Kodi Unable to Create GUI Error SOLVED: How I Fixed It


I recently tried to launch Kodi 17.6 Krypton on my Windows 10 PC and received the “Kodi unable to create GUI” error.  After trying several possible solutions, I found the fix!  Well, I actually ended up using a “workaround” (which fixed the problem).

In this solution guide, I show you how I fixed my Kodi unable to create GUI error.

I also show you other things I tried (with no success – but they were worthy attempts anyway).

Here’s a run-down of what to do with a Kodi unable to create GUI error scenario.

Kodi Unable to Create GUI Solutions:

Try all 3 of the solutions below.

Use Kodi 18 instead of Kodi 17

This is the workaround that solved the problem for me.

  • Pros:  On the upside, using Kodi 18 on my Windows 10 PC enables Kodi to utilize the 64-bit CPU my (newer) Windows laptop by which it is powered.  Also, using this solution I could have skipped past the “update your GPU drivers” solution suggestions that other articles & Reddit threads suggest.
  • Cons:  The only downside to this solution is that I now need to install one of several great Kodi 18 builds.  The reason this is a downside is because many more Kodi builds exist for Kodi 17 in contrast with Kodi 18.  Although in my case, this is the only solution that actually worked.  So I am fine with installing a Kodi 18 build.
  • How to attempt this solution:
    • To download Kodi 18, click here to go to the official Kodi 18 download options page.  Or go to my Kodi 18 install page.
    • Or click here or enter http://bit.ly/kodi18beta3x64 into your Windows 10 PC’s web browser to direct-download Kodi 18 (NOTE:  This is the 64-bit version of Kodi, which is only usable by “newer” Windows PCs.

      Install Kodi 18 for the easiest way to solve the Kodi unable to create GUI error

      Quickly solve the Kodi unable to create GUI error by using Kodi 18

    • For Kodi 18 that works on “older” PCs, click here and then download the first file you see that ends in “.exe”).

Update graphics card drivers

Now this solution can take quite awhile to attempt – and if your PC is anything like mine, the solution didn’t actually solve the problem.

  • Pros:  Your graphics card drivers may be out-of-date and/or broken anyway.  So updating your graphics card drivers may or may not solve the “Kodi unable to create GUI” issue.
  • Cons:  After updating my graphics card drivers, I still received the Kodi unable to create GUI error.  But you can try this solution if you want!  It’s up to you.  I simply recommend using Kodi 18 instead of Kodi 17 because it was the quickest, easiest solution for me.  To download my graphics card drivers took about 15 minutes (as the drivers were roughly a 200MB download).
  • How to attempt this solution:
    • Click the Windows Start Menu, then type in “device manager” and click on the “Device Manager” item that appears in the auto-complete results.
    • After the Device Manager launches, expand the “Display adapters” section.

      Update graphics card drivers to fix Kodi unable to create GUI error

      This is what the Display Adapters section of Device Manager looks like for my PC

    • Then right-click on your display adapter, then click “Properties”.
    • Now click on the “Driver” tab, then click “Update Driver”
    • Finally, click “Search automatically for updated device driver software”.
    • Then wait for Windows to search and install updated graphics card drivers (if they’re available).  Sometimes you already have the latest drivers installed.  In this case, you’re shit-out-of-luck in trying this solution and you should try another solution on this page.

Change Kodi launcher to run in Windowed mode

This solution didn’t work for me, but did work for some people on Reddit.

  • Pros:  For some people, this fixes the problem!  I know this same method fixed some Windows games that would not launch for me.
  • Cons:  This solution attempt did not work for me.  But it basically means you change the Options in the Kodi launcher so that Kodi launchces not-fullscreen (aka “windowed”).
  • How to attempt this solution:
    • To do this, find Kodi in the Start Menu, then right-click the Kodi icon and then click properties.
    • After that, find the area that says “Run” which has a dropdown menu next to it.
    • The dropdown menu (by default) says “Normal window”.
    • Change this to “Maximized”, then click “OK”.

      Kodi unable to create GUI error resolved by changing to Windowed mode

      Screenshot of the part of the Properties window you need to change

    • Now launch Kodi, cross your fingers, and see if you still get the Kodi unable to create GUI error.
    • If it doesn’t fix the problem, scroll up to the “Kodi 18” section and download Kodi 18 on your Windows PC instead.

Good luck!


Ian (KFire TV Admin)

Ian (KFire TV Admin)

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