Kodi Pulse build remains one of the greatest Firestick builds, even with the trials it and the general Kodi community have undergone lately. This build weighs in at 244 MB downloaded, then takes up right at 350 MB once fully decompressed and installed. Knocked down and pushed around many times this past year, Kodi Pulse CCM build keeps getting back up. It quickly dusts itself off every time—shinier and stronger than ever! So check out this exceptionally easy-to-follow tutorial to install Kodi Pulse CCM Build in Kodi 17.6 Krypton.

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Allow Unknown Sources

First, make sure “Unknown Sources” are enabled in Kodi to continue with the Pulse Build install process. If unsure what this means, or if you need a refresher, then visit the simple Allow Unknown Sources in Kodi tutorial guide. We’ll get you set up to add third-party Kodi TV addons, builds, wizards, and repositories in no time at all.




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Install Fire TV Guru Repo Source

Installing the Fire TV Guru repository source location in Kodi requires less than a minute following these easy steps.

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  1. Click the System icon, which looks like a gear cog.
  2. Then, go into the File Manager.
  3. Select the Add Source item, so you can add the repo source location.
  4. Then, choose None to use an external URL as the source.
  5. Enter the Fire TV Guru repo URL, so http://firetvguru.net/fire/.
  6. Name it Fire TV Guru, then double check everything for typos and click OK.
  7. If you get a message saying directory information couldn’t be retrieved, then choose not to add it for now. Check back again later, then maybe it will have come back online. You can check out some other builds in the mean-time, so enjoy Kodi without worry.

Install Fire TV Guru Repo

To install the Fire TV Guru repository in Kodi, just use the easy to follow steps below. Fire TV Guru Repo exists as a simple file storage location which holds the latest version of the Fire TV Guru Wizard. Fire TV Guru Wizard contains and installs the amazing Pulse CCM Kodi build! Let’s get the Fire TV Guru repository installed.

  1. Head back to the Kodi home screen, then click the Add-ons menu item.
  2. Then, enter the Add-ons Browser, which looks like an open package.
  3. Choose to Install from zip file.
  4. Either click on the repository.firetvguru.zip file or select it and click on OK, so it gets installed.
  5. You now have the Fire TV Guru Repo installed.

Install Fire TV Guru Wizard

At this point, we simply get the Fire TV Guru Wizard installed, then let it do most of the work for us. Follow the quick and simple process outlined below to get acces to a ton of great Kodi TV addons!

  1. Go into the Install from repository section next.
  2. Then, select the Fire TV Guru Repo.
  3. Enter the Program add-ons directory, so you can access the Fire TV Wizard installer.
  4. Select the Fire TV Wizard for installation.
  5. Then, click on the Install button.
  6. Fire TV Wizard installs, then automatically launches.

Install Kodi Pulse CCM Build

We finally get to the main course, then start eyeballing desert. Are you eyeballing my Snickers Caramel Chocolate Cheesecake? Wars have erupted over less, so you’d best make your own. Okay; I’ll still show you how to install Kodi Pulse CCM build, though Fire TV Wizard does the heavy lifting. Let’s get on with it, shall we?

  1. You can read the first dialog the Fire TV Wizard throws at you if you wish, then dismiss it.
  2. Decide which settings you’d like saved by the Fire TV Wizard, then whether it should clear the cache on startup.
  3. If you have no build installed, then the Fire TV Wizard prompts you to view the build menu. Go ahead and check it out.
  4. Choose the Pulse CCM Krypton build, then enter its directory.
  5. If you don’t have a clean Kodi installation, then choose the Fresh Start then Install option. We cleaned Kodi up previous to this process, so we’ll select the Standard Install.
  6. Pulse CCM Krypton downloads and installs, then has you force close Kodi. The wizard chooses to do this, so Kodi Pulse CCM can overwrite settings and avoid data corruption.

There you have it. Kodi Pulse CCM build installed fine and got itself all setup for you.

Alternatives to the Kodi Pulse CCM Build

The Pulse CCM Build easily ranks among the top 5 Kodi builds of all time in my opinion. With its great appearance and a huge selection of TV addons, Pulse CCM has long exceeded most Kodi users’ expectations. Still, you may wish to try some other build options, then make up your own mind. We’ve written many great Kodi build tutorials recently, so feel free to try more if you enjoy shopping around before deciding. Here’s a short list of the latest and greatest to get you started:

Enjoy Kodi Pulse CCM Build Safely From Within A VPN