MediaBox HD on Firestick and iOS: Easy 5-Minute Install Method

MediaBox HD is one of the best, most reliable streaming APKs out there, with a slick, easy-to-use interface that will make streaming your favorite shows and movies (for free!) a breeze. In this guide, we are going to show you the easiest way to download and install MediaBox HD on Amazon Firestick TV, as well as a bonus guide on how to install it on an iOS operating system.

What is MediaBox HD

MediaBox is a streaming app for movies and TV shows. It has a streamlined user experience and offers a huge selection of the latest movies and TV shows, so it clearly offers a lot that we should be excited about. MediaBox HD works just other popular streaming APKs like Terrarium TV, ShowBox, or MovieBox. While many of the features are the same, the design is enough to set it apart from the pack and keep most viewers hooked. 

That’s not to say you won’t have huge set of great features to appreciate! You will not only enjoy streaming with subtitles but also be able to use external video options like MX player and other great third-party apps. It’s a smoothly designed app, but by no means stripped down.

Let’s get started with the installation process!

How to Download MediaBox HD on Amazon Firestick

Enter this URL into Downloader for Firestick to install MediaBox HD APK (latest version –

Since MediaBox HD isn’t supported on the Amazon App Store, we will need to side-load MediaBox HD through an app called Downloader. You can use this same process for other apps, so once you’re done with this you will have effectively jailbroken your Amazon Firestick. Follow along for easy instructions to download and install MediaBox HD on Fire TV.

1. From the Main Menu navigate to Settings.

2. Click on Device and open the Developer Options.

3. Allow apps to download from unknown sources. Also, turn on AFB debugging for seamless installation. Both of these should be set to On.

4. Navigate to Preferences and set Device Usage Data to Off.

5. Navigate to the Home Menu and select the Search Icon. Type in Downloader.

6. Pick the Downloader app from the list that populates beneath the search.

7. Click Download and wait for the download process to complete.

8. Open the App once the download is complete.

9. A pop up will appear asking the user to allow Downloader to access media files, photos, and videos on your Amazon streaming device. Click Allow.

10. Proceed by Clicking OK.

11. Type the URL: to begin downloading the MediaBox HD APK

12. Download MediaBox HD 

 12. Wait for the file download progress to complete.

13. Once Download is complete, Click Install.

14. Tap Done.

15. Click Delete to save up space in your storage. 

16. Click Delete again.

17. Navigate to your Home Screen and click on the Apps menu at the top of the screen.

18. Click on See All.

19. Scroll down with the remote controller to access MediaBox HD.

20. Remember to make a secure connection with your VPN before streaming on MediaBox.

It’s important to note that, in spite of the numerous benefits MediaBox HD has to offer, there are still risks associated with using it if someone happens to be monitoring your internet activity. You should consider protecting yourself anytime you are using this application on your Firestick TV.

Download a VPN on Your Firestick TV

Surfing through MediaBox HD is not encouraged without a VPN protection, as the government and your internet service provider might be spying on your activities. However, using a secure VPN, you can enjoy all the benefits of MediaBox HD without any of the risk.

The best VPN that we would wholeheartedly recommend right now is IPVanish VPN. It is secure and fast, which means you’ll be able to browse securely without sacrificing download speeds that would hinder your streaming. We’ve done the research, and right now this is easily the best bet.

1. Register for an IPVanish account through their website. KodiFireTVStick readers can get a steep discount on their service by using this link to download IPVanish VPN.

2: After you have signed up and completed the registration process, navigate to your Firestick TV Home Screen, and tap the search button at the top right corner. 

3. Search for IPVanish and click the IPVanish VPN option that appears below the search field.

4. Click on the orange Download icon and wait until the download is complete.

5. Click Open and then enter your login information (that you set up in step 1) on the next page.

6. Click the Connect button on the left side of the screen.

7. Tap the OK button to connect.

8. Navigate to the Home Screen by clicking the Home button on your Firestick remote.

Congratulations! Now your VPN is connected and you can browse without any worries about who might be looking at your browsing history or personal data. It’s a few extra steps, but the peace of mind is absolutely worth it. There are tons of other benefits to using a VPN beyond security, including the ability to get around a lot of region restricted videos and apps. Take a look at some of the best VPN uses you may not know about.

If you’d like even more detailed steps (and a video!) showing you how to install a VPN on literally any device check out our Ultimate VPN Guide.

How to Install MediaBox HD on iOS device

1. Go to Safari browser, and search for the URL:

MediaBox HD

2. To download the app, tap the Download button in the iOS section of the site.

3. When a prompt is displayed click Install.

4. Wait for the installation to complete. Navigate to the home screen to access MediaBox HD.

5. A pop up will appear when you try to open the application. Click Cancel and proceed to set this up as an app from a trusted developer.

6. Open settings. Scroll down to Profile and Device Management.

7. Under enterprise apps, Click on China Telecom Corporation LTD.

8. Click Trust China Telecom Corporation Limited.

Please note that this page might differ slightly depending on your device.

9. That’s it! You have successfully installed MediaBox HD on your iOS device, congratulations and happy streaming.

How to Use MediaBox HD

1. Open your MediaBox HD App and click the Home button on the remote controller

2. Click on the Discover button to surf through the content by categories.

3. Let’s select a movie. We have chosen Nun under the trending category

4. Click Play

5. Enjoy your movie!


Now that you’ve successfully installed one of the most smoothly designed streaming APKs available, all that’s left for you to do is enjoy all the new content that’s available to you. Please note that MediaBox is an app that only hosts links to content and cannot guarantee that the movies you’re watching are legal streams. We strongly recommend getting a VPN to protect yourself while watching movies on MediaBox HD.

If you need help installing a VPN on this, or any other device, check out our best VPN guide that will walk you through absolutely everything you need to know. Happy streaming!

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