This COMPLETE tutorial guide shows you how to set up a Kodi VPN to 100% encrypt your streaming data from source-to-destination (client-to-server).

Kodi VPN Setup Summary:

Using this method, we sign up for inexpensive (yet top-notch) VPN service.  Then we set up a VPN-enabled router to “repeat” your existing Internet connection, but in a secured manner that uses the new VPN service you just signed up for.  (Scroll down for the exact model and link to the router).  Once your new Kodi VPN Router is connected to your new Secure VPN, we gain several security benefits.  We enjoy the security and convenience of being able to connect to your second, new secure WiFi network that always uses a VPN to protect and un-block your Kodi streams.

  • Hey Firestick Users:  There’s now a VPN app made just for Amazon Fire TV & Firestick.  Use my Firestick VPN setup YouTube video & VPN app tutorial (step-by-step written version) to install it on your Fire stick in about 2 minutes.  Or continue reading the page you’re on now to set up VPN on ALL your devices at once.

Which VPN is Best for Kodi?

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Kodi Security warning: Hide your location (Hemet, CA) and IP address ( now.

How Does This Kodi VPN Setup Work?

With this method, we add a new (“secondary”), completely VPN-secured WiFi network to our home/business without messing with our existing WiFi router!

Will I Still Be Able To Use My Existing WiFi Network?

Yes, you will still be able to connect to your current WiFi network like you always have been – but you will also be able to connect to the new VPN-secured router to unblock Kodi streams, for example.

Here’s how:

To make our security super-simple, we use the VPN router in Repeater Mode to “repeat” or “extend” or existing WiFi network securely!  So, read more about how to set up Repeater mode and the VPN kill switch below.

To see how to set up this perfect Kodi Secure no-logging VPN solution with WiFi repeater mode and VPN Killswitch on your FireStick and all other WiFi/non-WiFi devices, follow these steps:

Kodi VPN Setup

  1. Get a GLi Mini Travel Router from Amazon for $20 by clicking here
  2. Plug in the travel router to a USB power source, such as the USB port on a laptop.
  3. On your computer or smartphone, connect to the new WiFi network.  The network name is GL-XXXX-XXX, where the X’s are the Model #.
  4. Then open a browser window using the same computer or smartphone.
  5. In the browser’s address bar, enter (or whatever address the “quick start” card gives you, which came with your VPN mini travel router)
  6. The GLi Router Configuration screen should now aplpear.  Select your Language (English)
  7. Now use the Mini Router to connect to your existing network.  Don’t give up!  You’re almost half way done.
  8. To connect the new router to your existing WiFi network (wirelessly), continue reading.  Otherwise, to connect your new router to your existing network with a cable, just attach an Ethernet cable to the WAN port on the new router – and the other end to a port on your existing router and SKIP to STEP 13.
  9. Continuing on with setting up your new router to use your existing WiFi network, go to WAN Settings.
  10. Now click the “Repeater” tab to connect the mini router to your existing WiFi network by going to the “Home / Settings” tab (has a picture of a house).  This “repeats” your existing WiFi signal but under a different WiFi network name.  All data sent through that new WiFi network will be encrypted after we set up the VPN on it.  Or plug the travel router into your existing router with an Ethernet cable instead of using Repeater Mode.  If you do this, you can skip this step and go to step 13 below.
  11. Allow the Repeater tab 10 seconds or so to find your existing WiFi network.  Once it’s found, the network name auto-fills.  If it doesn’t auto-fill the box, then select it from the Dropdown menu.  If nothing appears in the dropdown menu, then reboot everything and try again (most likely just a WiFi reconnect is necessary)
  12. Enter your existing WiFI network’s password and leave the Repeater Mode at WISP.  Make sure the “auto reconnect” box is checked.
  13. Click Submit to save the config to your new mini VPN travel router.
  14. Now go to the OpenVPN tab.
  15. Then in a new browser tab go to  Log in to your IPVanish account (if you don’t have a VPN account yet, get one for $4.87 a month with our 60% off coupon code).  Then click on Server List.
  16. Now click on “OpenVPN” under “All OS”.
  17. After the zip file is done downloading, go back to the browser tab with your travel router’s configuration screen, where we left off at the “OpenVPN tab”.
  18. Now drag and drop the zip file you downloaded into the box with the dotted line that you see on the OpenVPN tab of your GLi mini router’s config screen.
  19. Allow the router at least a minute to process the zip file.
  20. Then click Enable (checkbox) in the router config screen.
  21. Now select a VPN server from the dropdown list!
  22. Click the “Force VPN” box to make sure the “VPN killswitch” is enabled, so no data is sent without the VPN.
  23. Then click Submit!
  24. Finally, the Status will now show that the OpenVPN is connected and transferring data.  If it doesn’t, try a different VPN server from the dropdown list.
  25. Now, any devices that are connected to the GLi mini router via WiFi are securely encrypted and tunneled through the VPN service.

To watch the YouTube video of this tutorial instead, click here.

WiFi Repeater Mode

Certain routers have the feature of “Repeater Mode“, in which the router will use another router’s WiFI signal as its source of Internet.  Fortunately, the GLi Mini Travel Router w/VPN (link above) includes this feature and does it well, without hassle.  Simply go to the “Home / Settings” icon in the GLi Router config screen. Next, select “WAN Settings”.  Then click the Repeater tab, then select your existing WiFi network from the dropdown menu!  Now enter your WiFi password and click Submit.

Checking Repeater Mode Connectivity

Now, go back to the Home tab and you should see the “Repeater” status under “SETTINGS” as “WISP”.  At this point, open your browser and surf to a website.  You should now be browsing securely using the VPN that’s configured on the Travel Router!

VPN Killswitch

What is a VPN Killswitch?  A VPN Killswitch is a feature in a VPN service or a VPN-enabled router that kills the connection in case the VPN server is unavailable.  Killswitch enables you to make sure that zero data is transferred unsecurely.

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Why?  Although it’s not common for VPN servers to go offline, it does happen occasionally due to the nature of VPN servers.  Therefore it’s a good idea to utilize the VPN killswitch feature and simply have several alternate VPN servers as options in case your “go-to” VPN server goes down.  Using the steps above will allow you to import ALL of the VPN servers in the VPN Server List.

How to Enable VPN KillSwitch

  1. In the GLi Router Settings, go to the OpenVPN tab.
  2. Check the box that says “Force VPN“.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. You’re done.  The VPN killswitch protects your Internet data by shutting off your access to the Internet until you re-connect the router to a VPN server that is online and functional (see your VPN service’s Server List online to check out servers).

Wrap Up

This Kodi VPN (sign up fast by clicking here) Setup method will have you streaming unlimited movies, TV, IPTV, and Live TV Channels without worry of government spying or third party snooping!  Say goodbye to bandwidth throttling, geoblocking, blocked Kodi addons, and other nuisances.  Enjoy your Kodi VPN service!

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Kodi VPN Setup Guide: COMPLETE Video + Written Tutorial
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