Top 5 Movies With A Gambling Theme

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Films about casinos have a particular grasp, tension, and atmosphere that amazes people. And if online casino games interest you a lot, you can even learn something from such movies.

Before you pick some top 10 casino online NL, experience the magic of the gamblers’ world with five incredible movies with the casino theme. The following films are the most beloved ones among many viewers and players.


The first film on our list is Casino. You would fall in love with the cast, the story itself, and Martin Scorcese’s masterful directing. The movie was shot back in 1995, and since then, diverse critics have shared their positive reviews of the Casino film. This top-notch criminal drama is also based on a novel, making it even more exciting to watch.

Get ready for the brilliant acting of Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, and Joe Pesci. By the way, it’s not the first time you can see this striking duo — De Niro and Pesci. This couple played together for the first time in Mean Streets (1973), and there were some more collaborations throughout the actors’ careers.

What would you see on the screen: a luring world of casinos, mafia business, action scenes, clashes with a mob, and tons of curse words. Enjoy the movie!

Cincinnati Kid

Old but gold! The Cincinnati Kid movie by Norman Jewison is one of the best films about poker. Thus, if it is something you like playing — don’t skip that piece of art.

The film was shot in 1965, yet it is interesting to watch the story. There is a young man named Eric the Stoner or, as gamblers call him, “The Kid” in the plot’s center.

The movie revolves around The Kid, who wants to gain the reputation of a high-class poker player. As it always happens, there is an antagonist in the film — Lancey Howard or “The Man” — and Eric has to beat him. By the way, Steve McQueen plays the leading role in the Cincinnati Kid.

What would you see on the screen: Cincinnati Kid is about gambling, friendship, the moral side of a person, and the power of ambitions. Some may think that the film is somewhat naive, with cliche characters and lots of drama. But hey, it’s still iconic stuff.


An intriguing movie with a simple title that hints at the gambling theme will be interesting for the high rollers and new players. Robert Luketic shot the movie in 2008. Three magnificent actors are at the story’s center: Jim Sturgess, Kate Bosworth, and Laurence Fishburne. The film gives a twist to the idea of the American Dream.

The main character, Ben Campbell, wants to become a doctor, and for this, he needs to enter Harvard University. Here’s where the problem appears: a guy needs money.

Knowing that he’s good at calculations and logical thinking, he soon becomes a member of a group of students who plan to use their skills to win at casinos. They practice and win more with every time. Sure, it won’t last forever.

What would you see on the screen: it’s not a made-up story — it really happened in the United States between 1979 and 1993. The members’ technique of card counting shifted to the movie as well.

Ocean’s Eleven

A well-known action movie about the casino robbery arrested viewers’ hearts worldwide. Ocean’s Eleven is a stylish, bright, and full of action scenes movie. There’s nothing strange about such a success: in addition to a catching story, you also get a top-notch cast, including George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, and others.

The story occurs in Las Vegas — the motherland of night casino life. Danny Ocean is the main character who got out of jail and returned to his business.

Together with Danny’s crew, they decide to rob three casinos. During almost two hours of Ocean’s Eleven, you will not get tired of action, flawless acting, and gambling.

What would you see on the screen: in addition to a gorgeous cast, there is everything a good action movie needs: casino games, love affairs, hilarious jokes from the characters, and adrenaline-driving scenes.


The Rounders movie is also a little old movie. However, it is a worthy one for sure. It was filmed in 1998 by John Dahl. In the plot’s center, a poker player named Mike McDermott.

Sometimes you lose everything, and that’s what happened to Mike. And now, he wants to quit gambling once and forever and focus on education. Yet, that’s not as easy as it may seem.

The main character’s friend gets back from jail and has to pay debts. Otherwise, the consequences will be too bad to imagine.

Thus, McDermott agrees to help his friend out by doing what he can the best — playing poker games. Find out whether they managed to do everything planned after watching this absolute classic.

What would you see on the screen: you will enjoy Rounders if you like playing poker. Besides, Matt Damon and Edward Norton are in the leading roles, which is fantastic.

Enjoy the movies from the list! Casino, Cincinnati Kid, 21, Ocean’s Eleven, and Rounders would leave you with a sweet taste of excitement and a desire to try more casino games. The films mainly serve as entertainment. However, you can get some gambling wisdom from them as well.

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