Many users have reported that they need a Kodi Pair fix (aka “Kodi Not Connecting” problem) .  This tutorial shows you how to reset Kodi on Firestick, install a brand new copy of Kodi latest version, and finally how to install one of the best Kodi builds.

Here’s the Kodi “pairing required” notification message you’re probably seeing now:

To play this video, authorization is required.  Visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network: then click Pair.

Fix this “OpenLoad pairing” Kodi issue with the Step-by-Step guide further down this page.

For Beginners: What is a Kodi Build?

The “Kodi builds” mentioned above automatically installs a pre-configured selection of the best currently-working (as of Sunday September 24, 2023) TVAddons in Kodi.  If your Kodi is full of TVAddons, extra menus, and lots of “stuff”, then you probably have a Kodi build installed already.  But since most Kodi builds rely heavily upon many TVAddons (which commonly go offline), these Kodi builds can “break” easily.  That’s what this guide is for – to show you how to fix your own Kodi when it breaks, whether you have a Kodi build installed or not.  So keep reading to Fix Kodi!




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Kodi Build vs. TVAddons

Installing a Kodi build after you Fix Kodi with our Kodi Pair Fix is far easier than individually installing TVAddons in Kodi.  Although you can install Exodus by itself using our updated Install Exodus guide.

This is Why You Need a Kodi Pair Fix:

Your “Kodi pair fix” issues are most likely caused by a combination of factors.  These factors are listed directly below, and they can all be solved by using the Step-by-Step Instructions on this page (scroll down):

  • You’re using an old version of Kodi:  If you’re using a version of Kodi prior to Kodi 17.1, then it’s likely that your Kodi will never work properly due to the HTTPS-enhancement that Kodi put into its software.  Many TVAddons also upgraded their servers to require HTTPS.  And since Kodi 17.1 was the first version of Kodi to support HTTPS, if you’re using a version of Kodi prior to 17.1, then that could be cause you to need this Kodi pair fix
  • However, if you’re using the latest version of Kodi and you still need a Kodi pair fix, then it’s most likely that your Kodi installation is simply just using old TVAddons that no longer work.  Why?  Because recently the official TVAddons website went offline, along with some of their addons and installer “sources” (such as the Fusion installer).  So, once again, the Steps below will fix your Kodi pairing problem if this is your case.

Kodi Pair Fix / “Won’t Connect” Solution

The step-by-step guide below shows you how to first Clear Kodi Data (twice) to make your Kodi like brand new.

Then in Part B we install a Kodi Build or TVAddons to get you streaming again in no time flat.

First try this:  Try to press “Cancel” using the Center button on the Fire TV Remote when the “Pairing required” notification appears.  Sometimes if you press Cancel (quickly – immediately after the Pairing Required popup box appears), then the stream will actually proceed to play.  But if you’ve tried this several times and still no luck, then use the steps below to fix your Kodi OpenLoad pairing problem:

Part A:  Clear Kodi Data

  1. From the Kodi home screen, go to Settings.

    Settings on Firestick Home screen

    Go to Settings

  2. Then select “Device“.

    Now select "Device"

    Select “Device”

  3. Now choose “Manage Installed Applications“. Then select Kodi.
  4. Select Force stop, clear data (press this twice), clear cache.
  5. Launch Kodi.
  6. Wait for about 10 seconds. At this point, Kodi may “freeze”. If so, that’s expected! No matter what Kodi does, continue on to the next step after you give Kodi at least 10 seconds to try to start. .
  7. Now press the Home button on the Firestick remote to go to the Fire TV home screen.
  8. Force stop Kodi, clear data, clear cache a second time (as you did using Steps 1 through 5 above).
  9. Launch Kodi a second time. This time, Kodi should start without a problem.

Now that the Kodi data is cleared, we simply follow one of my tutorial guides (below) to install a Kodi build or TVAddons.

Part B:  Install Kodi Build or TVAddons

Now that your Kodi installation is completely clear of all Data and Cache, it’s time to (re-)install a nice Kodi build or individual TVAddons using the tutorial links below.

Notice: Hackers create fake WiFi hotspots to steal your passwords when you log in to public WiFi. Secure your data.

Use the links below to Install a Kodi Build or Install TVAddons.

  1. How to Install TV addons on Firestick in 2017
  2. Install a Kodi Build (Easy-peazy)

The tutorials above get your Kodi up to the point where you can watch streaming movies & TV shows.

After you’re done with the steps above, do Part C below to protect your streaming data on your Firestick or Fire TV.

Part C:  Set Up Kodi VPN to Maximize # of Sources

Sometimes, a VPN connection can result in seeing more Sources in Kodi.  To install a VPN on Firestick in about 5 minutes, use the tutorial link below.

After you fix Kodi Firestick won’t connect issues, make sure you Subscribe to us via email or on the KFire YouTube to stay up-to-date on streaming news.

Kodi OpenLoad Pairing: Other Error Messages

These other Kodi pairing error messages are some you might see:

  • kodi Pairing Required message
  • http // Activate Streaming
  • Kodi notification

The Kodi OpenLoad fix demonstratred in the tutorial above should fix pretty much any Kodi pairing issues you may have, displaying any Pairing URL like OpenLoad.

Wrap Up

I hope this Kodi pair fix helps you solve your streaming troubles.

If not, try a Kodi alternative like Terrarium TV, Mobdro, or Show Box.