Yes!  The FireTV can use many, many third-party Android apps.  The Amazon AppStore for FireTV even features a ton of apps they (Amazon) endorse.

Our List of Apps for FireStick will get you started with some great Android apps to sideload onto your FireStick.  Also check out our article on the best addons for Kodi.

  • Editor’s note:  Make sure to secure your Kodi streaming data with IPVanish.  Use this 60% off coupon available to KFireTV users only.

How to Install Apps on Fire TV Stick

  • iOS users try the Sideloader for Fire TV app on iTunes ($1.99, which is cheaper than buying an Android phone to sideload your apps).
  1. Install the Android app of your choice (we’ll call it AppX) on your Android phone
  2. Install a “sideloader app” such as AGK Fire (or Apps2Fire) on your Android phone
  3. On your Android phone, open AGK Fire and then click on the app of your choosing (AppX) in your list of apps.  Then click “Install on XX.XX.XX.XX”.
  4. On your FireTV, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Downloaded Applications > (App Name Here [AppX]) > Open.

Top Picks in our list of apps for FireStick:

Minecraft: Story Mode – Yes, it’s available for FireStick, too.

Kodi – For streaming TV and movies.  Also see TVMC.




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N64oid – for playing N64 games.

Google trackers are lurking on 75% of websites. Cover your tracks to protect yourself.

Firefox – Yes! you can use Firefox on Firestick if you have a Bluetooth mouse.

Note:  Our list of apps for Firestick is to be used for educational purposes only.

Also see:  Top Kodi Add-Ons

List of Apps for Firestick

AllCast for FireTV

Use your Android device to play content thru Fire TV


Amazon App Store

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

ES File Explorer Installs Kodi on Firestick

You can use ES File Explorer to Install Kodi (aka Sideload) and other apps on FireStick

ES File Explorer

Awesome file manager for FireTV.  Use this with Dropbox to transfer files to FireTV!


Download from AmazonDownload APK

ES Task Manager

Awesome file manager for FireTV.  Use this with Dropbox to transfer files to FireTV!


Amazon AppsAPK

Firefox for Android

Firefox works on Android, so it works on Fire TV.  Combine this with a mouse for web browsing on Fire TV.


Download APK


Hulu is one of the old players in the Streaming Internet arena.  They focus on streaming TV shows as opposed to movies.  Although they do stream movies, too.  Install the Hulu APK file, sign in to your account, and start watching Hulu on your FireTV today.


Google Play StoreDownload APK

  • Note:  UK users may need to Install Hulu using the APK file, or login using a U.S. Amazon account, Install Hulu, then switch back to UK.

Fire TV Hacks: Unblock International TV

Fire TV Hacks: Unblock TV Channels with our 60% off IPVanish coupon


IPVanish will allow you to access blocked Kodi addons.  Use our 60% off coupon available to KFireTV users only.  To set this up for use with your Firestick, just follow this quick router setup guide.

Sign up for IPVanish and set it up so you can use blocked TVAddons, prevent bandwidth throttling by your ISP, and make your streaming data private and away from prying eyes (“The Man”)!

IPVanish has an Android app that works great for non-Firestick devices, although the Firestick device itself is too simple and not powerful enough to have its own VPN-settings abilities.


Google Play StoreDownload APK

Sign up

Kodi TV App Direct Download

Kodi TV App Download (click here to DL)


Formerly known as XBMC, Kodi is the world’s top notch media streaming app.  Kodi ranks #1 in our List of Apps for FireStick.  Get free TV Shows, Movies, and Live TV Channels with Kodi.  Use Kodi + TVAddons for the maximumexperience, or just use TVMC (TVMC is simply Kodi with TVAddons pre-installed).  Make sure to install the ARM version of Kodi for Android on your FireTV.


Google Play StoreDownload APK


Netflix is still big on streaming videos and TV shows – and it’s still very much available for FireStick and Fire TV.  So if you feel like paying the $9+ for Netflix, download the Netflix app on your Firestick and stream away!




RetroArch is a multi-system emulator for NES, SNES, N64, PSX, PSP, GBA, MAME, and more.  This thing is just amazing.  Get a Bluetooth gamepad compatible with FireTV, such as the Nyko Gamepad Pro for about $20.


Download APK


Use Settings.apk to connect a Bluetooth keyboard / mouse.


Download APK


TVMC is simply Kodi + TVAddons.  The TVAddons are what makes Kodi amazing.


Download APK

Also check out:

FTP Server – FTP Server to transfer files to Android and back.

My Boy – GameBoy emulator for Android / FireStick

NESLite – NES emulator for Fire TV.

ROM Buddy – ROM explorer for FireTV.