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The Kodi One Nation Build is currently a leading competitor in the Kodi Builds category.  We use the program addon “One Nation Wizard” to install One Nation Kodi Builds.

Here’s how to install the One Nation Wizard, as well as how to install the One Nation APK (for a quicker install process on Amazon Fire TV / Firestick devices & Android devices).

One Nation Wizard Addresshttp://www.onenation.info/

One Nation APK Address (Kodi 18.3 Leia)http://bit.ly/onmck183

or One Nation APK Address (Kodi 17.6 Krypton)http://bit.ly/onmck176

How to Install One Nation Kodi Builds

  1. Launch Kodi
  2. Press the “System” icon (looks like a Gear and sits in the top left corner of Kodi)
  3. Go to File Manager
  4. Select “Add Source”
  5. Then press “NONE”
  6. Enter this address:  http://www.onenation.info/
  7. Press “Done”
  8. Then enter a name for the media source (I recommend you use the name “one nation”)
  9. Press OK, then press OK again to finish adding the new Source
  10. Press the Back button on the Firestick remote (or press Esc on PC/Mac keyboard) to return to the System menu
  11. Then select
  12. Now press “Install From Zip File
  13. Select the new source you added (“one nation”)
  14. Select “1Nation“, then select “Portal
  15. Then select the zip file “plugin.program.onenationportal-x.x.x.zip”
  16. Wait for the “Add-on installed” notification to appear in Kodi
  17. Then wait for the One Nation wizard to launch. If it doesn’t launch automatically, then launch it manually from the Kodi home screen.
  18. Press “Continue” to proceed through the prompts, choose a One Nation Build, and start streaming.

At this point, you can scroll down to the section that says “Launching Kodi One Nation Wizard / APK for the First Time“.  Follow the steps there to finish.

Install One Nation APK for Kodi 18 Leia

  1.  If using an Amazon Fire TV / Firestick, install the Downloader app and then enter this address:  http://bit.ly/onmck183 (If using an Android device, enter this address into your Android device’s web browser: http://bit.ly/onmck183 )
  2. Launch the file you just downloaded if the file doesn’t launch automatically
  3. Press “Install
  4. Then press “Open
  5. Go to the section below to finish, or just proceed through the questions on your screen to install the One Nation Build of your choice!

Launching Kodi One Nation Wizard / APK for the First Time

After you installed the One Nation Portal (http://www.onenation.info/) or the One Nation APK (http://bit.ly/onmck183), here’s what you do:

  1. First, Kodi displays a popup that says “OneNation-Portal”.  Press “Continue” when you see this
  2. Then press “Build Menu” .  (If Kodi says “First run help..” after this, just press “OK”)
  3. Now select a One nation Kodi Leia Build.
  4. Then select “Fresh Install” to completely delete everything in Kodi before installing your Build.  Or press “Standard Install” to keep what’s in Kodi before installing the Build.
  5. Then press “Yes, Install”
  6. Now wait for Kodi to download the Build and install the build.
  7. Then select “Force close
  8. Now re-launch Kodi
  9. Wait a few minutes for the new Kodi Build to start up for the first time and to update everything!
  10. Start streaming and enjoy your new Kodi Build!

List of One Nation Leia Builds

Kodi 18 Leia

TIP:  Quickly download the One Nation Kodi 18 APK herehttp://bit.ly/onmck183

  • [18.0] Cobalt – Leia – Server 1 and 2
  • [18.3] Irusu – Server 1
  • [18.3] Nebula Leia (180MB download)
  • [18.2] Ebony Leia
  • [18.0] Meganation Leia
  • [18.2] Deceit Ultra
  • [18.3] The Incredibles! on Leia
  • [18.3] Toy Story! Leia
  • [18.0] Max-d Mario – Kids!
  • [18.3] Cosmic Evolution Leia
  • [18.2] Chappie 18 Family
  • [18.0] Rampage Leia
  • [18.0] Dre’s Fallen Build
  • [18.0] 2192 – Leia
  • [18.0] rAven
  • [18.0] Rabs Blue Build
  • [18.2] Slamious 18
  • [18.0] Galactic War
  • Franks 18
  • Madflix Leia
  • Xtasy D
  • BlueMagic
  • Yeti
  • Diablo
  • DC vs Marvel Leia
  • And Chill
  • And Chill Lite
  • Lightning Build
  • Bugs Bunny Build
  • Venom Gif Build
  • Mario Odyssey Build 18
  • Fairy Build 18
  • Donald Duck Build 18
  • Hulk Build 18
  • Need for Speed 18
  • Wolf Build 18

Kodi 17 Krypton

Don’t forget!  There’s an all-in-one One Nation Portal APK which includes Kodi 17.6 Krypton.  The address of that file ishttp://bit.ly/onmck176

  • Cobalt
  • Ebony
  • Max’d Mario
  • Naboo
  • D’s Build
  • D’s Whiteout Build
  • Kashyyyk
  • Lobo Build
  • Lobo Vision Horror
  • Dre4ever Build
  • Dre4everlite Build
  • We are Negan
  • Skotadi
  • Kodi World
  • Klepto
  • Breezz
  • Kiddo
  • Godfather

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