With the growing trend of home theatre systems, everyone wants to have one that’s easy to use and affordable, so they and their family can enjoy and maximize their streaming movie & TV experience. For this reason, the Plex for Kodi add-on (which we know as Kodi plex ) was created. Kodi plex provides the users with access of Plex streaming movies & TV shows anytime, wherever you might be. Furthermore, it allows the users the advanced customization of Kodi home theatre which is great in its own way.

Kodi Plex happens to be a dedicated and efficient device that gives the users and intelligent and configurable way to play media in your home theatre. The AV settings of Kodi allow the knobs to be twisted at advanced level as well as advanced level sliding. That gives the consumer a chance to fine tune playback for their personally customized viewing experience.

Kodi Plex is user friendly and an easy to install Plex Media Server software that works efficiently and expertly with all of your Plex apps which are available on your smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, smart TVS and streaming devices. You can stream your music, videos as well as photo collection no matter where you are, to any device.

The reason Kodi Plex is a smart solution to your needs is the software that it entails called the Plex Media Server. Once it has been downloaded on your device or NAS device, it scans and indexes all of the media that you have which makes your Plex library look organized and configured and all ready to stream!  Plex Media Server runs on Windows, Linux PC and Mac as well as NAS device if it is compatible. No hardware is required to run the Media Plex Server on Google Drive and Dropbox.




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Installing Kodi Plex:

The process to install Kodi Plex is fairly simple.

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  1. You need to sign up for your free account that allows you to download the Plex Media Server (download here) software that acts as the main handler of organizing of your media.
  2. Install the Kodi Plex app by going here.  Then follow the Plex instructions shown on the Plex official Website.

After you have installed the Plex apps in all of your devices, Kodi Plex allows you to enjoy the media anywhere with easy access.

What Does Kodi Plex Do?

Plex has the ability to recognize all kinds of music, video and photo formats that display your content in such a way that allows easy navigation interface.

  • The biggest feature of Plex for Kodi is that it allows you to stream movies from local sources very easily.  This means if you have a PC or a hard drive with tons of movie files on it, you can install Plex server on that PC – then use the Plex Kodi app to stream the movies in Kodi from your PC / hard drive!

Kodi Plex not only organizes your media collections but make them look great and easy to navigate as well. Furthermore with Kodi Plex you can easily share things with family and friends as well that gives the people whom you choose to share things easy access to your stuff.

Also, the mobile sync option allows you to sync movies, music and photos to your mobile device for offline enjoyment.  Now if you are flying, taking a journey across the ocean or travelling for long distance. You can access what you have synced.

With Kodi plex you can easily your pictures from that camping trip to grandparents, share videos and even show off your music collection in an organized manner!