This tutorial shows you how to perform the Kodi Fire Stick install process using the new (2017) method – this method requires no ES File Explorer, no sideload app, and no root / jailbreak access required.  So sit back, grab the Fire TV remote, and install Kodi Fire Stick in about 5 minutes with this guide:

Kodi Fire Stick

  1. Enable ADB Debugging on your Fire Stick by going to Settings > System.  Then make sure ADB Debugging and Apps From Unknown Source are both turned on.
  2. Go to the Fire TV home screen by pressing the Home button on the Fire Stick remote
  3. Now go to SEARCH (which is a small icon of a magnifying glass in the newest version of Fire OS)
  4. Once you’re in the Search area, enter “downloader” to search for the Downloader app
  5. In the search results, select “Apps & Games”.
  6. Then select the Downloader app
  7. Install the Downloader app
  8. After the Downloader is installed, press “Open” to open the Downloader app
  9. Once the Kodi Downloader app launches, enter” into the Downloader app.
  10. Then press DOWNLOAD
  11. Wait for the file to download
  12. When the file download is complete, press “Open File
  13. Your Fire Stick will ask if you’d like to “Install” or “Cancel”.  Select “Install” to install Kodi Fire Stick.
  14. After Kodi is done installing, press “Open” or “Launch” to run Kodi for the first time
  15. If you get an error message saying “Cannot download OBB” when you launch Kodi for the first time, try to launch Kodi again several times.  Many users get this error, but it’s immediately resolved for most users by trying to launch Kodi again.
  16. Now install TV Addons and make sure to use this Online Security service to protect yourself while streaming.

Install Kodi Build

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  • The Kodi Beast Build is one of the most popular builds for Kodi due to its great selection of TV Addons, attractive user interface, and general ease-of-use.  See How to Install Beast Build with our video guide and written step-by-step tutorial.
  • A descendent of Kodi Beast, the Supremacy Build is another great Kodi build.  See How to Install Supremacy Build now.
  • If a general variety of streaming content is what you’re looking for, see How to Install HyperTT Wizard.  (Warning: Adult content appears on Hyper TT Build).

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What is Kodi Fire Stick Good For?

Kodi Fire Stick gives you the ability to stream movies, TV shows, and Live TV instantly with the affordably-priced Amazon Fire Stick.  It also lets you use any app in the extensive Kodi apps library – which includes great apps for Photos, Music, and even Live Webcams from around the world (Eiffel Tower, for example).

So the sky is the limit after you’ve installed Kodi.  We strongly recommend you install some of the great plugins and Kodi Builds mentioned in the section above.

Wrap Up

Installing Kodi on Fire Stick can be tricky sometimes, so let us know on the KFire YouTube channel if you have any issues.

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