Alright!  Let’s install at least five or six of the new latest most current apps for Live TV on Firestick.  First I’m going to show you these five or six apps and then I’m going to show you how to install these apps.  So just watch my tutorial video (immediately below) to get the best live TV channels on your Firestick.

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  I’m now updating this page on a regular basis with the latest Firestick Live TV apps!

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Top Live TV Apps for Firestick

Note:  Some of the Firestick Live TV apps below require MX Player to be installed.  To install MX Player, simply use APKTime or Aptoide TV.

1. Live NetTV

Live NetTV Firestick

The LiveNetTV app for Amazon Firestick & Android

The LiveNetTV app gives you tons of Live TV Channels for Firestick.  It’s one of my favorite LiveTV Firestick apps!

To install LiveNetTV:

  1. Install APKTime
  2. In APKTime, press the Search icon in the top right corner.
  3. Search for “live” and then select Live Net TV [AF] in the search results.
  4. Press “Download” button for Live NetTV.
  5. Launch APKTime and select a channel!

MX Player Note:  If you haven’t installed MX Player, then search for “mx” in APKTime and then install MX Player to enable Live NetTV to work.

I successfully tested LiveNetTV with the biggest, best Movie TV channels (HB* and HB* HD).

2.  Solex TV

Solex TV Firestick app

I love Solex TV!

The SolexTV Firestick / Android app is an updated clone of Morpheus TV, which was extremely popular back in the day.

To install and use Solex TV:

  1. Install APKTime
  2. In APKTime, search for Solex TV
  3. Press “Download” on Solex TV
  4. Then press “Install”
  5. Launch Solex TV
  6. Use the “Note” below to select the USA TV Channels category.

Firestick Remote Note:  I had a little bit of trouble selecting the “USA” category with the Firestick remote.  To fix this, I pressed the “LEFT” and “RIGHT” buttons on the Firestick remote.  Then I was able to press the “Center/Select” button on the Firestick remote to choose the “USA” Live TV Channels category in SolexTV.

3. LiveLounge

Live Lounge for Firestick

The LiveLounge app rocks!

To install Live Lounge for Firestick:

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  1. Install APKTime
  2. In APKTime, search for “lounge”
  3. Press the “Download” button for LiveLounge
  4. Then press “Install” / “Open”
  5. Launch LiveLounge
  6. Select a category and channel
  7. Start streaming Live TV!

4.  V-SAT for Firestick

V Sat Firestick app

The V Sat app has a HUGE selection of Live TV channels

  1. Install the Downloader app for Firestick
  2. Then enter this address into downloader:
  3. Press “Open” / “Install”
  4. Launch V-Sat for Firestick
  5. Select the “TV” button in VSat
  6. Then press “Login”
  7. Now select a channel and start to watch Live TV on Firestick / Fire TV!

5. Exousia

Exousia Firestick app

The Exousia app is an all-in-one app with Live TV channels

The Exousia Firestick app is an all-in-one app which contains Live TV, Movies, and much more.

To install Exousia:

  1. Install APK Time on Firestick
  2. Then, in APKTime, search for “exousia”
  3. Press the “Download” button next to Exousia
  4. Then press “Install” / “Open”
  5. Launch Exousia
  6. Select the “LIVE TV” menu item at the top of the screen
  7. Then select a Live TV category / channel

6.  Freeflix HQ

Freeflix HQ for Firestick

Install Freeflix HQ (all-in-one streaming app)

  1. First install APKTime
  2. Then search for “freeflix hq” in APKTime
  3. Press the Download button next to FreeFlix HQ
  4. Then press “Open” / “Install”
  5. Launch FreeFlix HQ
  6. Press the main menu button
  7. Then select “Live TV” from the main menu
  8. Now select “IPTV 3” or “IPTV 4”
  9. Choose a channel

Freeflix TV Note:  You can also just install “Freeflix TV” from APKTime to get ONLY the Live TV channels (without the “Movies” categories like Freeflix HQ has)

7. Redbox TV

Okay let’s check out Redbox TV now!  Redbox TV is pretty similar to CK TV.  We just have a bunch of categories at the top of the screen there and then you have your channels down below that.  So this is once again just another live TV channel streaming app for the firestick. 

Redbox TV on Firestick

To install Redbox TV:

  1. Install APKTime
  2. Search for “redbox” in APKTime
  3. Install the LATEST VERSION of Redbox TV you see in APKTime
  4. Launch RedBox TV for Firestick


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Live TV Apps for Android Phone / Tablet / Firestick with Bluetooth Mouse


This only works on devices with a touchscreen (such as Android smartphone).  Or if you have a Bluetooth mouse attached to Firestick.

To install AOS TV (latest version) on Firestick:

  1. Install the Downloader app
  2. Enter this address into the Downloader app:
  3. Press “Open” to launch AOSTV Firestick app
  4. Select a channel / category and start watching!



To install these apps now, scroll down to the “How to Install Live TV Apps on Firestick” section of this article – or watch my Youtube tutorial (immediately below):

LiveTV Firestick YouTube video

Click the image above to see my (old) YouTube tutorial on how to install LiveTV apps for Firestick

Now let’s check out the first app that I’m going to show you:  CKay TV. 

1. CKay TV

This is CKay TV.  As you can see, we just have several live TV channels here so CK TV is just a simple live TV channel streaming app

Ckay TV Live TV App for Firestick

2. FreeFlix TV

The Freeflix TV app does for TV channels what Freeflix HQ does for Movies.  It provides us with an excellent selection of Live TV Channels to stream on Firestick.

Freeflix HQ Terrarium TV alternative app

3, Live Net TV

The LiveNet TV app is one of the oldest, most favorite Live TV apps for your Firestick.  Millions of users downloaded LiveNet TV for its staggering reliability.

How to Install Live NetTV Firestick


The OLA TV app for Firestick gives us great Live TV channels to stream.  The icon for OLA TV is a lizard, which is pretty cool in my opinion.  I recommend OLA TV and I’ve had great success with it!

How to Install OLA TV APK on Firestick or Android


Let’s check out the next app now!  The next app is TV Tap for firestick.

6. TV Tap for Firestick

In TV Tap, we press okay and then we see that we have a bunch of live TV channels.  So just like the previous two apps, this app also gives you live TV channels.

Well say that’s pretty much it for the overview of some of the apps that you can install using this method. 

How to Install TVTap for Firestick

Now let’s go ahead and install these apps!

How to Install Apps for Live TV on Firestick

so if you already have the downloader app installed on the firestick then just open the downloader app and enter the address shown on your screen right now

if you don’t have the downloader app installed on your firestick just

  1. Press the home button on the fire stick remote
  2. Then press the Search icon
  3. Enter the word downloader (to Search for downloader)
  4. Select Downloader (under Apps and Games)
  5. Then press Install and open Downloader
  6. Enter the address
  7. Then just press go then when you arrive at the screen here just select that download button right there let the fire stick download APK time install APK time
  8. Once you have APK time open just go down to the Live category
  9. Press the “Download” button on CKay TV, then press Install to install CKay TV for Firestick
  10. Then press the “Download” button on Redbox TV and install Redbox TV
  11. Finally, download Freeflix TV
  12. If you want more Live TV apps for Firestick, then install Live Net TV, OLA TV, and TV Tap.

BONUS:  Install This Movie App for Firestick (Mobdro)

I recommend that you install mobdro for movies.  Mobdro gives you several “24×7 channels” which show movies and TV shows 24 hours a day.