Top Kodi Live TV Addons: Current & Working Solutions

Kodi live TV addons give us listings for streams of live TV channels & program listings.  The Live TV addons Kodi offers are without a doubt one of Kodi’s strongest features.

The Live TV addons Kodi provides us have robust features and flawless playback to give you unrivaled reliability in streaming.

Furthermore, the reliability of Kodi addons depends heavily on the server that is being used by the individual Kodi addon.  The server itself will decide if the link for a particular stream works. As a result, one day you might not have any problem with the streaming.  Conversely, the next hour or day, you might not find the stream working. This uncertainty of the streaming can really be frustrating.

Fortunately, we have this list of current, working Kodi Live TV addons.  So you can avoid the hassle of dealing with broken IPTV streams!

What are the Best Kodi Live TV Addons (Current & Working)?

The best way to use Kodi for Live TV is to install Kodi Live TV addons (list below).  These Live TV addons show you in-progress Live streams!  These streams are already being recorded.  Additionally, it’s possible to find a real server where the streaming will take place seamlessly. Most of the Kodi addons below give you a solid streaming experience.

In this article, we take you through some of the best Kodi addons for live TV.  Another important point that user should note is that Kodi should always be used with a good VPN to ensure that your privacy and security is intact while streaming & browsing. Try IPVanish because it’s the world’s best VPN.  It also comes to you at a low cost. Also, it is good as it has multiple high-speed servers worldwide and it faces no backlogs.

The Article Shows You the Top Kodi Live TV Addons.

1. Oblivion Streams

Oblivion Streams is perhaps one of the oldest Kodi Live TV addons that have always received constant updates from the Oblivion Repository. This add-on extracts the feeds from all over the globe and provides the user with the best link, which is categorized into sections.

The Live TV sections in Oblivion include:

  • Live events
  • Shows
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Kids place
  • Entertainment
  • Music
  • The gym
  • Documentaries

You can install Oblivion streams using SuperRepo.  Or install Chappie Build for a decent build with Oblivion included in it.

2. StreamZ TV

It is a new Live TV addon. In fact, you will be glad to know that it is one of the best performing addons for Kodi since August 2017. The StreamZ TV supports many TV channels starting from movies to sports. The addon is regularly updated. The 24X7 customer support ensures that StreamZ TV users never face a problem while streaming their favorite live shows. It is one of the most installed addon in Kodi.

3. cCloud TV

Community Cloud or CCloud is an online community of people who are dedicated to providing working streamed live TV online. The best thing about cCloud is that, apart from the all other essential categories, it also supports new channels. It is free IPTV, and the server section of CCould TV indicates (in the server section) whether the stream for a particular live video is up or down. Like any other server, if there are too many users in it, the connection starts wobbling down. It means, sometimes, you may find it hard to enjoy favorite live shows in cCloud, but you can easily enjoy the less popular TV shows here.

Install cCloud TV using the Cazwall Repo or SuperRepo.

4. UK Turks Playlist

UK Turks Playlist is popular among its users because of the wide variety of content that it provides. The Kodi Live TV selection of UK Turks Playlist may not be as large as the other addons, but the links present in it will surely work because they are regularly updated. Apart from LiveTV, you can enjoy many more shows here.

To install cCloud TV Kodi addon, install Chappie build for Kodi.

5. AdryanList

It might not be one of the most popular and best addons for live Kodi TV, but one can’t deny that it is one of the best working TV Kodi addons. It supports plenty of streams and receives many Spanish feeds especially from Spain and Mexico. But it doesn’t mean, you cannot enjoy English streams; it surely supports other TV channels in English as well.

6. Made In Canada

The Made In Canada addon is developed and released by PLAztech4Life and The Kra0ne. The addon supports many Canadian IPTV channels and other live streams. The channels available in Made In Canada Kodi adds can be divided into three sections:

  1. English Channels
  2. French Channels
  3. Special Events

Most of the time, every channel of this Kodi addon is in working condition. Sometimes, you need to launch the addon twice to get it into action but the rest of everything is simply fantastic. Also, you should know that original source for HD junior hock games is Made In Canada and you can enjoy the game here perfectly.

7. SportsDevil 2024

The SportsDevil 2024 addon is a Kodi addon that has become popular among the sports lover demographic. It has been constantly receiving updates since its launch. Though it is mostly used to enjoy live sports, it can also provide you with the streaming links of many other categories including movies, TV shows, and news.

Install SportsDevil 2024 in Kodi

One can enjoy every live TV here on daily basis and it only supports all the NFL games and English Premier League football streams. The add-on supports multiple qualities of videos and the links share here are often very reliable.

