A Manual to Mirror an IPad to a Firestick

It is a common choice of the users to bring in the content of an iPad over the TV screen to have the absolute experience in their free time. However, previously it has been difficult for those who don’t have Apple TV, but now it is very convenient even without Apple TV

You can connect your iPad to the Firestick by using a third-party receiver app, and here starts your voyage towards the flawless experience. 

Thus, we will guide you through the setup step by step. Adding more to it, we will assist you in setting up without internet connectivity. 

Mirror an iPad to a Firestick

Note that you cannot mirror your iPad directly to the Firestick. Thus, for doing so, you will need to use an intermediary app to connect your iPad to the firestick. You have a choice of the Amazon Airplay receiver app. However, you will need to ensure the following important points:

·      Ipad and Firestick are linked with the same Wi-Fi network. 

·      The iOS version of your Ipad is 9 or above it. 

 To download the Airplay receiver app, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Connect your Fire TV to the internet; otherwise, you cannot download the application.
  2. Go to the home screen of your Fire TV device.
  3. You will need to press right on the remote until you reach the Apps section. 
  4. Long press on your remote to enter the app sections and use the directional pad to find an app of your interest. Here you have to look for the Airplay receiver app ‘AirScreen.’
  5.  After you see the app highlighted, press the center button of the directional pad. 
  6. Finally, wait for the app to download and launch. 

It is now your receiver app, so you can conveniently initiate the iPad mirroring. 

For mirroring your Ipad on your fire TV, the following are the simple steps:

1)    First, open the Airscreen application.

2)    You will see a prompt to scan a QR code when you use it for the first time. It is to connect your iPad to the Fire TV.

3)    Select open in chrome when prompted.

4)    You will now receive a prompt to initiate the screen mirroring capability on your IPad. 

5)    From the upper right corner, swipe down to open the control center and select screen mirroring.

6)    Select the device to start mirroring your device. 

Finally, your iPad screen will display on the Fire TV.

Mirror an iPad to a Firestick without Wi-Fi 

Sometimes we may face some Wi-Fi issues, and following the process mentioned above, you cannot connect your iPad to the big screen. But, you don’t need to worry. There are two options to connect to your TV without using Wi-Fi. 

1.    By Using an HDMI Cable:

 For this option, all you need is an AV lightning adapter. You will need to plug the adapter into your iPad, and then you can easily connect it to your TV by using an HDMI cable. However, these adapters are slightly expensive. But comparing its convenience, I recommend you invest in it as it will ease your life. 

2.    By Using AirPlay Peer-to-Peer Feature 

 It is through Bluetooth pairing and a straightforward process.

1)   First, disconnect your iPad and Fire TV from Wi-Fi.

2)   Forget the Wi-Fi network of both devices.

3)   Turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of both devices.

4)   Restart the devices.

5)   You will now see an option ‘connect to Fire TV’ on the iPad’s screen.

Keep in mind that it may take several minutes to establish the connection for the first time. So, don’t worry about the time!

Mirror an iPad to a Firestick With Airplay

 You can now conveniently stream from an iOS device to another device by using a third-party receiver app. All you require to do is install an app like ‘AirScreen,’ and you are good to go. 

You will need to ensure that both of your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, and that your iPad features iOS 9 or above in it. 

You have to make sure that AirScreen is present in your Fire TV.

Follow the instructions to download it to your device.

1)    Ensure that your Firestick has an active internet

2)    Move to the home screen of the TV.

3)    Press right on your remote until you reach the Apps section

4)    You will need to press and hold the apps on your remote and find they7 AirScreen app using a directional pad. 

5)   Then, press the center button to select the app.

6)   Press on the ‘get’ option using the center button.

Once it is on your TV, you can easily connect your iPad to the TV.

Open the AirScreen app.

When you connect it for the first time, you will see a prompt of QR code.

Open it in chrome, and you will see the prompt of screen mirroring in your iPad

By swiping up your iPad, you will get access to the control center, and then you can select screen mirroring.

On your Firestick, select your iPad to mirror.

To Conclude:

Through the iPad, you cannot connect directly to the TV screen. We have given you a comprehensive guide to connect through the third-party intermediary application to have a flawless experience and enjoy your leisure time. 

The connection established via AV lightning adapter is more stable than the peer-to-peer Bluetooth connection. However, we know that sometimes our internet may be very low and there can be no internet. In that case, we have facilitated you with the two options that can efficiently work without the internet. 

We are hopeful that this article will assist you in connecting your iPad to the Firestick TV. 

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