What Makes Lepto Sports The Best Sports App for FireStick

If you’re a FireStick user, you must be well aware of the abundance of on-demand content that it provides. From TV shows to entertainment channels, FireStick has most of it covered.

However, where it lacks is in providing entertainment to its sports fans.

This calls for an additional app to enable our sports lovers to attain their due share of entertainment. Among its peers, the best sports app for firestick might be the Lepto Sports app.

How To Watch Live Sports on FireStick

Lepto Sports APK

Since it has already been established that directly watching sports on a FireStick isn’t possible, here are some other ways to get your daily sports dose. 

One way could be a third-party app like Lepto Sports. The mentionable thing is that Lepto isn’t available on the app store. Therefore, it is a third-party app that you’ll have to download as an APK. 

You might face a few difficulties using APKs because they often come equipped with viruses that may harm your device. For this reason, Amazon prohibits the user from downloading these in default settings. 

But you can work your way around that if you really want to watch sports on FireStick.

Another route you could opt for would be using the Amazon Silk browser. Amazon Silk is a free procedure, and all it initially requires is a VPN, like IPVanish, which you’ll have to install.

Method 1: How to Watch Live Sports on Amazon Silk Browser

Amazon Silk Browser

Once you have installed the IPVanish, you’ll follow the following steps

  1. Go to the home button on FireStick and select search
  2. Search for the Silk browser in the search bar
  3. Click on the Silk browser app
  4. Select the Download option or the Get option given on the screen
  5. Now open the app and click the URL bar given at the top
  6. Here you’ll have to type in either one of the three URLs
  • LiveTV.sx/enx 
  • ustvgo.tv/category/sports 
  • 720pstream.tv

      7. This will bring you to the page where you can choose the sports you’d like to watch 

      8. Click on the icons and start streaming the sport of your choice

Method 2: How to Install Lepto Sports on FireStick 

Lepto Sports is an android application but can be downloaded on FireStick. Which makes it an easy-to-use and approachable tool for on-demand entertainment. The app is not available in app stores. Hence it has to be downloaded from third-party sources.

This comes with inherent risks of trojans and viruses. However, if you do it the right way, it’s worth it. 

The star feature of the app is that it’s free of cost. So you can watch all the sports you want without spending a single penny, making it a sports fan’s dream.

Moving on to the installation procedure, here is how to install the best live sports app on Firestick.

  1. Enter your home screen and go to the Settings icon
  2. On the right side, you’ll find the MY FIRE TV option
  3. After selecting the above option, you must navigate downwards to the click on Developer Options
  4. Among various options, you will find the Apps from unknown sources, which you will select
  5. Now return to the home screen and tap on Find and Search 
  6. In the search bar, look for Downloader
  7. Select this Downloader and click on Download (additionally, it may ask you to Allow the app to run, so you must click on it to allow it)
  8. In the Downloader app, you will enter this URL on the URL bar get.filelinked.com
  9. Once you click Go, it will download Filelinked on your device
  10.  And you can install it
  11. After installation completes, you’ll see a Delete option twice on your screen. Click it both times
  12. Now return to the home screen and click on the App Launcher icon
  13. Select the Filelinked and enter the code 51829986 and click on Continue
  14. Once you do that, select Search Files and search Lepto. 
  15. Install the app and click Open to use it.

How to Use Lepto Sports App on FireStick

Vola Sports is now Lepto Sports

You can use Lepto Sports on your FireStick after you have installed it. Once you have done that, you can quickly go to your Home Screen. There you can go to the App Drawer and select the installed app to run it.

Lepto Sports on FireStick Features

Lepto Sports App is the updated version of Vola Sports and can be considered as the best sports app for firestick. It’s one of the most convenient choices not only for watching sports but also for getting sports news and event updates.

The cherry on top is that the app is entirely free of any charges making the experience even better.

The app features include:

  • To start with, it has an efficient interface.
  • The Menu is appropriately designed for all categories
  • Regular updates to prevent app malfunctions
  • Multiple links to enable continuous streaming
  • Fast streaming minimizes buffering issues
  • A wide variety of sports channels available with particular focus on Football
  • Convenient watching of Live matches, including Live cricket
  • Access to highlights of all games and live scores enabled
  • Content provided in HD quality and optimum audio
  • Easy to navigate app enhancing the user experience
  • A trending section to provide games that are ongoing so you can easily reach out to your favorite Live match
  • Option to personalize the APK themes to your choosing

Lepto Sports App Pros 

If you have used the Vola app before Lepto, you won’t find much of a difference between the two apps. It is simple to use and serves its purpose well without getting into complexities.

