N64 Emulator for Fire TV List – Find Best Options for Gaming

Do N64 Games Play on FireTV?

This is a 2-section answer: Most of them – No. Some of them – Yes.

The Best N64 Emulator for Fire TV: Mupen64plus

N64 emulator for Fire TV quick guide

Get an N64 Emulator for Fire TV!

Mupen64plus is the best N64 emulator for Fire TV, hands down.

The Nintendo 64 had some truly good animations which are hard to render at any satisfactory pace on a FireStick. Thusly, some Nintendo 64 recreations take a shot at FireTV and most don’t. One of the recreations we tried that worked entirely well (to our lovely amazement) was Mario Kart 64. I could really play the game well with an OUYA Wireless Controller.  Using Mupen64plus as our N64 emulator for Fire TV, Mario Kart played like a dream.

Step by step instructions to Improve FireStick Emulator Performance:

The FireStick running N64 emulators will deliver bunches of warmth. So you might need to utilize a USB smaller than the usual fan to clear a portion of the warmth out from the FireTV unit.

N64 Games that DO work with Emulators for Fire TV:

Get an N64 Emulator for Fire TV or get the cartridge for only $499!

Buy Mario Kart 64 for $499, or Play free with an N64 emulator for Fire TV

We tried a couple of modest bunches of N64 amusements on the FireTV stick utilizing the RetroArch emulator. These are the ones that worked. Most prominently, Mario Kart 64 worked!  The Mupen64plus N64 emulator for fire TV truly works!

  • MarioKart64 (functions admirably – sound falters at times)
  • This most loved will really play utilizing RetroArch on a FireStick.
  • Starfox64 (functions admirably – butterflies once in a while)
  • Duke Nukem 64 (sound nerves sometimes, however, framerate is quick)
  • Bomberman Hero (Seems moderate, however works!)
  • Yoshi’s Story (Audio nerves, yet amusement is playable)
  • N64 Games that DO NOT work with Emulators for Fire TV:
  • Bomberman The Second Attack (Won’t begin)
  • Diddy Kong Racing (Won’t begin)
  • Mario Party (Too moderate)
  • Mario Party 2 (Too moderate)
  • Super Smash Bros (FPS too low)
  • Goldeneye (FPS too low)
  • Bomberman 64 (Does not begin)
  • Impact Corps – Exits the ROM utilizing Mupen64plus

What SNES games work on FireTV?


What other systems can FireTV emulate?


Mapping controller buttons with Mupen64 AE:

Go to Settings -> Advanced -> Accessibility and choose the “Big-screen mode” option. Then go back to Settings -> Input -> Controller to map your buttons using the alternative mapping screen.

Controller to use for N64 emulation on Fire TV (Stick):

OUYA Wireless controller.

Emulator to use for N64 emulation:

Mupen64 AE

How do I install Mupen64 AE emulator on Fire TV Stick?

See Installing N64 Emulator on Fire TV Stick.

Systems emulated by FireTV:

  • N64: Mupen64 AE, N64oid, CoolN64?
  • SNES: SNES9x
  • NES: NES.emu
  • GBA: GBA.emu
  • Sega: MD.emu
  • PSX: FPse, ePSXe
  • MAME: RetroArch

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