In this video and written product review, we show you the Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse (“Wedge” Model) and how to use it to control Kodi on Amazon Fire TV.  For the week after Christmas of 2016, we’re giving away one of these Bluetooth mice. Then every week after that, we’ll be giving away something different.  Enter our Bluetooth Mouse giveaway on Amazon and check out this awesome little mouse!

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Review

  • The “Wedge” model of Microsoft Bluetooth mouse excels for home theater use (particularly as a Kodi mouse for Fire TV) and costs only $11
  • Microsoft’s well-designed mouse uses BlueTrak, which means you can use the mouse on virtually any surface
  • Power isn’t an issue with a battery-usage rate that should last the mouse-user 2 to 3 years on a single AA battery (included with the Microsoft Bluetooth mouse).  The battery compartment opens easily with a small spring-loaded switch that’s flush with the back of the mouse, similar to common mouse battery doors.  But the way it saves space is a pretty neat design of this Bluetooth mouse for Kodi & other sideloaded Fire TV apps.
  • Wedge mouse is Made in China – but made just as well as any Microsoft product / peripheral you’ve used, since it is an actual Microsoft product.  We’re seriously impressed that this great little device is less than $20.

Bluetooth Mouse Giveaway

KFire TV is giving away 1 Bluetooth mouse to our visitors.  The giveaway is totally free to enter – it begins 12-26-2016 and ends Jan 2nd 2016.  Enter the giveaway by going to our Bluetooth Keyboard giveaway official page.  We paid the shipping already, so all you do is enter the contest and you’ll be emailed if you’re the winner at the time the contest ends.  You must have an Amazon account to enter.  The details are in the link to the giveaway page.  Good luck!  Stream on.




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Pros of Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse

  • The mouse is small and Lightweight – yet balanced and feels solid, strong and well-constructed (not “cheap” feeling!).  This makes it perfect for stashing around your home theater or on an end table / coffee table.  It will also fit easily into a small pocket for travel use.
  • This mouse is so inexpensive it’s a miracle.
  • Works great with FireStick & Fire TV, since Amazon Fire TV devices all have Bluetooth!  This means you can sideload apps that require touch input or mouse input, such as Firefox, Showbox, and Cinema Box HD.
  • Is compatible with any device that has Bluetooth and takes mouse input, such as PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone, Android TV Box, Fire Stick, and others
  • Pairs with Fire TV easily.  Just add it as a “Bluetooth controller” or “Input device”.  Mine sync’ed right up and I was able to navigate Kodi within seconds without a mousepad or a weak connection to the FireStick.

Cons of Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse

  • The shape of the mouse is a “wedge” shape with rounded corners, which actually feels quite comfortable.  Although some users who prefer the “total ergonomic” feel may opt for a more round mouse.  This is really the only potential negative we could find for this Bluetooth mouse.

Wrap Up

We strongly recommend this MS Bluetooth touch mouse as a solid (yet inexpensive) addition to your collection of input peripherals.  Whether you use this capable device for your PC, Android, FireStick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, Mac, Linux PC, iOS device (iPhone / iPad) – you’re sure to be pleased.