The Most Common Media Player Bugs


It’s hard to imagine our life without media players and the videos that we are all used to watching daily. Each of us applies various devices to play videos and get informed about different issues that are the biggest concern for us.

With the help of the media, we get immense knowledge on various subjects. It helps us to prosper at work and have better performance in college or university. Even being overwhelmed with assignments and tasks, students find time to watch blogs using special media players.

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Media Player Errors and Their Solutions

Do you often have to deal with media player issues that sometimes take a lot of time and energy to solve? Many video-related problems can make our life miserable, especially when we expect to see a clear picture in the video of our wedding day or the most special moment in life.

But all we see is the blurry and jerky video instead, which makes us upset. Or, when playing video games, we all enjoy watching the graphics and the beauty of the scenery that is so frequently presented in many games. But what if the quality of the picture disappoints us?

Of course, there are such sources as Kodi 19.3 Matrix with its updated version, which can deal with many bugs to make streaming more convenient and pleasing. Look through the most common media-related problems and some effective ways to deal with them.

Choppy and Blurry Video Playback

Getting blurry video playback is one of the most common problems we all encounter from time to time. It may get on your nerves when you have to play the video on a very important occasion or a meeting, but what you got is the jerky picture which makes everybody upset to watch.

The issue can be with any of your recorded videos. Anything can cause such inconvenience, from corrupt SD cards, camera glitches to outdated media players. First of all, you should update your drivers to improve the situation and make things work properly. If the issue doesn’t resolve, use special apps which you can easily find online to fix the blurry and choppy videos. 

Corrupted Video Files

Do you often get corrupted video files? It can frequently happen if you use not very secure or unreliable recovery apps, especially the free ones, to recover your video files. If your videos are already corrupt, the recovery software can restore them.

However, it won’t provide a special repair. Of course, you will be able to manage it once or twice. Use the professional repair software that can repair several corrupt video files stored in any drive or media. 

Videos Playing Slowly

Does sluggish media make you frustrated? Especially when they play very slowly and take your time to buffer, making the video playing experience upsetting. The problem can be in anything. The Internet might be working slowly, and the videos require more speed.

The browser or computer problems also affect the quality of the media you are playing. Make sure the video file itself works efficiently without errors. Once you notice such problems with playing your videos, you should fix the browser first by deleting the cache and temporary files.

Next, you can update the video card drivers or disable hardware acceleration through settings. Try to increase the speed of your Internet if all other options don’t help. 

Macbook Crashes When Playing YouTube Videos

Have you faced such a problem when your MacBook freezes while watching YouTube videos? And you couldn’t do anything as it became irresponsible. An updated browser can solve this problem and make YouTube videos play smoothly without any bugs.

All you need is to install the latest Adobe Player and a non-stoppable high-speed Internet connection. If you lack any of these elements, the errors with the YouTube videos won’t be excluded. You can also disable the plugins in Safari to make the problem solved. 

Black Screen

One more bug which makes us disappointed while watching the video is the black screen. The problem can be missing codec, read/write errors, outdated video driver, or format changes.

To manage this issue, you should find out the real cause and start taking measures to solve the problem. The main suggestion which has all chances to help is reinstalling the media player or the latest driver.

No matter what difficulty you may encounter, remember there will always be means with the help of which you can settle it down to make your media available with adequate quality and functioning.

Therefore, make sure you start dealing with it as soon as you recognize the problem. Such an approach would enable you to prevent collateral mistakes or serious consequences, which may require more effort to work upon. 


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