This tutorial shows you the Kodi Xenon Build install process for Firestick Fire TV, or any Kodi-enabled device.

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Here’s my YouTube tutorial video on how to install Kodi Xenon Build (followed by the written step-by-step instructions):

Kodi Security warning: Hide your location (Fayetteville, GA) and IP address ( now.

How to Install Xenon Build in Kodi

Basically, here are the steps to set up Xenon Build for Kodi: (Here’s the Glow-in-the-Dark Fire TV remote case I use in the video:

  1. From the Kodi home screen, select the Gear icon from the top left part of the Kodi screen.  This takes you into the Kodi “System” menu.
  2. Now select “System Settings”.
  3. Then use the Firestick / Fire TV remote to move the cursor to “Add-Ons“.  Now turn on Unknown Sources.  Then press “Yes” to confirm the selection.
  4. Then go back to the Kodi System menu.
  5. In the Kodi system menu, select File Manager.
  6. Then select Add Source.
  7. Now select the box on your screen that says “None“.
  8. Then enter this address:
  9. Press OK to finish adding the address of the new Source.
  10. Now select the box that says “Enter a name for the new source
  11. Then enter the name “kfiretv diggz” or any other name you like.
  12. Select OK to finish naming the new Source.
  13. Then press OK once more to completely adding the new Kodi source.
  14. Now, go back to the Kodi home screen.
  15. Then go to the Add-Ons area from the Kodi home screen
  16. Select the Package Manager icon in the top left corner
  17. Choose Install From Zip File
  18. Select the newly-added source (“kfiretv diggz“)
  19. Then choose the zip file you see (named something like
  20. Wait a few seconds for the “Repository Enabled” notification to appear
  21. Without leaving the “Package Manager” area, select “Install from Repository
  22. Select Diggz Repo (or similar name)
  23. Now choose Program Add-Ons
  24. Select Diggz Wizard
  25. Wait for the Add-On Enabled Notification to appear.
  26. Return to the Kodi home screen
  27. Go to “Add-Ons
  28. Select Diggz Wizard
  29. Then select Install using the Center button of the Fire TV remote
  30. After you see “Diggz Wizard Add-On Enabled” a window will pop up that says “Since this is your First Run of the Wizard, Would you like to Enable any of the following settings?”
  31. Select “Continue
  32. Then select “Build menu” with the center button on the Firestick remote
  33. Select (Diggz) Fresh Install to wipe Kodi clean and install Xenon Xstream build. Or to leave your current Kodi add-ons in-tact and attempt to install Xenon build OVER your existing Kodi data, select Standard Install.
  34. Finally select “Yes, Install” to start the Xenon Build Kodi install process!
  35. When the download and install is complete, select “Force Close
  36. Then re-launch Kodi. Do this from the Fire TV home screen by going to Settings – Applications – Manage Installed Applications. Then find Kodi, select Kodi, and choose Launch Application.
  37. Wait for Xenon Build Kodi to start up! Give Xenon Build for Kodi a few minutes to update all the add-ons and get all settled into your Firestick or Fire TV. Then stream on, Wayne. And stream on, Garth.
  38. Don’t forget to protect yourself with a VPN!

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