Install Kodi 17 NoobsandNerds: The Ultimate Add-on Repository

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Update for Sat Dec 9th, 2017:  NoobsAndNerds Repo is back online and WORKING (I used NaN Repo just a moment ago to quickly install BoB Unleashed and instantly stream a new release).  Your Kodi Firestick deserves a Kodi NoobsandNerds repository install (also for XBMC), which owns the full win. The Kodi NoobsandNerds (NaN) repo hosts some of the shiniest treasures in the Kodi universe. This includes the latest in the BoB saga—BoB UnleasheD. It also houses the wildly popular Zen add-on update, which renamed itself Elysium.

What NaN Is

Repositories such as Kodi NoobsandNerds contain plugins, dependencies, configurations, and update files. Your Kodi Firestick can fit several repos, as they only hold pointers to content located elsewhere. It is what they provide that matters the most, and the NaN team have gathered some of the best!

Kodi NoobsandNerds Add-ons

This collection grows at a rapid pace, then grows some more. A smattering of the current roster for the Noobs and Nerds repository presents itself below.

  • 1080p Movies from Dandymedia
  • BBC iPlayer from catchup4kodi
  • BoB UnleasheD from Midraal
  • Disney Junior from catchup4kodi
  • Elysium from Elysium
  • f4mTester from Shani
  • MetalliQ from OpenELEQ and Midraal
  • NaN Tutorials from noobsandnerds and coldkeys
  • PaNdEcO-TeLLY from PaNdEcO
  • Revved Up from Deezel
  • Series Addicts from Dandymedia
  • The Red Pill from SchisM
  • VEVO from t1m

Much more exists within the Noobs and Nerds repo than this tiny list illuminates. You really should check it out for yourself. A pleasant surprise awaits you with all of the working links, which this well maintained repo gives you.

Installing Noobs and Nerds

The NaN repo is super simple to install. Follow this step-by-step guide for a fantastic home entertainment system. Your Firestick Kodi install will thank you.

NaN Repository URL for Experienced Repo Installers

If your Kodi Firestick claims third party virginity no more, then you might just want the repo URL. NoobsandNerds can be found at at this time. Note their repo address changed before due to popularity bogging down their server. This may happen again, so check back here if they become unavailable for an update.

Prepare Kodi for Noobs and Nerds

You will need the use of unknown sources in Kodi 17 turned on before installing third party add-ons. This is a requirement the XBMC Foundation and Kodi Project put in place for safety first.

  1. Open the Settings (looks like a gear icon) in the top leftInstall Kodi NoobsandNerds Repository
  2. Choose System SettingsKodi NoobsandNerds Repository Installation - System Settings
  3. Now, select Add-ons, then turn on Unknown SourcesInstall Noobs and Nerds Kodi Add-on - Toggle Unknown Sources
  4. A popup now appears warning you of security risks involved in allowing add-ons from unknown sources to access your system.Noobs and Nerds Install for Kodi - Warning Dialog

Noobs and Nerds Repo Setup

  1. Go back one page and choose the File ManagerNoobs and Nerds for Kodi Installation - File Manager
  2. Then, select Add SourceNoobs and Nerds Installation for Kodi - Add Source
  3. Now, select None, which allows you to add a media source URL and name itKodi NoobsandNerds Addon Installation - Choose None
  4. Enter the repo URL ( and then hit OK

    enter Kodi NoobsandNerds URL

    enter NaN URL

  5. The default name is okay, but doesn’t really tell us much

    Default NaN name

    Default NaN name

  6. We’ll name it NaN, then say OK once more

    name the source NaN

    name the source NaN

  7. Double check your information for mistakes, then hit OK again

    Double Check Kodi NoobsandNerds source info and OK

    Double Check Kodi NoobsandNerds source info and hit OK

  8. If all went well, you will see a new source in your list

    NaN source added

    NaN source added

NaN Final Details

  1. Head back to Kodi’s Main Menu and enter the Add-ons sectionNoobs and Nerds - choose add-ons menu item
  2. Go into the Add-on Browser (AKA Package Manager) icon to the top leftKodi NoobsandNerds - Add-on Browser
  3. Select Install from zip fileNoobs and Nerds Installation on Kodi - install from zip file
  4. Within the dialog that pops up, select NaN, which you just created

    Select NobbsandNerds source

    Select NaN source

  5. Then, choose the noobsandnerds Repo (x.x.x).zip file.. Note the numbers in the zip file’s name may have changed since time of writing.

    Choose the Kodi NoobsandNerds repo zip file

    Choose the Kodi NoobsandNerds repo zip file

  6. When installing on a Firestick or Fire TV, the zip won’t stay highlighted when moving over to press OK. Have no fear; this is just a Kodi visual glitch. The item is selected when moving directly to the right from it, so click OK

    Go to the right to OK NoobsandNerds repo install

    Go to the right to OK NoobsandNerds repo install

  7. Wait for the Add-on Installed pop-up and then Noobs and Nerds is ready and waiting for you!

    NaN installed

    NaN installed

  8. Find it in the Install from repository area

    Find it in Install from Repository

    Find NaN in Install from Repository

Is It Secret? Is It Safe?

That was exceptionally simple and straight forward; wasn’t it? Before using your Firestick Kodi NoobsandNerds install to access the content made available by its third party Kodi add-ons, though, beware. Unscrupulous individuals and organizations desire your data and identity, which is easily gained online if you’re unprotected. Make certain you’re invisible to the oversight of your ISP, government, and anyone else wanting your data. IPVanish allows seven days to use their service absolutely risk-free! We also provide a 60% discount for you, which gives the best protection available for the price of a cup of coffee per month. The only risk is not having a top-tier VPN protecting your privacy. Don’t wait to find out the hard way just how necessary it is.

Install Noobs and Nerds on Kodi and use a VPN


Now, you have on of the world’s greatest collections of third party Kodi Firestick add-ons installed. We’ll be releasing a series of articles on many of the great add-ons within Kodi NoobsandNerds very soon, so check back often!





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