Liggys British Zone Kodi Addon Installation

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The Liggys British Zone addon for Kodi is a collection of all that is Britania. Enjoy the movies, tv shows, documentaries, sports and more by installing it. Liggys Brittish Zone is bringing live UK content to your Kodi install soon! If you like the UK, Liggys British Zone is likely your spoonful of sugar.

Kodi Add-on Installation: Liggys British Zone

Before utilizing any sort of Kodi third party addon, I simply cannot emphasize enough the benefits of using a quality VPN provider to preserve your anonymity. People making use of Kodi are sent copyright infringement notices frequently. This is because they are streaming motion pictures, sporting events, and tv programs by using varied 3rd party addons. When you need to help keep your own streaming habits private and safeguard your personal anonymity, I readily endorse taking advantage of IPVanish. It’s the highest quality personal privacy option I’ve discovered for Kodi users. In addition, the hyperlinks I’ve furnished to IPVanish on this page will net you 60% off of this truly unparalleled Virtual Private Network!

Repo Locations for Advanced Users

If you’ve downloaded Kodi third party addons in the past, you’ll still require the repo url for the Ares Project. Access the Ares Project’s repository at Please be certain you’re employing a superb quality VPN service for your individual confidentiality and security in advance of opening this.

Installing Liggy’s British Zone Kodi Addon

Allow Unknown Sources

In the event your Kodi setup is fresh and clean, you will need to allow add-ons from unknown sources.

  1. Open Settings (gear icon) at the top of the main menuLiggys British Zone Kodi
  2. Open System Settings
  3. Then, select Add-ons
  4. Now, toggle the Unknown Sources setting to the on position

Note: a notice pops up warning you regarding security risks connected to downloading unofficial add-ons in to your system.

Install the Ares Wizard

Ian uploaded this YouTube tutorial video for you on installing the Ares Wizard on Kodi 17.1 recently. We’ll be making an upgraded tutorial with a considerable amount of brand new information in the very near future, so you’ll definitely want to remain the lookout for this here at KFire TV. If you should now have the Ares Wizard setup, it’s possible to go straight down to the Liggys British Zone setup method.

Repository Set-up

  1. Tap or click Settings (gear icon – top of main menu)Liggy's British Zone Kodi Addon
  2. Afterwards, select the File ManagerLiggy's British Zone Kodi Add-on
  3. Then simply, do the same to Add SourceInstall Liggy's British Zone Kodi Addon
  4. Then, choose None (enabling you to add a media source manually)
  5. Enter in the repository’s URL (, then say OKLiggy's British Zone Kodi installation
  6. Name that Ares Repo (or any name that suits you), then tap or click OK againLiggy's British Zone Kodi
  7. Be sure the information you’ve put in is accurate, then select OK one last time

Ares Wizard Installation

  1. Return to the Main Menu in Kodi and then the Add-ons sectionLiggy's British Zone Addon
  2. Go into the the Package Installer (open box icon) on top of the menu
  3. Then, hit Install from zip fileLiggys British Zone Kodi Addon
  4. Go into the Ares Repo (or whatever you named it) inside the dialog that opens
  5. Subsequently, look for and choose itLiggy's British Zone Kodi Add-on Install
  6. Wait a short while. You will note a dialog in the top right saying Add-on Installed
  7. Hit Install from Repository at this stage
  8. Utilize the Ares Project repo you recently established
  9. And then open Program add-ons followed by Ares Wizard
  10. Subsequently select the Install button here at the lower right
  11. Back at Kodi’s main menu, enter the Add-ons and choose Ares Wizard
  12. Then the true extraction and installation of the Ares Wizard will take place

Liggy’s British Zone Installation

  1. Afterward, return to the Add-on Browser and select the Install from repository selection
  2. A set of configured repositories is exhibited – Click or tap the Ares Project
  3. Then, go into the Video Add-ons item and then on Liggys British Zone to access the installer
  4. Open Install with a gleam in your eye and watch as Liggy’s British Zone installs

Whenever the install is done, look for Liggys British Zone within Kodi >> Add-ons >> Video add-ons.

Bob’s Your Uncle

I’m serious regarding the necessity of using a VPN when using this addon. Without it, you’re sharing your browsing behavior and other data with everyone. Your ISP, government agencies, and many sites gather info about and track you. This includes anyone sniffing the website traffic of all those sites. You actually are nearly certain to be experiencing “cease and desist” orders from your ISP if you aren’t keeping your activities discreet. I’ve come across this same VPN on offer around the web for 20% to 33% off, but here at KFire TV get yourself a 60% discount on the world’s most respected VPN.

You’ve hooked up Liggy’s British Zone addon properly? Have you made yourself secure? Awesome! Enjoy some bangers and toad-in-the-hole with Mrs. Brown’s Boys!





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September 6, 2017

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