Navigating a Post-Net Neutrality Landscape: Implications for Kodi Users

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Recently, the way we use the internet in the United States has changed. It’s a bit like the rules of the game got switched up. This blog is all about understanding these changes, especially if you use Kodi.

Kodi is like a favorite game on the internet, and we want to talk about how these changes might affect your experience. Imagine the internet as a big playground, and now some big players made decisions that could impact how we play.

Before, there were rules (net neutrality) that said everyone should have the same chances to see and do things on the internet. But now, things are different, and we need to see how it affects us, especially when we’re using Kodi.

So, let’s break it down. We’ll talk about the problems and changes you might face. It’s not just tech talk; it’s about making sure we can still have a fair and good time on the internet with these new rules.

Think of it like learning new rules for your favorite game. We’re here to help you understand what’s happening and what you can do about it. Join us on this journey to make sure the internet stays a cool place for everyone, including Kodi users like you.

Understanding Net Neutrality

Think of net neutrality as the “fair play” rule for the internet. It’s like making sure everyone gets an equal turn on the playground. Net neutrality is what keeps the internet open and fair, meaning your internet provider shouldn’t control what you can see or do based on what they like.

Imagine the internet as a huge library with lots of books. Net neutrality is like making sure you can pick any book you want, whether it’s super popular or a hidden gem. It’s about keeping the internet a fair place where your choices aren’t limited by what someone else likes.

But here’s the thing: the rules about net neutrality have changed recently. This has caused some concern because people worry that the internet might not be as fair for everyone. They’re concerned that some websites or services could get special treatment, while others might not be treated the same.

In simple terms, net neutrality is like making sure everyone has an equal chance to enjoy the internet. With these new rules, some folks are worried that this equal chance might not be guaranteed anymore. The fear is that some things on the internet might become easier to access than others. That’s what we want to talk about in this blog.

Legal and Regulatory Landscape

Now, let’s talk about the rules of the internet game. When we say “legal and regulatory landscape,” it’s like the rulebook that tells us how things should work online. Imagine the internet as a big game, and everyone playing has to follow certain rules.

So, here’s the deal: some of these rules recently changed. It’s as if someone decided to tweak parts of the game manual. These changes affect net neutrality, which is all about keeping the internet fair for everyone.

To get the lowdown on this, let’s break it down. “Legal” means the rules set by laws, like the rules at school. “Regulatory” means the rules set by groups that make sure everyone plays fair, a bit like referees in a game.

With the loss of net neutrality, it means some of these fair play rules have been relaxed. It’s like removing some referees from our internet game. This part can get a bit tricky, but we’re here to make it simple for you.

Global Perspective

Now, let’s think big — like the whole world big. When we talk about the “global view,” it’s like understanding how these internet changes affect people all over, not just in the United States.

Imagine the internet as a huge neighborhood where people from different countries live. What happened with net neutrality in the U.S. is like a big event that influences the whole neighborhood. It’s not just a local thing; it sends waves across the entire online community.

So, when net neutrality changes in the U.S., it’s not only about Americans. It’s like the whole neighborhood feeling the effects. We’re all connected in this big online world.

Think of it as a heads-up that what happens in one part of the neighborhood can affect how we all experience the internet. It’s like making sure everyone in the online community knows what’s happening and how it might affect them, no matter where they are.

Ajit Pai FCC Lost Net Neutrality

Public Enemy Number 1 Attempting To Push Us Into A Dystopian Future

Lost Net Neutrality Effects on Internet Users

The FCC essentially gave Internet Service Providers the freedom to prey upon subscribers. Over 129 million Americans have no choice in which ISP to choose. Within their area, there exists only one internet source, so they remain vulnerable. ISPs can now decide what services subscribers may access, then charge extra dependant upon the same. This will prove seriously problematic when ISPs prefer one service over another within the same category. Many Internet Service Providers in the US already throttle internet speeds for people streaming video, whether from YouTube or Kodi Exodus. They only do this when they can tell what your internet traffic consists of, so many of us within VPNs remain unaffected.

Imagine your ISP buying stock in a video streaming service such as Hulu, then throttling back or even blocking Hulu’s competition. This kind of commercial-interest control of online services already exists in parts of the world without Net Neutrality in place. Then, imagine your ISP deciding to package access to Gmail or FaceBook or any other service for an extra fee. They have this right without Net Neutrality, and do you believe they won’t capitalize on it? They already do in other parts of the world.

Lost Net Neutrality Prices

Lost Net Neutrality May Give Us Service Package Price Menus Like This One

Alternatives and Workarounds

Now, let’s talk about some cool tricks to keep your Kodi fun going strong, even with these changes. It’s like finding a different way to your favorite playground.

There’s something called a “VPN,” which is like a secret path for your internet. With a VPN, you can kinda go around any bumps your internet company might put in your way.

Think of it as finding a secret route to your friend’s house instead of dealing with traffic. A VPN does the same for your Kodi time — it helps things stay smooth and private.

A VPN Sadly Becomes Necessary For Freedom

What You Can Do NOW

If you already have your VPN set up, then get on the phone with Congress and tell them to reinstate the Open Internet Order. What you can and cannot access may depend upon your ISP’s commercial interests unless we all act to overturn this absurd FCC decision. I know many people think their 10-minute contribution of time has negligible effects, but your activity really can help. We won the day back in 2015 only by an overwhelming show of support for our own rights. Let us do so once more!

Impact on Kodi Users

Now, let’s talk about how these changes might mess with your Kodi experience. Imagine Kodi as your go-to channel on the internet TV, and net neutrality is like the rule making sure you can easily tune in. But without this fairness rule, there could be some problems.

One big issue is “throttling.” It’s like your internet provider intentionally slowing down your Kodi streaming. It’s a bit like if they made your favorite ride at the amusement park a bit less exciting.

Then there’s the chance of “blocking.” Without net neutrality, your internet provider might decide to block or make it hard for you to reach certain Kodi stuff. It’s like hitting a roadblock on the way to your favorite hangout.

And here’s another thing: “prioritization.” Without net neutrality, your internet provider might decide to speed up some stuff but slow down others. It’s like if some cars on the road got a speedy lane, while others got stuck in slow traffic.


So, here’s the wrap-up: the internet has changed, and it’s not just a local thing—it’s a worldwide shift. For Kodi fans, these changes might mean some bumps in the road, like slower streaming or potential blocks.

But, hey, don’t worry! We’ve got some cool tricks up our sleeves. Ever heard of a VPN? It’s like your secret shortcut on the internet, helping you dodge any problems your internet company throws your way.

So, even though the internet game has some new rules, we’re here to make sure you still have a blast on Kodi. Keep using these tricks, stay informed, and let’s all work together to keep the internet a fun and fair place for everyone. It’s like exploring a new playground—challenges and all, but still a lot of fun!



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December 8, 2023

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