Use this guide to see the best Live TV XBMC addons, how to install each one, and how to use each TV addon as well.  This guide is constantly updated – so bookmark it!  This list will get you watching IPTV on Kodi in no time, whether it’s Live TV channels, live sports, or any other live streaming content you desire ;).  Here’s our carefully-constructed list of the Top 5 Best Live TV XBMC addons for Kodi:

Castaway: Top-Performing Live TV XBMC Addon

Castaway is one of the most solid performing Live TV XBMC / Kodi addons.  Castaway essentially allows users to cast their own streams in Kodi.  Castaway is particularly useful for Live sports and Live TV on XBMC, because when a major sporting event starts – many people begin streaming the event live.  This is one great way to watch live sports on Kodi.

How to Install CastAway

The easiest way to install just about any TV Addon (including CastAway) is to use the AddOn Installer for Kodi.  Use our guide on how to install the AddOn Installer in Kodi.

After the AddOn Installer is installed in Kodi, this is how you use the Add On Installer to install CastAway:




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  • Launch the Add On Installer
  • Go to Featured Addons
  • Select CastAway
  • Press Install

How to Watch Live TV on CastAway

  • Launch CastAway by going to VIDEO > TV Add-Ons in Kodi, then select CastAway from the list
  • Go to Live TV

    In CastAway, select Live TV XBMC channel

    1) In CastAway, choose Live TV

  • Select a Live TV Channel from the list

    Choose a Live TV XBMC Channel

    2) Select a Live TV Channel from the list

Phoenix: One of the “Top Dog” XBMC Addons for IPTV

Phoenix is one of the best, oldest TV Addons for Kodi.  Phoenix not only offers a wide variety of content, but also has several lists of Live TV channels that are curated by various “individuals”.  Tip: Once you’re in Phoenix, check out Crusader88’s list.

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How to Install Phoenix

To install Phoenix, use the AddOn Installer.  Follow our guide to install AddOn Installer to XBMC / Kodi.

How to Watch Live TV on Phoenix

Watching Live TV on Phoenix is as simple as:

  • Launch Phoenix
  • Go to Phoenix TV
  • Select a Category such as Sports or TV Shows
  • Select a TV Channel!

SportsDevil: The Infamous Sports Addon

SportsDevil is the most (in)famous and historically the best sports addon for Kodi.  We say “historically” because it works so well that various organizations have begun to crack down on the streams that are made available by SportsDevil.  Some users report it still works great for them, while others say it doesn’t work at all.  UK users who report that SportsDevil doesn’t work may actually be victim of geo-blocking.

How to Install SportsDevil

Installing SportsDevil can be a little different than installing other addons, so we wrote a guide to show you exactly How to install SportsDevil.

How to Watch Live TV on SportsDevil

Once you have SportsDevil installed, to watch a Live sports program using SportsDevil:

  • Select a category from SportsDevil’s main menu
  • Then navigate your way to an individual stream
  • Select a stream to play the stream!
    • If a stream is jittery or buffers too much, then try a different stream.  Or check out our guide on how to fix Kodi buffering.

Navi-X: The App-Within-An-App for Live TV XBMC Channels

Navi-X is a unique TV Addon for Kodi because it functions differently than other TV Addons:  Navi-X behaves more like its own “app” or “program” than other Kodi addons.  Most Kodi addons work within the general visual theme that your Kodi is using, but Navi-X has its own interface.  Navi-X starts you off with a menu of large icons – usually you just choose “START HERE”, then Search for a Live TV XBMC channel you’d like to watch.  Navi-X also has many many movies and TV shows to watch, as well.  They also have adult content!

How to Install Navi-X

To install Navi-X, use the Add On Installer for XBMC / Kodi.  You can install the AddOn Installer easily with our guide.

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How to Watch Live TV on Navi-X

To watch Live TV on Navi-X:

  • Launch Navi-X
  • Go to “Navi-X Start Here”

    Step 1: Go to Navi-X Start Here for Live TV

    1) Go to “Navi-X Start Here”

  • Choose a list, such as “Most Viewed 7 Days”

    Choose a list

    2) Select a list

  • Select a sub-list, such as “Latest movies”

    3) Choose a sub-list

    3) Choose a sub-list

  • Choose a movie!

    4) Select a movie!

    4) Select a movie!

  • Tip:  If a sub-list doesn’t work, try another ;)


cCloudTV is another cloud-based IPTV addon for Kodi / XBMC.

How to Install cCloudTV

Just like the other great Live TV XBMC addons in this list, you can install CastAway the easiest way by using the AddOn Installer.

How to Watch Live TV on cCloudTV

  • Launch cCloudTV addon
  • Go to All Channels
  • Select a Live TV Channel and start streaming that shiz!

How to Navigate Live TV XBMC Channels

Navigate around CastAway’s menus by using your device’s remote / keyboard / mouse.