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The Morphix TV Firestick app is a new Firestick movie app with a simple interface that you should check out right now!

The Morphix TV Firestick app looks similar to the old Morpheus TV app (or even “Morph TV, a separate app entirely). Although the author insists that MorphixTV is all original.

Either way, Morphix TV lets you stream all the popular and trending movies you’d ever want to stream.

There are three ways to install Morphix TV on Firestick, Fire TV, and Android devices:

Quick Links for Pro Users to Install MorphixTV in a Flash:
  • Morphix TV 1.5 APK:
  • Morphix TV FileLinked Code:  66575558
  • Morphix TV is available in APKTime as well (install process shown in the video on this page and in the written tutorial below!)

If you want to watch movies on your firestick, then this app is for you!

Go ahead and watch this Youtube tutorial video to install Morpheus TV on your firestick right now:

And by the way, this also works on Android devices as well.

What is Morphix TV?

I’ve been checking out the Morphix TV Firestick app today – it’s a new app for streaming movies on firestick and Android.

It looks pretty solid!  Let’s take a look at it.

I’m going to show you all about this new app.  In the video and written tutorial on this page, I show you how to install Morphix TV app.

There are a few different ways to install this app.  My preferred method is to use APKTime, which is what I’m going to show you in this video.

But you can also use the Downloader app to install this.  The Morphix TV APK download URL is

How to Install Morphix TV on Firestick (3 Easy Methods)

In the first section below (Method 1), I show you how to install Morphix using APKTime.

You can also use the Downloader app to install Morpheus TV using Method 2 (below).

Or if you have FileLinked, you can go ahead and just use this code in Filelinked:  66575558

(I also have some other great apps for firestick in that FileLinked code as well!)

Method 1:  Install Morphix TV on Firestick Using APKTime

  1. From the Firestick home screen, go to the “search” icon in the top left corner
  2. Then search for the word “downloader”.  (I use the voice button on my Firestick voice remote)
  3. Then in the search results, we see the app “downloader”.  Press “downloader

    Install the Downloader app

    This is the icon for the Firestick Downloader app

  4. Press “Download” or “Get”
  5. Then press “Open
  6. Press “OK
  7. Enter this address:

    Enter the address into Downloader

    Enter a file address into the Downloader app

  8. Wait for APKTime to download.  Then press INSTALL

    Google Play Store Install button

    Press INSTALL

  9. Launch APK time by pressing “OPEN
  10. Select the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner of the screen
  11. Search for “morphix
  12. Press the “Download” buttonMorphix TV Firestick APK
  13. Wait a few seconds or minutes for Morphix TV APK to download
  14. Press “InstallMorphix TV install on Firestick
  15. Then press OPENMorphix TV Firestick
  16. Press the “OKAY” button when you see the ChangeLog

Method 2:  Install Using Downloader

Just use the steps above (in the “How to Install Morphix TV on Firestick Using APKTime” sections).

But stop at Step 7 above and instead enter the address

Method 3:  Install Using FileLinked

  1. Install FileLinked for Firestick
  2. Enter my FileLinked code: 66575558
  3. Select the Download icon next to Morphix TV
  4. Press “Install”
  5. Press “Open”
  6. Enjoy MorphixTV (not to be confused with Morpheus TV)!

How to Use MorphixTV

The Morphix TV home screen has three options:

  • Movies:  Has 2 subcategories – Trending and Popular
  • TV shows:  Currently not working
  • Settings:  Advanced options

Just select an option from the home screen.

Then select a movie.

Finally, press “PLAY” and enjoy.

Notes about Morphix APK

Morphix TV Shows?

The “TV shows” section is not currently operating.  If we press that it says “coming soon”.

Morphix TV Movies

But I did check out the Movies category – this is pretty solid.  It has two subcategories: trending and popular.  Let’s go to Trending and you can see we have some trending movies.

How to Search for Movies in Morphix (formerly Morpheus TV)

By the way, in the far top right corner is the “Search” icon.  That’s pretty important, because otherwise you only have access to whatever movies are displayed in the “Browse” area of Morphix.

Anyway, it’s not really easy to see if the “Search” icon is highlighted or not.  So what you’re going to have to do is..

  1. Move the cursor to the movie in the top right of the screen.
  2. And then press the up button on the firestick remote.
  3. Then press the right button on the firestick remote.
  4. That should highlight that search icon!
  5. Now we can press the center button on the Firestick remote.

That should press the search icon.

What kind of movies are in Morphix TV?

From the Youtube video:

I’m just going to search for a movie and see if it’s in here.  It looks like this app Morphix TV has a somewhat limited selection of movies.

It really has newer movies.  If you want an app that has a broader selection of movies, then I recommend UnlockMyTTV or something like that.

Just look on my Youtube channel for the latest videos.

That’s pretty much it for this Morphix TV app.

Other than the trending category, we have Popular.

Morphix Advanced Settings

Let’s go to settings in MorphixTV.

  • General
  • Player
  • UI
  • Theme

How to Set Morphix TV to Go To “Trending” Movies Category on Start Up

Here’s a cool little setting in the Morpheus TV app.

If you go into the General category in “Settings”, there’s “open trending category upon opening app” option.

I actually think that’s a good option, so I’m going to turn that option on.  This way, when we open Morpheus TV, it is going to go straight to trending movies.

That should save me one or two clicks.

How to Launch Morphix TV

  1. Hold down on the Home button on the firestick remote
  2. Then go to Apps
  3. Scroll down to the far bottom of this list of apps.
  4. Press the center button on Morphix TV Firestick app.

Morphix TV Screenshots

Morphix TV Home screen

Home screen of Morphix TV

Morphix TV v1.5 Changelog


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