Heisenberg is the recent Kodi add-on for video from the repository of Firestick-plus-man.  Use this guide to install Heisenberg and to get other great Kodi addons.

 Installation guide for Kodi Heisenberg Add-on

The existing and popular categories include Movies, Just for kids, Urban, 24/7, TV shows, Documentaries, Sports Replay, Newscast, Music, Tools and Bruticus

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What’s inside this guide?
Installation guide forKodiHeisenberg 17.6 Krypton
Installation guide forKodiHeisenberg 18 Leia

File: Firestickpusman Add-on Repo
web address: http://fspmkodi.com/_repo/

Installation guide for Kodi Heisenberg 17.6 Krypton

1 Click on System settings


2 Click File Explorer(Manager)

3 Click on Add Source

Installation for Kodi Add-ons 17-17.6 and Builds (Step 3)

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4 Click on NONE

5.Enter the web address: http://fspmkodi.com/_repo/ then click on OK

6.Name the box beneath‘firestick’ and click on OK

7. Confirm everything, then click on OK

8.Return to main menu and click on Add-ons

9.Activate Add-on Package Installer by clicking

10. Click Install from compressed (zip) file

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11.Select firestick from the popup

12.Click repo.Firestickplusman

13. Chooserepo.Firestickplusman-7.0.zip from the list

14. Be patient and wait for download process to complete and Add-ons Installed

15. Click on Install from repo

16 Select Firestickplusman Add-on

17. Video Add-on

18Choose Heisenberg

19 Install

How to Install Kodi Heisenberg in Kodi 18 Leia

1 Click on System Settings

2 Click File Explorer(Manager)

Installation forKodiAdd-on 18 Leia (Step 2)

3 Click on Add Source

4 Select NONE

5 Enter the web address: http://fspmkodi.com/_repo/ then click on OK

6 Name the box beneathfirestick and click on OK

7 Confirm everything and click on OK

8 return to main menu and click on Add-ons

9 Activate Package Installer add-on

10 Click on Install from compressed (zip) file

11 choose firestickfrom pop up

12 Selectrepo.Firestickplusmanfrom the list and click

13 select repo.Firestickplusman-7.0.zip from list

14 wait for download process to complete and indicate Add-ons was Installed

15 Click on Install from repo

16 Click on Firestickplusman Add-ons

17 Video Add-on

18 Choose Heisenberg

19… Install

20… a dialog with all the add-ons and dependencies will appear, Click on OK

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