8. USTVNow Plus

This addon of Kodi allows the users to have access to streaming from many U.S cable networks. It allows the following primary network channels to its users for free:

  • ABC
  • CBS
  • CW Fox
  • NBC
  • PBS
  • My TV

The paid subscription of USTVNow Plus, allows the users to enjoy other traditional channels like:

  • History
  • SyFy
  • CNN
  • Fox News

The best thing about this USTVNow Plus is that it doesn’t let you worry about the fact that the streaming that you are receiving is legal or not because it streams videos by following every legal rights. USTVNow Plus supports a total of 29 channels of which 7 can be accessed for free.

9. Goodfellas 2.0

It is one of the best addons that is very popular in Kodi live. It has a large number of video and movie streams for every popular channel available out there. An additional feature of Goodfellas 2.0 is that it has access to even available public webcams, and it streams those video from all across the world. The stream quality of this addon is excellent, but still, the streams might be down sometimes, but when it is in working condition, you get an amazing experience. You can watch live many TV shows here.

10. BBC iPlayer

This Kodi addon is specially crafted for streaming content live on the BBC channel. The BBC iPlayer works nicely and the content of BBC is available here at a very high quality. Browsing and streaming content is very accessible on BBC iPlayer as all the content of the BBC is broadcasted here officially.

You will hardly face any stream down or buffering issue here. However, BBC iPlayer comes with its own limitation like the British residents need to have a TV license for viewing it and this channel is not accessible to the people who reside outside of British.

11. Quantum

Quantum Kodi Live TV addon was previously known as Sanctuary, and it is different from other Live TV addons for Kodi because it is much more than that. It is actually a host of many different kind of other addons. If you are looking for popular Kodi addons like Oblivion addon, do you know where you are going to find it? Of course, in Quantum. Apart from providing you access to other addons, it also gives you access to other TV live channels.  It includes live TV streams for the following:

  • Oblivion IPTV
  • Pyramid Live
  • Ultra Live
  • Fido Live
  • FreeView
  • Lily Sports
  • Supremacy Live

12. Castaway

The Castaway Kodi addon has always been one of the favorite Kodi live TV addons for an extended period. Though the primary functions of Castaway no longer works but still it has successfully managed to provide functioning links for other live TV streams. Its website has a section named “Live TV,” and it lists all the different sites where a live streaming is going on.

You should also note that the developer of Castaway has stopped working on it; therefore, the chances are high that not all links will function. You can have this installed as a good Kodi addon to enjoy Kodi TV live.

13. FilmOn Simple

It is a unique Kodi addon because it extracts streams from the unique region of the world. Even the live TV options for Asian and African channels are available here. A large number of European channels, which are not available on other Kodi addons, are supported by FilmOn Simple. It has categories that are different from others. Want to know how? Well, have a look at this unique list of categories:

  • Science and Technology
  • Travel
  • Shopping
  • Lifestyle
  • Education

14. Rising Tides

Rising Tides is an addon that supports a wide variety of live TV options. It has a very well organized menu that makes it easier to browse through its content. The easy navigation that has lead to the simple user interface that has made it one of the most popular addons for Kodi Live TV. The stream links available here are of very high quality and most of the time they prove to be very reliable. It is a recently launched addon, which will soon gain the attention of all.

15. Project M

The development of the Project M addon is still in progress. The Project M addon, for now, can also be used to hear the audio of the live streams. The video option is still not available here, but very soon it will be made available to its users. You can enjoy the live commentary of sports here and it might even work like a radio for you. It has a “World TV” section that will soon pull feeds from all across the world. The “Sports TV” section of Project M is trendy, and the users can find more than 70 options here. Apart from that, it also supports Nordic TV, which is rare for an addon. If you are interested to hear the audio of a live commentary of a sports events, you might consider Project M for this purpose.

It is imperative to tell you that not all the Kodi Live TV addons listed here are legal and most of these addons have some limitation. For example, BBC iPlayer can be accessed by the residents of British. As most often, you are not sure that whether the addon is legal or not; therefore, it becomes vital to use a VPN while accessing these contents to mask your identity. And before you start to stream videos in a certain addon, to avoid disappointment it is better to check when the database of the addon was last updated. The recently updated database will surely have a working steam links. Dead links will be an issue for the addon, which has not updated its database. As one can’t rely on a single addon to enjoy the live channels, we recommend you to use more than one addon in your Kodi Live TV to make sure that when one addon has failed to provide you with a working link, the other addon will solve the issue for you.

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