This guide shows you How to Install Kodi Indigo install wizard on Kodi.  Indigo Wizard is the TVAddons team’s way of unifying all of their apps into one universal installer (or “wizard”).  So, don’t fear!  All the great TVAddons apps you love are still there.

Config Wizard, Add-On Installer, and all your other favorite TVAddons apps are now contained within the Indigo Wizard for Kodi.  See the steps below to learn how to install Kodi Indigo Wizard.  Then we show you how to use Indigo Wizard to install Config Wizard to get the best TV Addons added to Kodi quickly:

Kodi Indigo Install:

  1. From the Kodi home screen, go to SYSTEM
  2. Then go to File Manager
  3. Now select Add Source
  4. Then select the box to enter the path of the new source
  5. Now enter into the box
  6. Click OK
  7. Now select the box that says “Enter a name for this media source”
  8. Enter any name you’d like, such as “KFire Indigo“.  Then press OK.
  9. Now press the “back” button on your remote, or the Esc key on a PC keyboard.
  10. After you’re back at the SYSTEM menu, go to Add-Ons
  11. Then go to Install From Zip File
  12. Now select the new source you added, “KFire Indigo” (or whatever name you chose)
  13. Then select “begin-here
  14. Now select the file (actual name may be different)
  15. Wait a minute for Indigo Wizard to install.  After you see the “Add-On Enabled” notification, return to the Kodi home screen.
  16. Then go to Add-Ons > Program Add-Ons.
  17. Now select Indigo wizard.
  18. At this point, select Config install all the best TV Addons at once.  Details to install Config Wizard are below.  Or select “Add-On Installer” to install Kodi addons individually (one-by-one).
  • Now use Indigo Wizard to install TV Addons with Config Wizard (directions below) or Add-On installer.  Add-On Installer is like an “app store” for Kodi that lets you install any TV Addon individually.
    • To install Add-On Installer, follow the steps below for Config Wizard, except choose “Add-On Installer” at Step 2 select “Add-On Installer”.
How to Set Up Kodi Indigo Install Wizard for TVaddons in Kodi for Fire Stick

Kodi Indigo Install Wizard appears under PROGRAMS after installed

How to Install Config Wizard with Kodi Indigo Install Wizard

  1. Launch Indigo Wizard, which now sits in “Programs”
  2. Now select Config Wizard.  If Kodi asks if you would like to proceed, select “Yes” or “Install”.
  3. Wait for Config Wizard to download and install
  4. After you see the “Config Wizard add-on enabled” notification, return to the Kodi home screen.
  5. Then go to PROGRAMS
  6. Now launch the Config Wizard from “Program Add-Ons” by selecting it
  7. If necessary, select “Yes” or “Install
  8. Now wait for Config Wizard to install all TV Addons in Kodi (well not “all”, but most of the best ones!)
  9. After you see a message that says the Config Wizard is finished, restart Kodi.  (Config Wizard will try to restart Kodi, but you may need to force-restart it).
  10. When you re-launch Kodi, you will see new TV Addons!
  11. Wait for Kodi to update all of its TV Addons, especially on Amazon Fire Stick (because Fire Stick takes awhile to update).
  12. Then select a TV Addon like Exodus from VIDEOS > Add-Ons.

Does Indigo Work on Fire Stick?

Yes!  Kodi Indigo wizard works on all Kodi-enabled devices, whether it’s an Amazon Fire Stick, PC, Mac, Android, or even Raspberry Pi.




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Wrap Up

Kodi Indigo Wizard has all the TV Addons you’ve come to know and love.  So install Indigo Wizard in Kodi today to get all the best Kodi TV Addons installed quickly!

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