The pros include: 

  1. Theme: The theme of the app is easy on the eyes, and similar to the Vola sports app, as mentioned earlier, much hasn’t changed between the two apps. While the Vola app sported a light blue theme, the newer Lepto Sports app has a dark blue one.
  2. Convenient to Use: The application provides optimum response and is compatible with most android devices. It fits to screen hence utilizing the maximum area to give the best visuals. Additionally, it has both landscape and portrait versions functional for convenience
  3. HD Quality Content: The feature that makes Lepto one of the top sports apps for firestick is its lightweight combined with the HD quality of its content. This makes it a win-win situation for the users
  4. Content Updates: The app religiously keeps its users updated on content and sports news. Any events or scores are added to the app as soon as they are released hence making it the best live sports app on firestick. 
  5.  Compatibility: The Lepto Sports App’s compatibility with various devices is unmatchable. Even though the app was initially designed for androids, it is also wholly functional with firestick, PC, and Nvidia shield
  6. Countdown Timer: The Lepto APK doesn’t fail to astonish with its features. One of the distinct features is its countdown timer. The app puts up a timer under any upcoming matches to track the amount of time left until it premieres. This way, users can easily catch their favorite live sports shows and not miss out on them. 

Lepto Sports App Cons

With all of the pros come a few cons as well. Here is a list of cons that you should look into before installing the app: 

1. Lack of Built-in Video Player: A significant problem observed with the Lepto Sports app is the absence of its video player. If you use the app, you will have to go through the further hassle of installing a video player to watch the sports. 

The video player isn’t too hard to obtain since it is present on the Google Playstore, so you won’t have to search too far and beyond. But it is extra work, and the video player that the app suggests isn’t among the best ones.

2. Third-Party Video Player Not Supported: In addition to the absence of an inherent video player, another hindrance that the app provides is its lack of support for any third-party video players.

This means any apps such as VLC media player or MX player will not be able to play the videos for the Lepto app. This has proven to be a significant sour spot for Lepto APK users. It prevents them from utilizing substantial features such as Screen locks, fast-forwarding, or changing the speed of the video.

3. Lack of Menu Option: A surprising drawback of the app is the absence of the menu icon. The icon is significant for the convenience of navigation, especially if you talk of sports fans. So instead of the Menu, the users have to go to the home page and navigate from there. Going to the settings is also not an option here. 

4. Sub-standard Navigational Options:  Considering the services the app provides, the navigation is relatively disappointing. Even though the app is unquestionably simple to use, the in-app navigation isn’t up to mark. Users have to utilize the touch sensors on their phones instead of using the inbuilt settings of the app to navigate, making the user experience poor.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much should I pay for the app? 

The good thing about the Lepto Sports App’s APK is that it has been customized to allow 

The users complete access to all its features without paying a single penny.

So rest assured that you won’t have to pay anything to use the app.

Does this app contain too many ads?

One of the leading features which have made the app so popular among sports fans is that it adds free. The uninterrupted sports viewing is what fans live for. 

Is Lepto Sports app and vola sports app the same?

Lepto is the successor of the Vola sports app. It can also be called a fork of the Vola app. The user interface and other features are inherently similar but more updated in the Lepto app. The Vola app, which was previously known as Wow Sports Live TV, vanished at one point, and Lepto was then born. 

Is it legal to use Lepto Sports? 

The app brings content from various sports channels, which does put a question mark on its legality. We would advise you not to risk it and use a VPN while using Lepto to keep yourself and your privacy secure.

Why Some Football matches not available on lepto sports apk? 

Certain football matches might not be available on Lepto sports APK due to technical issues.

Install Lepto Sports on Android Phone & Tablet 

As we have already established, Lepto Sports is an APK. Hence it will require a particular procedure to run it on android devices.

Since APKs are third-party apps so they can’t be trusted. Installing them might also make your device vulnerable to viruses. For this reason, Amazon prohibits application downloads from unknown sources and third-party apps. To overcome this download block, follow these steps to download Lepto Sports APK on your phone.

  1. First, make sure that the device that you’re downloading the app on has the most up-to-date Android version.
  2. Download the latest version of the APK 
  3. Now go to the Downloads section on your android device and select it
  4. Now install the APK once installed. Its app icon will appear on your phone like a regular app
  5. You can run the app and enjoy  

Download Lepto Sports for PC on Windows 10/8.1/7, Mac

The Lepto version for your PC is Leptosports.exe, and for Mac, the file will belepto_sports.dmg. There is only one technical difficulty with downloading the Lepto APK on Windows. Since much work hasn’t been done on the windows version of the app, an android emulator must be installed.

Here are the steps to download it on Windows 10/8.1/7, Mac 

  • An Android emulator such as Bluestacks will be downloaded and installed on the app
  • Now download the latest version of the Lepto sports APK
  • Enter the downloaded file into the bluestacks app by dropping it
  • This will automatically start the installation, and you can run the app once it’s done

Key Takeaways 

In conclusion, Lepto is an outstanding third-party app for all sports fans and the best sports app for firestick. If you use FireStick and are a sports fan, you are entirely eligible to download the Lepto APK and enjoy.

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