How to Install Live Net TV on Firestick: Essential Tips & Tricks

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The Live Net TV Firestick app is an oldie but a goodie. For at least a few years now, Firestick users enjoyed streaming Live TV with this great, simple, user-friendly TV app.

This app was recently updated by the developer. Get the latest version using my FileLinked code (66575558). Or use APKTime to install Live Net TV.

Watch my Live Net TV YouTube Video

Prefer to watch my Youtube video instead? See the YouTube tutorial video I made on How to Install Live Net TV. Or click the PLAY button below.


Do the quick steps below before you start using Live Net TV Firestick. This way, you get the most out of this excellent Live TV app for Amazon Fire TV Stick.

1) Hide Non-English Channels

The non-English channels in this app appear before the English channels, so do this to hide those suckers:

After installing the app, do this to reduce the clutter in this Live TV app:

  1. Go to the “Settings” area
  2. Select “Hide Countries
  3. Then check the boxes for Pakistani, Indian, Arabic, Irani (Farsi), and Turkish).
Live Net TV Firestick app Hide Country menu
Hide Countries in Live Net TV

Or else you must scroll down in the app past the “Pakistani” / “Indian” sections to get to the USA sections, since the non-USA channels are listed before the USA channels. So that’s why I go to the Settings and tell the app to simply Hide all the non-English-speaking channels.

Otherwise, it’s easy to assume that this app only has Pakistani / Indian content. But it has tons of USA live TV channels for Firestick! Just scroll past the non-USA stuff to get to the USA channels or change the Settings to Hide all the non-USA channels!

2) Hide Non-English “Tabs”

Now that we hid the non-English Countries, let’s hide the non-English “tabs” that appear toward the top of the app.

  1. In the Settings area of Live Net TV, go to “Hide Live Categories“.
  2. Then select some, none, or all of the following menu items to reduce clutter in the app and make the English-speaking content appear “at the top” of the app:
Hide Live Categories in Live Net TV Firestick APK
Select categories to hide to reduce Live Net TV clutter

Indonesian, Portugal, German, Canada, Thailand, Italy, Australian, South Indian, Punjabi, Afghan, French, Filipino, Bangla, and Religious.

This filters out all the Live channels we most likely don’t want to watch. Personally, every now and then I like to watch some foreign TV, so I left “Thailand” in there.

3) Install External Video Player App like MXPlayer

The Live Net TV app requires an external video player app, such as the free MXPlayer. So install MXPlayer before you play any streams with the app to avoid confusion.

Other Versions of MX Player (latest, newest version 1.9.7) that is required by Live Net TV
Use my File Linked code (66575558) to install MX Player

4) Turn off Notifications

In the Settings area, you can turn off App Notifications. I recommend doing this to prevent any sneaky notifications from rearing their ugly heads while you’re trying to chill.

5) Choose your Favorite tab

Also in the Settings area, you can select your “Favourite Tab”. This lets you choose which tab is the default tab (which assumingely launches when the app starts up).

6) Change that weird font in Live Net TV, for goodness sake!

The Font used in the app is not my favorite by any means (some font called Merienda), so fortunately in the app Settings area you can change the Font style to something more palatable like Roboto (or even the System Default font). After changing the font, expect the app to do a “refresh”.

Live Net TV APK v4.7 Review, Tips & Tricks

Tagline: “Your gateway to entertainment”. Does it hold true to its tagline? Yes – I definitely think so! I was pleasantly surprised by this version of the Live Net TV app. It was very reliable when I tried over 20 different links.

How to install Live Net TV on Firestick / Android:

Live Net TV Firestick App Remote
  • Method A: Install it using APKTime for Firestick and Amazon Fire TV.
  • Method B: Or use the following download link in the Downloader app for Firestick or your Android device’s web browser:
  • Method C: FileLinked code (66575558)

Method A: To install Live Net TV using APKTime (the preferred method), follow these steps:

The "Top APKs" category in APKTime to watch Game of Thrones Free on Live Net TV Firestick
Choose the “Top APKs” category or press the Search icon
  1. Download and install the Downloader app for Firestick
  2. Enter the address into Downloader to download and install APKTime
  3. Open APKTime, then Search for “live”
  4. Select the “Download” button next to Live Net TV
  5. Press “Install
  6. Then press “Open” to launch Live Net TV

Method B: Install Live Net TV Firestick using Downloader

Install the Downloader app sample
This is the icon for the Firestick Downloader app

Use the Downloader app and enter the address to install APKTime. Then use APKTime to search for and install Live Net TV!

