Kodi on Firestick makes perfect sense when you want to get rid of an unreasonably pricey cable bill. Cut the cable! When you install the Fantastic TV addon from the Firestickplusman Repo, Kodi on Firestick becomes much more entertaining. As a beautifully working Kodi Exodus and Covenant fork, Fantastic really hits the sweet spot. Overzealous anti-piracy legal departments used scare tactics to pull Exodus and Covenant (and many more!) offline. Fantastic stepped in to fill this void without a backward glance.

As Kodi stream sources and developers come and go quite rapidly, keep up to date by visiting the KFire TV front page often. Then, you can keep up with all the latest news, builds, and TV addons. This will ensure that you never miss a beat, kick-off, or butter-soaked popcorn movie night. If you have Kodi on Firestick, Fire TV, or any other device, then keeping abreast of the most recent information helps retain your enjoyment.

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Allow Unknown Sources in Kodi on Firestick

First, enable “Unknown Sources” in Kodi to continue with any third-party Kodi TV addon installation. If not certain what this means or you can’t remember where to access it, then view our Allow Unknown Sources in Kodi tutorial guide. We’ll give you the ability to install third-party Kodi on firestick repositories, TV addons, wizards, and builds in about one minute flat. Get back here when you have that done, then we’ll install some third-party goodness onto your Kodi Firestick.




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Install Firestickplusman Repo Source

The Firestickplusman repository source location installation into Kodi with these easy steps takes no time at all. Kodi on firestick gets better with each successive step from here on out.

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  1. Go up to the System (gear cog icon), then click it.
  2. Then, head to the File Manager and click into it.
  3. Choose to Add Source, so you can tell Kodi where the Firestickplusman Repo lives.
  4. Then, select None in order to type in a source URL.
  5. You need to access the Firestickplusman repo, so type the URL http://fspmkodi.com/repo.
  6. Name this Firestickplusman, then scan for typos and click OK.
  7. If you see a dialog saying directory information couldn’t be retrieved, then don’t add it for now. If you wait a bit and check again, then it might have come back up. While you wait, you can try some of the other top TV addons we’ve written install articles for lately on the KFire TV front page, so enjoy your Kodi installation smartly and without fear.

Install Firestickplusman Repo

After setting up the Firestickplusman repository source in Kodi on Firestick, then follow the easy steps below. A simple file storage location, the Firestickplusman Repo holds the latest version of the Fantastic Kodi TV addon. The Firestickplusman repo contains a few other items of note, so browse around if you get curious and have time. Let’s get the Firestickplusman repository installed for Kodi on firestick, then, shall we?

  1. Back at Kodi’s home screen, then select the Add-ons menu item.
  2. Then, open the Add-ons Browser (open package icon).
  3. Choose Install from zip file.
  4. Click on the repository.Firestickplusman-0.1.2.zip file, which may have different version numbers. You may also select it then click on OK, so it installs.
  5. When a dialog comes up for a moment saying so, then the Firestickplusman Repo has installed.

Install Fantastic TV Addon to Kodi on Firestick

Found within the Firestickplusman Repo, you will easily install this Fantastic TV addon into Kodi on Firestick. Follow these last remaining steps, then profit with hours, days, and even weeks of quality entertainment.

  1. If you are still in the Add-on browser, then click on Install from repository.
  2. Choose Firestickplusman Addons, so we can reap this repo’s rewards.
  3. Then, head into Video add-ons.
  4. Click on Fantastic, then the install dialog pops up.
  5. Fantastic stars in this article, so click the Install button.
  6. Once a handful of dependencies download and install, then Kodi lets you know Fantastic has installed.

There you have it. Your new Kodi Fantastic installation awaits your command.

Enjoy Kodi Fantastic Safely From Within A VPN