always surprise guests. They come in a variety of forms:

·       Hearts;

·       Triangles;

·       Petals;

·       Flowers.

Such models are especially in demand for gifts for loved ones, and will not leave indifferent girls who love to decorate dishes beautifully. Children and adults can please with products that are made with platforms, which are depicted with beautiful drawings and patterns.

Waffle makers are mainly distinguished according to the type of waffles baked on them. Today there are models for Viennese, Belgian, thin waffles, and universal devices. The latter includes devices with interchangeable panels for different types of baking.

You can bake the waffles until you reach the desired level of browning. In this way, the waffles can be baked from a golden yellow color to a crispy brown crust.  After a few minutes of cooking, the baked goods will noticeably harden, so you should have time to give them the desired shape right away.

The cells in Belgian waffle makers are correspondingly small, although all sorts of patterns and designs are also made on the surface. The dough is baked evenly and quickly, forming a crust on both sides. Also, waffle makers are necessarily endowed with non-stick coating, thanks to which a thin layer is easily separated from the surface.


On National Waffle Day USA, restaurants and coffee shops have a large influx of people, and tables are booked in advance. On this day, all Americans make waffles everywhere, all over the United States. All sorts of local festivals, fairs, and celebrations are held.

People also celebrate National Waffle Day 2022 with their families, eating lots of baked waffles and drinking sweet tea with it all. American waffles are distinguished by their shape and pattern, which resemble a bee honeycomb.

Currently, waffles are the national dish of the United States, which every visiting tourist should try.

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