Method C: Install Live Net TV APK using my File Linked Code

My FileLinked code is 66575558. Enjoy!

Important Notes About Live Net TV APK

Important: The Live Net TV Firestick app appears at first glance to only have Indian / Pakistani content, but then I saw the “United States” heading after I scrolled down past all the Pakistani channels. This app rocks after you go to Settings and Hide the non-English Countries and Live Categories!

The main attractions of this app are definitely the following “tabs” found in the “Live Channels” main menu item of this app:

  • Entertainment – has all major “standard” entertainment channels you’d see in American Live TV channels. These are also known as “national” TV channels.
  • The “24/7 Channels” tab is also pretty great. Once again – you need to scroll past the non-USA stuff to get to the American / English-speaking channels. Essentially the 24/7 Channels area is a mini-version of the Mobdro app, which also has 24/7 channels like this. It’s basically back-to-back movies from any genre you want. I love this – so I think lots of other people will too! I know Mobdro is great, so it’s nice to see that functionality in another app.
  • News – The Live Net TV News section is great because it has AlJazeera English, which is not easy to find these days. Personally, I like to watch AlJazeera English because it seems un-biased, unlike American news channels.
  • Has tons of International channels for non-English speakers. But this doesn’t mean it lacks English-speaking channels. Live Net TV actually has many great American TV channels.

Check out these sections (recommended by me personally):

  • Sports – International (major USA channels in there!)
  • Entertainment
  • Documentary

Success Rate of Links in Live Net TV

When I played links using the app, my success rate was 13/20.

So my success rate while trying different channels in the app was 65%.

That’s not bad at all! There’s such a huge selection of channels (and many backups / “duplicates”, which is nice). In my opinion, if an app has a success rate of over 50%, I consider it a relatively “good” app.


I consider this app to work extremely well, relative to other current Live TV streaming apps for Firestick.

Important note about getting streams to play successfully:

Make sure to try the “Link 2” Option for the premium channels that have more than 1 link option. For example, I tried a certain premium movie channel and “Link 1” failed. So I tried Link 2 and it worked great.

Live Net TV Not Working / Crashing?

The app crashed on me 1 time after playing 10 links. I played another 10 links and have not had an issue since the first time Live Net TV crashed. After that, I continue to use the app without any issues. I’ve only had the 1 problem with the app. In addition, the app seems to run much more smoothly after I hid most of the non-English content.

Every now and then, there might be a stutter, glitch, or very brief moment of buffering. But overall, 99% of the time, channels seemed to play extremely well on the Live Net TV Firestick app. I’ve been watching AlJazeera English for awhile now in HD video with perfectly-synced audio.

It all looks great running through the 4K Firestick attached to my Epson GW6750WU projector!

The “Add to Favorites” function is actually a game-changer. I found a particular premium HD movie channel. Then I quickly added it to my Favorites my holding down on the Center button on the Firestick remote, then selecting “Add to Favourites”.

After you add the channel to your favorites, a small “heart” icon appears in the top right corner of the channel. You can then access your Favorites my navigating in the main tabs to the left hand side of the tab menu. You’ll see a small Heart icon. Select that heart icon to see your Live Net TV Favorites!.

Audio seems to be in sync for most / all links I tried.

Quality is at least 720p and more like 1080P for most channels (especially the “HD” premium movie channels)

You can say “No” when it asks you to use your device’s location

Takes about 10 seconds to load up on my 4K Firestick

Limited ads (1 easily-escapable popup ad every 2 plays or so – just press the Back button on the Firestick remote to back out of the ad with no wait time).


This app has a Live Events section, but I couldn’t get any of the streams in that section to play successfully.


There’s also a VOD section in the app, but it only contains Hindi, Punjabi, and Pakistani movies. I don’t see any movies in this area with English audio tracks.

There are also main tabs for “CANADA” channels, and the Canada channels are actually pretty good. So check those out! There are some great premium-level channels in there. Also check out the “Documentary” tab for some great animal-related channels and top science channels.

Ian (KFire TV Admin)
Ian (KFire TV Admin)

I run this website! My purpose here is to help people stream great content to their devices. With over 10 years of IT experience, I strive to educate the people who visit this site with the best, most up-to-date information available. If an article on this site helped you, then help me back by leaving a comment on my YouTube channel. Or subscribe to our mailing list for streaming add-on updates and a 60% off VPN coupon code.

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