Morpheus TV 2024 APK: How to Install on Android and Firestick

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Here’s how to install Morpheus TV 2024 APK on your Android phone / tablet.  To watch the YouTube video I made on how to install Morpheus TV 2024 APK, scroll down and watch the video!

TIP:  To download the Morpheus TV APK (v1.55 for 2024), click here or enter into your browser.  Or to install some great alternatives to Morpheus TV, see my Top 10 Firestick Apps video & written tutorial.

First, we install DroidAdmin (aka FileLinked) on your device because we use FileLinked to download Morpheus TV in a later step.

After we install DroidAdmin (aka “FileLinked”), we enter a code into FileLinked to download Morpheus TV APK.

Finally, we install Morpheus TV, watch a movie, and customize a setting to change the way Morpheus TV handles sources.  Here’s how:

How to Install Morpheus TV 2024 APK on Android

  1. Open the web browser on your Android device
  2.” into the address bar
  3. Wait for your device to download DroidAdmin (aka FileLinked).
  4. Then Open the file to start the process of installing Droidadmin (aka FileLinked)
  5. When your Android phone asks if you want to install the application, press “Install
  6. After the app is finished installing, press Open
  7. Now that FileLinked is open, press the box that says “Your Code
  8. Then enter the code 28221931
  9. Now press Continue
  10. After FileLinked displays the list of apps, press the Download icon next to Morpheus 1.55.
  11. Wait for the Morpheus TV installer to download
  12. After Morpheus TV is done downloading, press the “Play button” icon to launch the Morpheus TV installer
  13. If your phone says something about allowing the installation of apps from an unknown source, just press “Settings“.  Then turn on the switch that says “Allow from this source
  14. Now press the “Back” button on your Android phone.
  15. Then press the “Install” button to install Morpheus TV 2024
  16. Wait a few seconds for your phone to install Morpheus TV on your Android phone
  17. When the installation is complete, press “Open” to launch Morpheus TV

You’re done with the Morpheus TV 2024 install process!

If you prefer to watch my Morpheus TV YouTube video instead, here it is:

Now, just use Morpheus TV to stream movies and TV shows.

How to Use Morpheus TV

To use Morpheus TV, we basically just use the “Movies” or “TV Shows” buttons on the home screen of the Morpheus TV app.

Select a Source in Morpheus TV

So, let’s watch a movie now in Morpheus TV:

  • The “Movies” area in the Morpheus TV home screen takes us to a list of all the Categories from which we can select a movie
  • After you select a Category of Movies in Morpheus TV 2024, just select a Movie by pressing on its icon
  • As Morpheus TV 2024 starts gathering Sources, you see the Sources displayed on your screen.
  • Select the source with the lowest “time” (for example, if Morpheus TV shows 2 sources with load time of 655ms and 1217ms, choose the one with 655ms)
  • Enjoy your movie / streaming TV show!

Morpheus TV Tips

We recommend that you go into the Morpheus TV Settings area and turn on “Automatically select source”

  • From the Morpheus TV home screen, press Settings
  • Then select Sources
  • Now turn on the switch that says “Automatically select source”

Morpheus TV Firestick

Install Morpheus TV on Firestick using this video:

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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