UPDATED:  The Xanax Build has been updated for 2020!  The Xanax repo URL is still the same.

The current Xanax Build download file size (for Kodi 18.5 and 18.6) is 343MB.  After downloading, the Xanax build zip file  extracts to 478MB on your Firestick.

Here’s how to install my favorite new Kodi build:  the Kodi Xanax Build.  Xanax is a new Kodi Build which contains great TV show and Movie addons, as well as many other addons.

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  • This Kodi Build exists in 2 forms:  as a standard Kodi build installable from a Repository, and also as a stand-alone APK installable on Amazon devices and Android devices.
  • Address of Xanax Repo is:  http://xanaxrepo.com/repo/
  • Address of Xanax APK is:  http://bit.ly/xanaxapk

What is in Xanax Kodi Build?

What makes the Xanax Kodi Build unique is the fact that you have a great interface, a stellar layout and immediate access to various add-ons. If you always needed comprehensive features and a very easy to use system, the Xanax Kodi Build is the right one for you.

  • Xanax Build is supposedly the reincarnated Durex Build, which was one of my favorite Kodi builds back in the day.

It’s very creative, it delivers an astounding value and the attention to detail is incredible. You do want to test it out, give it a try and you will enjoy the results quite a lot in the long run.

In the Xanax Kodi Build you can find TV Shows, Movies and a plethora of other content. Everything is organized really well and it enables you to access the entire content you may need comprehensively and without worries. It’s a very powerful and reliable process, one that does work great and you can customize or improve it as you see fit.

It’s definitely worth checking out for yourself to see how it works and how you can improve on it. You do need to follow the instructions above if you want to use the Xanax Kodi Build, so check them out and start using them right away if you want to!

2 Methods to Install Xanax Build for Kodi

Xanax is compatible with Kodi 18.1 and 18.2, which makes it very helpful and easy to access. This is a step by step tutorial that will make it easy for you to figure out how to access Kodi via Xanax, and it’s a very good option.

Hey!  There are 2 ways to install Xanax Kodi Build, depending on what type of device you’re using.

Xanax comes with a similar layout, add-ons and design when compared to other Best Kodi Builds like Kodi No Limits Build. But the compatibility is even better and that really helps you a lot.

It’s a very good idea to install the Kodi add-ons contained within Xanax build via the Xanax Kodi Wizard, as that makes the process simpler and easier, not to mention more convenient. You do have to test it out and use it in a proper manner for it to work.

How to Install Xanax Kodi Build (using Xanax Repo)

This install method works for any device type which runs Kodi.  So follow the simple steps below to install Kodi Xanax Build.

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In the “Step 1” section below, we tell Kodi to allow a new source to be added.  If you’ve already done this, then skip to the “Step 2” section below.

Step 1:  Turn on Unknown Sources in Kodi

  1. The first thing you want to do is to launch Kodi and then select the Settings Icon. Here you want to choose SYSTEM.
  2. Go to the Add-ons menu and then turn the Unknown sources ON. If it’s already ON, leave it the way it is. You need this if you want to install the Xanax Kodi Build, which is coming from other sources. Click YES.

Step 2:  Install the Xanax Repo

  1. Now you need to go back to the System Page
  2. Select the File Manager
  3. Then select Add Source.
  4. Click NONE
  5. Then type this URL – http://xanaxrepo.com/repo/
  6. Press OK
  7. At the bottom of this screen you have to add a name for your media source. It can be Xanax or it can be anything you want. That’s up to you.
  8. Go back to the System page
  9. Select Add-Ons
  10. Then choose to install from Zip File.
  11. Click the new source you added (Xanax)
  12. Select the file Xanax-repo.zip
  13. Wait until the Xanax repository add-on to appear.

Step 3:  Install Xanax Wizard

  1. Then select “Install from repository“.
  2. Select the Xanax repository
  3. Click the Program Add-ons section
  4. Choose Xanax Wizard
  5. Then click Install. Now wait for the Wizard to install and launch on its own
  6. Select “Build menu
  7. Now select the version of Xanax build which is the same as your installed version of Kodi (for example, 18.1)
  8. Then select Yes
  9. Press Install
  10. Wait until the download is finished and then select Force close.

That’s all you need to do! The entire process might seem a bit time-consuming and challenging but it’s actually easy to get into and you will enjoy the results a lot.

That really helps immensely and it pushes the boundaries a lot more than you might imagine. You do want to check it Xanax and give it a shot however, and you will enjoy the experience quite a bit in the end.

How to Install the Xanax Kodi APK (for Amazon devices and Android)

Step 1:  Enable Apps from Unknown Sources

  1. From the Fire TV Home screen, hover over Settings, move down and choose My Fire TV. Select developer options and allow apps from unknown sources, turn the option ON.

Step 2:  Install Downloader app

  1. Install the Downloader app by typing Downloader in search, highlight downloader and it should appear, install Downloader. Then press Allow to make it work.

Step 3:  Download Xanax Build APK & Install

  1. Launch Downloader and then type in this address bit.ly/xanaxapk.  Wait for the file to download
  2. Press Install
  3. Click Done.   (Optional:  Delete the installation file afterwards.)

Step 4:  (After Install) Launch Xanax Build APK

  1. Go back to the home screen.
  2. Launch Xanax and see the Wizard window
  3. Then press Continue
  4. Now select Build Menu.
  5. Select the first Menu option on your screen that includes the text “Xanax” and “18.1“.  If that menu item doesn’t work, then go to the second menu item and try that.
  6. Then Select Xanax Fresh Install,
  7. Press Continue
  8. Wait for the build to download and install.
  9. Then select Force Close.

Now the build has been successfully installed. At this point, simply launch Xanax Kodi Build and wait for Xanax Build to update for 10-15 minutes. Unplugging the power from your streaming device will help with that, so try to keep it in mind.

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